Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Vienna Luminaria Display - 2011

My daughter and I drove over to see the Luminaria display in Vienna last night. Amazing, really amazing to see that many lumanarias. I read there were 1,500 of them. They were spaced out, with military precision, every fifteen feet or so. They were made up of the usual paper bag, with a lit candle stuck in a 2X4 in the bottom of the bag. Altho it was not overly breezy last night many bags were on fire.

Open House Tours were part of the evening also.

The effort it must take to put on something like this is just beyond me. Vienna must have some real town spirit to take on something like this.


bob pinto said...

thx for the story and pics. I played piano at the church so I didn't get to see everything.

Last year was a bust but THIS year was amazing. There were many people out and riding the tram at 8:30.

Howard said...

Thanks Bob for being part of that great town spirit displayed last night. My daughter and I certainly enjoyed it.

Uncle Paul said...

Luminaria.. sounds like some form of surgery doesn't it? The first time I heard that word or saw one of the candle lit bags was back in the mid 70's... I had just moved to El Paso, TX, where they decorate with more of these than electric lights. It struck me as very attractive, since the light source is much less glaring. Anyway, I'm glad to see it caught on. I've never used them since it's too much to maintain. Enjoy all the decorations and lights. They all say Merry Christmas.