Monday, December 05, 2011

Perception and Statistics

I was reading an article from the Cecil Whig about Maryland's sin taxes. The article commented on Delmar Delaware advertising liquor sales in order to draw Maryland residents into Delaware to buy alcohol. One comment mentioned in the article was;

This is especially notable in Cecil County. This county has the highest per-capita distilled spirit consumption in the state, more than doubling almost every other county. Cecil's beer consumption is the second-highest in the state.

It's unlikely that the residents of Cecil County drink substantially more than residents in other counties. Instead, county liquor stores get a lot of customers from across the border. Or, at least, they used to lure these out-of-state customers.

So along the same lines it would mean the per-capita distilled spirit consumption in Delmar, Delaware would be an erroneous statistics as we have a high number of Maryland residents buying in Delaware. It may explain why we have a high Church per capita but still have a high alcohol consumption.

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