Friday, December 16, 2011

Other Alternatives

As you may know I try to buy items made in the USA but in many cases you can't find anything because the big box stores insist on buying from China. Another consideration is instead of buying mass produced Chinese items look for handcrafted items from Fair Trade stores. None of these craftsman companies pay into the United States social security fund so they don't do crap for me but if I have to buy foreign I feel a little better dealing with items labeled "fair trade". As with American made goods you have to look for them. Altho over on the western shore here is one store that sells Fair trade.

You know most people when they buy Chinese made goods merely look at the object of their purchase and say what a shame it isn't made in America. The object is only part of the deal however it is the cardboard that used to be made and printed in America, it is the twist ties that used to be made in America, it is the plastic bubbles and wrap that used to be made in America, It is the trucking companies that used to haul theses packaging materials to the American manufacturing plant, it is the state taxes that disappear that used to paid by the companies that manufactured goods, it is the social security funds that goes down hill because American politicians sold out the United States.

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bob pinto said...

Good post and useful. Leave China on the shelf and treat it as garbage.

I've been through two factory closures one due to ousourcing to China and Mexico and i was not making top dollar nor was the company in financial trouble.

Fact is, no company building or relocatingto China was in financial trouble - they just wanted more profits.

Businessmen think they're smart in depleating and bankrupting the middle class and then find out poeple have less money to pay for their products.

Quality gone, tax base gone, creativity gone......