Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Mardela Springs Christmas Tour

This evening I drove over to Mardela Springs to walk and ride thru the Christmas Tour. This is really a big event for a town the size of Mardela Springs and it is always well organized. This year they had less private homes open and the tour was mainly their historical buildings belonging to the Adkins Historical and Museum complex and the Westside Historical society.

At the fire house they had a number of vendors for crafts and food.

They had these painted railroad spikes for $3 each.

Riding on the tram

Train display.

The house of Gary and Patty Parks was open.

I had been thru the historical buildings a few times so I just homed in on a couple of buildings. The livery stable had the Shad Barge restored by James Goslee. Impressive boat. wooden boats always have a great appeal to them - until you own one and realize how much maintenance they require. Better to look at other peoples wooden boats and not have to do the work yourself.

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