Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Special Delmar Maryland Meeting

The Delmar Maryland Mayor and commissioners has a meeting last night to pass the parking ordinance on their side of town and too swear in a new mayor. They barely had enough for a quorum as Commissioner Luther Hitchens and Commissioner Jim Henderson did not show up. Nevertheless, as to be expected, the parking ordinance was approved. I find it interesting that they did not approve last month's joint council minutes as this month there will only be two members of the commission that participated in the meeting last month and two does not make a quorum to approve them.

Maryland Senator Jim Mathias showed up to give Mayor Doug Niblett a certificate for his years of service as Mayor.

and at 8 PM Mark S. Bowen, Clerk of Circuit Court for Wicomico County showed up and administered the oath of office for Mayor to Carl Anderton Jr. Carl mentioned that 19 years ago Mark married Carl and his wife.

Stephanie Ring and Mike Gibb were than sworn in as Commissioners.

One of the administrative functions of the Circuit Court in Maryland is for those people sworn in as officers of the State to sign an oath in the "Big" book. This is not just for elected officials but for anyone the Clerk administers oaths of office to; such as Notaries Public, County officials, Judges and Governor appointees. In research I have done it is very impressive to sign your name in this book, called the test book records, as you are listed with the who's who of Wicomico County going back a long, long ways.

Doug passing the gavel to Carl

The Delmar Maryland New Mayor - May God have mercy on us. Altho I did not get a picture of her Delmar Maryland also now has a new first Lady.

The first order of business for the "new" commission was to appoint a person to complete the remaining two years of Carl Anderton Commissioner office. They selected Tom Luffman who was than sworn in as Commissioner.

Commissioner Karen Wells was made Vice-Mayor and the above is Delmar Maryland's new team of elected officials.

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