Saturday, January 08, 2011

Today Is Elvis's Birthday

Today in 1935 Elvis Aaron Presley was born. He is 76 years old today and I know there is a big party going on in Greenbackville, Virginia. He has probably given up those Fried Peanut Butter And Banana Sandwiches by now and switched over almost exclusively to scrapple sandwiches (makes him live longer).

To add to the miracle of his birth while digging thru our garage today (spooky) I came across my wife's painting of Elvis on Black Velvet. Here I had thought it had burnt in the fire. It is indeed a miracle.

In tribute to the King here is one of his favorite recipes;


* 2 tablespoons peanut butter (preferably smooth)
* 2 slices white sandwich bread
* 1 small ripe banana, mashed with a fork (about 1/4 cup)
* 2 tablespoons butter

Spread peanut butter evenly on 1 slice of bread, then spread mashed banana on other slice, leaving a 1/4-inch border around edge. Close sandwich, gently pressing bread slices together.

Heat butter in an 8- to 10-inch heavy skillet over moderate heat until foam subsides, then fry sandwich, turning over once, until golden brown, about 2 minutes total.

Eat immediately with a knife and fork.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Another Miscarriage of Justice

Chancery Court affirms constitutionality of Delaware’s new recycling law

DOVER (Jan. 7, 2010) – The Court of Chancery today affirmed the constitutionality of Delaware’s new universal recycling law, which will expand curbside recycling statewide.

Plaintiffs argued that the universal recycling law was passed in an unconstitutional manner by the General Assembly last spring. Chancellor William Chandler dismissed the lawsuit, ruling that the plaintiffs lacked standing to bring their challenge and that the law was constitutional.

“A broad and bipartisan coalition of businesses, community groups and individuals came together to turn the possibility of statewide recycling into a reality. We're pleased with the decision,” said Delaware Governor Jack Markell. “The effort reduces waste, reduces the need for costly landfill expansions in the future and makes recycling easier for most and more available across the state.”

Senator David McBride and Representative Michael Mulrooney were the lead sponsors of the bipartisan legislation that enabled universal recycling for Delaware administered by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

“Recycling is good for our environment and good for the economy,” said DNREC Secretary Collin P. O’Mara. “We are pleased by the Chancellor's ruling and look forward to continuing to expand recycling in Delaware. Through this statewide effort, residents and businesses will save money, reduce pollution, and support the creation of new jobs and industries in the years ahead.”

Bathroom Sex with the President

Today (Jan 7) in 1996, President Bill Clinton called Monica S. Lewinsky at her home in the afternoon. He invited her to visit him at the Oval Office, where they spoke for 10 minutes. Then they went into the bathroom (next to the men's room all whores go for bathrooms), where they had a sexual encounter.

The Schooner Albert Dailey Goes Down

January 7, 1883 - The schooner Albert Dailey, of Augusta, Maine wrecked off Smith Island Station, Virginia in a dense fog. Carrying a load of coal and a crew of six men from Baltimore, Maryland, to Bridgeport, Connecticut the men were saved by the lifesaving station but a wrecking crew hired to get the schooner off the sand bar lost two men. A good account is at the Ocean City Museum Website

Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Ted Williams Phenomenon

Over at "What A Smell", Uncle Paul has some comments on Ted Williams and to a degree I have to agree with him. I am glad to see a person get off drugs and alcohol and find a job but how many radio voices are out there unemployed who have not been dopers and drunks - okay maybe not that many but I am sure there are some and they should have gotten a chance at some of these job offers.

Harry S. Truman 1947 Diary Jan 6th

Harry S. Truman 1947 Diary

January 6:
Arose at 5:45 A.M.[,] read the papers and at 7:10 walked to the station to meet the family. Took 35 minutes. It was a good walk. Sure is fine to have them back. This great white jail is a hell of a place in which to be alone. While I work from early morning until late at night, it is a ghostly place. The floors pop and crack all night long. Anyone with imagination can see old Jim Buchanan walking up and down worrying about conditions not of his making. Then there's Van Buren who inherited a terrible mess from his predecessor as did poor old James Madison. Of course Andrew Johnson was the worst mistreated of any of them. But they all walk up and down the halls of this place and moan about what they should have done and didn't. So-you see. I've only named a few. The ones who had Boswells and New England historians are too busy trying to control heaven and hell to come back here. So the tortured souls who were and are misrepresented in history are the ones who come back. It's a hell of a place.

Read my annual message. It was good if I do say it myself. Outlines by me to begin with, the cabinet, the little cabinet, Sam Rosenman, the Chief Justice all added criticisms. Clark Clifford did most of the work. He's a nice boy and will go places.

Two things stand out in this diary entry first the description of the white house with it's ghosts and second he talks about walking to the station to meet the family. Can you imagine any President walking anywhere today without closing down every city block in Washington DC? I understand the section of town Biden calls home is shut down anytime he comes home. Why do our elected officials live in fear of the very people who elected them? For the most part I liked Harry Truman, he was straight talking not like the two faced crap we have had in the last 20 years. His diary is more interesting than I had expected (and was handwritten) if you are interested in reading it now would be a good time. Even now there are blanked out restricted parts of the Dairy.

And Another No Big Surprise Item

After waiting all day for Verizon to show up in their 9 AM to 5 PM time span I became a bit antsy about 2:30 PM and called in to to check on the order. It seems there was a problem and they wouldn't be out today. They didn't think it was necessary to call me and let me know they weren't coming. Maybe tomorrow.

Under The Heading Of No Big Surprise

DelDOT has announced that the Woodland Ferry, The Tina Fallon, will be out of service until future notice due to thruster issues. And why do we think government employees are incompetent? They can't even handle a simple ferry. Again it was out of service this time last year and since it started operation in October 2008 it has been out of operation more than it has been operating.

Seeking Watermelon Queen for 2011

If you can spit a watermelon seed without dribbling it down the front of you and are
18 turning 19 before Feb. 2012 & no more than 24 by Feb. 2012. Plus you must be single, never before married, never having had a marriage annulled, never pregnant and without children. You may be material for the 2011 Mar-Del Watermelon Association Queen. In spite of those requirements no where does it say the applicant must be a female.

The watermelon Queen is chosen during the Mar-Del Annual Convention each February, for a reign of service through the following January. If interested please go to Mar-Del watermelon association. Application must be turned in by January 15th.

Another Say It Isn't True

It's being reported that the maker of TastyKakes may be forced to either go under, merge, or sell the company. I can't believe it. Is there no God? Will I be forced to buy a freezer to store TastyKake products if they go out of business. Some people have felt that The Tasty Baking Company have taken for granted their decades-long loyalty to the brand, but surely not this.

Waiting For Verizon

Well Verizon is suppose to come by today to hook up the phone. They gave me a "window" of 9AM to 5PM as being the time when they would arrive. Got to love them.

David Kuhn Masonry arrived early this morning to put in sidewalks. There are still a number of things to have done at the house - sidewalks was one. The grading and grass seeding are next but I am waiting to do in March as I don't see putting down seed in January.

On The Subject Of Age

I have heard that a woman isn't old until her age is a higher number than her bust line and a man isn't old until his age exceeds his waistline. Yes women it is an unfair world, however I am safe from being old for quite a while.

For women Photoshop came up with this technique to have a bigger bust line at least in photos.

Delmarva Model Railroad Club Is Open This Weekend

The Del-Mar-Va Model Railroad Club is located in Downtown Delmar,at 103 State Street on the second floor of Camelot hall. State Street {RT 54} is the main East/West route through Delmar. It is open Saturday, Jan 8th from 11am - 5pm, Sunday, Jan 9th from 12pm - 5pm, Saturday, Jan 15th from 11am - 5pm and finally Sunday, Jan 16th from 12pm - 5pm.

Today is National Bean Day

Today is National Bean Day. Is it a concidence that National Bean Day occurs on Joan of Arc's birthday and the brand of beans by B&G Foods is known as Joan of Arc beans? A statement from the B&G Foods website says; "Joan of Arc was an amazing woman – she lived and died for her beliefs. We think Joan would have been proud of the beans that bear her name."

So listen to the voices in your head and cook some bean soup today in celebration of National Bean Day.

Who would know more about beans and have more gas than those useless elected officals of our in Washington that have their own restaurants (it exists due to a taxpayers subsidy) to eat at and Bean soup is on the menu in the Senate's restaurant every day, so here is the recipe for;

The Famous Senate Restaurant Bean Soup Recipe

2 pounds dried navy beans

four quarts hot water

1 1/2 pounds smoked ham hocks

1 onion, chopped

2 tablespoons butter

salt and pepper to taste

Wash the navy beans and run hot water through them until they are slightly whitened. Place beans into pot with hot water. Add ham hocks and simmer approximately three hours in a covered pot, stirring occasionally. Remove ham hocks and set aside to cool. Dice meat and return to soup. Lightly brown the onion in butter. Add to soup. Before serving, bring to a boil and season with salt and pepper. Serves 8.

Joan Of Arc Was Born Today

The problem with listening to God is he always gives you the hard route to follow. Today (according to some) in 1412 Medieval French heroine and Roman Catholic saint, Jeanne d'Arc was born at Domremy in Champagne, France. Joan of Arc, at 13, begin hearing the the voices of Saint Catherine, Saint Michael, and Saint Margaret and at 17, overcame dismissal and indifference from French commanders and managed to lead French troops against the English to end the 6-month siege at Orléans in only 9 days. However, within 2 years, at just 19, she was burned at the stake for heresy. As they say No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. We often forget that Joan of Arc was not some made up character but a real person and at 17 did lead an army and at 19 was burnt to death. It becomes more real to me in reading her letters and the Catholic Church interrogation records of her that are on line here.

Say It Isn't True

Ed Ferro has a birthday today!! Happy Birthday Ed!!!!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Log Book of Barge Irma Mcilvaine - 1906

A distant relative of mine, Willard Massey (from over at Galestown/Sharptown) worked the barge Irma Mcilvaine for a few years. Horrid life, as you just lived on the barge, so he only saw his family a couple of times a year. The pay for a crewman on the Barge was $20 a month, I don't know what he received as he was in charge of the barge - interestingly he was never referred to as Captain. The Barge was launched on 6/10/1905 at Elkton, MD at 2:05 PM. The Barge mainly traveled from New York to North Carolina, hauling lumber, stone, coal, pilings, pig iron whatever needed hauling. I don't have a photo of the barge but my impression it looked like a schooner with short masts - it was mainly towed by a tug but on occasion he wrote of using the sails. It may have looked liked the barge below.

Here, from the Log Book of Barge Irma Mcilvaine, are the entries from January 1906. As is typical of ship logs they are brief and to the point.

1/1/6 sailing
1/2/06 Arrived at Chesapeake City and locked in at noon
and at 1 PM sailed for St George arrived at 7 PM and
sailed at 7:45 PM arrived at Delaware City at 9 locked
and at 10:30 and sailed at 11:30 PM
1/3 arrived at pier 41 Laurel Street Phila at 8 AM tied
up all day
1/4/06 towed up Coopers Creek and commenced
discharging at 11 am
1/5 Still discharging (pig Iron)
1/6 Still discharging
1/7 Sunday at Camden NJ
1/8/06 Finished discharging today at 3:30 PM reported to
1/9 Towed to pier 16 Port Richmond for coal for
Washington DC arrived at pier 9:30 AM no coal today
1/10 Commenced loading coal at 4:10 PM loaded
5 cars and stopped
1/11 Finished loading coal at Port Richmond PA at
6:00 PM and sailed at 9 PM anchored off schuylhill
at 11 PM fogy got under way
1/12 got under way at 11 AM tug L CRAFORD
docked in Delaware City at 8:45 and sailed
St Georges 1 AM
1/13 arrived at Chesapeake City at 2:10 PM
locked out and put on I a sheeting
and layed over
1/14 Sailed at 3 AM with tug CICAL and barge
waiting for me and sailed at 3:05 PM
1/15 Sailing all day
1/16 Arrived at Washington 12 AM and
reported also to office unloading oil
Barges 52 & 77 ISABELL goes in first
1/17 No work today on ISABELL I am waiting
for berth
1/18 ISABELL commenced discharging at 8 AM
1/19 ISABELL still discharging my man quit today
at noon
1/20 ISABELL finished discharging at 4:30 PM
1/21 Sunday at Washington DC
1/22 Commenced discharging at 7:30 AM
1/23 Worked until 1:30 and stopped on count
of rain
1/24 Still discharging coal
1/25 Finished discharging today 4:30 PM and at 8:30
towed to anchor off stone wharf at Washington DC
K St.
1/26 Commenced loading stone at Charles G Smith & Son
Washington DC for Carter Creek VA
1/27 Still loading
1/28 Sunday at Washington
1/29 Still loading
1/30 Still loading
1/31 Still loading
2/1/06 Finished loading stone on a draft 9-2 aft 8-4
forward 700 tons gross rip rap stone
706 4/10 cubic yard finished at 3 and sailed
at 3:45 PM at 11:45 PM wind NW a gail

Will Of Solomon Eshun 10 Jan 1778

Will of Solomon ESHUN (1777), Worcester Co. MD

Contributed by Ronald Sweeney
Worcester Co. MD
Book JW4 1769-83
f372 Solomon Esham, planter 18 Jan 1777 10 Jan 1778

The Last Will and Testament of Solomon Eshun

In the name of god amen. I solomon Eshun of Worcester County
in the Province of Maryland (planter) being week of body but of sound and
disposing memory (blessed be God) do this Eighteenth day of January anno Dom.
Seventeen hundred and seventy seven make publish and declare this my last will
and testament in manor and form following (to wit) First I give will and
bequeath unto my son Daniel Eshun all my lands with the appurtances there
unto belonging provided nevertheless he the said Daniel Eshun or his heirs
paying the sum of ten pound common passing money of this province to my son
Joseph Eshun and his heirs at or upon or in the year of our lord seventeen
hundred and seventy eight to him the said Daniel Eshun my said lands with my
right and title to the same I give to my son Daniel his heirs and assignes
forever. Item I give will and bequeath unto my son Jonathan Eshun my shooting
gun or muskitt to him the said Jonathon Eshun his heirs and assigns.

Item I give will and bequeath unto my son Solomon Eshun my sword and pistols to
him the said Solomon Eshon his heirs and assigns forever. Item I give will and
bequeath unto my Daughter Jane Eshun one learge Iron pott and Trammell and one
heifer to her the said Jane Eshun her heirs and assigns forever. Item I give my
Daughter Betty Ruark One Shilling Sterling and no more. Item I give my Daughter
Rachell Ruark one Shilling Sterling and no more. Item I give will and bequeath
unto my Daughter Tamer Eshom all my remainder Estate that is not above willed
after my just debts are discharged to her my Daughter Tamer Eshun and her heirs
and assigns forever. And my will is that my two sons Daniel Eshun and Solomon
Eshun shall be my trustees of this my will and testment without an administrator
and all my children are near at age to take their several portions and do here
by revoke and Disanul all former wills by me made ratifying and certifying this
only my last will and testament In witness wereof I the said Solomon Eshun have
set my hand and Seal the Day and year first above written. Signed sealed
published and delivered to be the said Solomon Eshun's last will and testament
in the presence of us who were present

James bussell
Sarah Bussell
William Selby Jun.

Jan'y 10th 1778 Then came Daniel Esham and made oath on the holy Evangels of
almighty god that the within instrument of writing is the true will and
testament of Solomon Esham late of Worcester County deceased that has come into
his hand or possesion and that he doth not know of any other. Certified before
me Wm Morris Reg. Wills for Worcester Co.

Feb'y 10th 177? Then came james Busells, Sarah Busells and William Selby the
then subscribing witnesses to the within last will and testament of Solomon
Eshom late of Worcester County deceased and severally made oaths on the Holy
Evangels of Almighty God that they did see the testator therein sign and seal
this will and that they heard him publish pronounce and declare the same to be
his last will and testament and at the time of his sodoing he was to the best of
their apprehensions of sound disposing mind memory and understanding and that
they respectively subscribed their names as witnesses to this will in the
presence and at the request of the testator and in the presence of each other.

Before Me Wm Morris Reg. Wills for W. county

Shopping Walmart

Walmart is right on top of this stuff. Come January 1st the entrance way is stacked with diet supplements and when I went in the back for the store brand diet soft drinks they actually had all the favors (root beer, ginger ale etc) in the diet version. Normally they just have their cola and Dr Pepper copy cat sodas.

I was looking for some V8 juice and saw this six pack called a "Weekly Pack" - so not only are the individuals cans containing less in ounces, but now the V8 people have cut a week back to six days. No doubt someone with a fancy title and MBA degree thought that one up.

Commodore Stephen Decatur Was Born Today

Stephen Decatur, Jr. was born today in 1779 in Worcester County Maryland.

Commodore Stephen Decatur, Jr. (5 January 1779 – 22 March 1820) was an American naval officer notable for his heroism in the Barbary Wars and in the War of 1812. He was the youngest man to reach the rank of captain in the history of the United States Navy, and the first American celebrated as a national military hero who had not played a role in the American Revolution

He died at 41 fighting a duel at Bladensburg Duelling Field in Bladensburg, Maryland (now in Colmar Manor, Maryland), on 22 March 1820. Stephen Decatur's funeral was attended by Washington's elite, including President James Monroe and the justices of the Supreme Court, as well as most of Congress. Over 10,000 citizens of Washington attended to pay their last respects to a national hero.

His remains are in Philadelphia, where they were interred at St. Peter's Church.

Stephen Decatur died childless. Though he left his widow $75,000, a fortune at the time, she died penniless in 1860.

Five U.S. Navy ships have been named USS Decatur in his honor

Decatur uttered an after-dinner toast that would become famous: "Our Country! In her intercourse with foreign nations may she always be in the right; but right or wrong, our country!"

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Can't Believe We wore These Clothes

Yes the 1970's; bad hair, bad clothing, the baby boomer generation going downhill. This is the Dave Bunker Band playing Las Vegas. Just because John Travolta had a white suit didn't mean it looked good on all of us. Maybe the hair is from Dolly Parton and the Beatles

Now Dave Bunker sells guitars at this site

Dave Bunker Today
Photos picked up from Retrospace

Delmar Domino's Pizza Closed

As pointed out by a reader; the Domino's Pizza in Delmar closed as of yesterday due to not enough business to sustain it being open. I understand when they opened in Delmar part of their operational plan was the 500 homes that were scheduled to be built in Delmar. Once the economy went down hill and those plans for 500 homes went away the writing was on the wall for the Delmar Domino's. After all with Milanos, Delmar Pizza and Dough Boys how many pizza places do you need?

Next Day Blinds

We had some of our window treatments done by Next Day Blinds in Salisbury (2639 North Salisbury Boulevard #100 Salisbury, MD 21801-2235, (443) 260-4630). Again another company that performed well and I can recommend them. Their main office factory is out of Jessup, Maryland and they say they use American workers to make the blinds. They also said they didn't use prison labor. They have comparable prices to other stores in the area. The installer did them in about 10 minutes each.

82 Year Old Stops Theft

The Wilmington News Journal has an article on Joe Harper, an 82-year-old retired high school math teacher and business owner with diabetes and leukemia, who stopped a theft by aiming a .22 Magnum at the thieves

As to be expected the police frisked him took his gun and pocketknife and he spend more than an hour in the back of a police car. No doubt by the time the hour was up the thieves were back on the street.

Good Job Joe Harper - more people need to do this and stopped waiting for the police to show up long after the crime is committed.

J & T Cleaning

J & T Cleaning has no one with fancy job titles they just do the work they were hired to do. We used them to do a final clean of the Apartment at Pond's Edge and found them to be good. Should you need cleaning services their number is 302-542-7510.

You Have Got To laugh at This Man's Titles

I read in the "Daily Times" where Steve Leonard was promoted at Peninsula Regional Medical Center to VP Of Operations Optimization and Innovation. He had previously been Executive Director of Operational Performance Improvement. Does this man know how ridiculous people view him with a title like that? This is but one part of the down fall of America and any work ethic. People can no longer do real work and they are assigned titles that have no meaning, but implies he is important. This type of thing is rampant in colleges but it would appear hospitals are just as incompetent as colleges are.

Miyoko Racks Up Another Year

Miyoko turns another year older today. Happy Birthday Miyoko!!!!

Henry Norwood - 1650

January 4, 1650 - Henry Norwood and eleven other immigrants were abandoned near Fenwick Island, Delaware, by the sailing vessel The Virginia Merchant, after a stormy Atlantic crossing

Henry Norwood, a Colonel in the Royalist forces of King Charles, wrote of his adventures in his "A Voyage to Virginia". He was a second son of an English land owner and related to the Berkeley family and Governor of Virginia.

He was a soldier, probably from an early age, and sworn to the service of King Charles II, the uncrowned ruler exiled during England's Civil War. He followed the young king to France and, carrying letters for the king, embarked on a ship to Jamestown in the young colony of Virginia.

The first written record of Assateague Island was by Colonel Henry Norwood who,after a storm in 1650, landed on the barrier island in search of food and fresh water. A group of travelers was marooned there on the island but helped by local Indians.

Drug Arrest In Delmar


30-year-old Jeremy Ross of Portsmouth, Virginia is behind bars this morning at the Wicomico County Detention Center in Salisbury following a traffic stop in Delmar yesterday.

Delmar Police say they stopped Ross for speeding on Ocean Highway. A Delmar K-9 officer subsequently responded to conduct a search of the vehicle. That search turned up suspected heroin, marijuana and numerous controlled prescription drugs. $7,000.00 in cash was also found.

Ross is being held on $200,000.00 bail

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Today In 1975 the winter home of the monarch Butterfly was found

From The New York Times December 12, 1998, Saturday

Kenneth C. Brugger, 80, Dies; Unlocked a Butterfly Mystery

Kenneth C. Brugger, a self-effacing amateur naturalist who made an unforgettable discovery, died on Nov. 25 at his home in Austin, Tex. He was 80.

If the Purepecha Indians of central Mexico had been a shade less sophisticated, they might have regarded him as a god, and not because the man from Kenosha, Wis., who appeared in their remote mountaintop villages in 1975 was a brilliant textile engineer whose proudest achievement was his work in perfecting the unshrinkable undershirt.

It was because he solved an ancient mystery.

Mr. Brugger had long been lionized by lepidopterists in the United States and Canada as the discoverer of the wooded mountain slopes in Mexico where hundreds of millions of North American monarch butterflies spend the winter.

But to the Indians, who already knew that, Mr. Brugger was the man who brought the news of where their beloved monarchs fly off to in the spring: virtually the entire eastern United States and the eastern regions of southern Canada.

From either perspective, Mr. Brugger's was a transforming discovery, one that settled an issue that had been puzzling scientists for generations, that touched off a stampede of butterfly lovers and that transformed the Indian culture. Their mountain homeland, 80 miles southwest of Mexico City, was turned into a tourist attraction. And this created a campaign to protect the monarchs' sanctuaries from loggers and other modern encroachments.

For Mr. Brugger, a modest man who talked little about his achievements, the discovery of the monarch butterfly's winter home was a satisfying twist to a life of intellectual adventure.

A man whose mechanical aptitude and mathematical brilliance surfaced early in his life, Mr. Brugger, who never obtained a college degree, worked as a mechanic in his father's garage until World War II. Then the Army saw his test scores and assigned him to the Signal Corps at Fort Monmouth, N.J., where he worked in cryptology and developed a lifelong interest in homing pigeons; at his death he had 13 birds.

Returning to Kenosha after the war, Mr. Brugger went to work as a junior supervisor for Jockey International. By the time a divorce led him to pull up stakes in 1965 and start a new life as a textile consultant in Mexico City, he had risen to chief engineer for Jockey's worldwide knitting operations, designing, installing and tinkering with innovative textile machines. Among them was the compactor, which compresses cotton fibers so much that when they spring back in the wash it compensates for the inevitable shrinkage.

Mr. Brugger's achievements may have been limited to underwear if he had not picked up a Mexican newspaper one day in 1973 and seen an advertisement placed by Fred A. Urquhart, a University of Toronto scientist who was seeking volunteers to help him track the annual migration of monarchs.

Since 1940, when he began the project, Dr. Urquhart had enlisted 3,000 volunteers who had systematically tagged thousands of butterflies, faithfully reported sightings of their annual flights south, and learned much about the world's only insect migration -- one that is especially remarkable since the monarchs that swarm out of Mexico in the spring are not the ones who return in the fall.

Because of a sustained and unparalleled sexual frenzy, monarchs mate themselves into oblivion in a matter of weeks, and it is generally their great-grandchildren or great-great-grandchildren, hatched out on milkweed leaves from Texas to Canada, that make the return trip for what turns out to be a lazy, celibate winter, an abstinence that allows them to live long enough to begin the flight back north the next spring.

The one thing Dr. Urquhart had not learned is exactly where the monarchs spend the winter.

Recalling that he had once driven through a sudden storm of monarch butterflies during a trip through the volcanic mountains west of Mexico City, Mr. Brugger wrote to Dr. Urquhart and was persuaded to return to the area to search for them.

And that is how it happened that on Jan. 2, 1975, a date that lepidopterists hold dear, Mr. Brugger and his wife, Catalina, made their way through a forest of Oyamel firs until they reached the 10,000-foot level and suddenly realized that the trees were covered with monarchs, as many as four million an acre, according to later estimates.

As thousands of ecstatic tourists have since discovered, the massed orange and black monarchs make a breathtakingly beautiful sight.

It was a beauty that was largely lost on Mr. Brugger, who is survived by three children, Carl, of Racine, Wis., Katharine Carroll of Kenosha, and Kenneth Jr., of Austin; a brother, Robert, of Kenosha; three grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

A man who once came home with a new sports jacket with an orange stripe he thought was green, Mr. Brugger was totally colorblind -- he saw the monarchs as shades of gray

Today Is National Cream Puff Day

Let's hear it for Cream Puffs Hurrah, Hurrah, Yea!! Forget that New Years resolution - go for the cream puffs

above bridal outfit made of 1,500 cream puffs and weighing 20 pounds that should provide a night of eating.

Still Beating A Dead Horse

According to a report, Delaware House Majority Leader Pete Schwartzkopf has announced that he plans on re-filing an amended version of a bill which could lead to a racino for Sussex County.

An article on explains that there are three propositions for gambling venues in Sussex County: Del Pointe Resort and Racino in Millsboro, the old Georgetown harness track off Route 9 and Delmar International Speedway off Route 13 in Delmar. Each venue would have to submit a proposal and compete for approval. The decision would be based on size of the project and its impact on the local economy.

Schwartzkopf was cited as saying that he is working with an attorney to perfect the language of the bill, which was amended more than 10 times in the last session.

The legislative session is scheduled to begin Tuesday, January 11.


Welcome To The Delmar Dustpan for 2011

Once upon a time, Main Street America was the hub of activity for small towns and villages across America. You could find just about anything you needed on Main Street – doctor, lawyer, accountant, movie theatre, and a good diner where you could get a great cup of coffee and hear all the latest gossip.

Delmar Delaware/Maryland, isn’t much different today. Still thriving – Delmar is a true piece of Americana. There is an pharmacy, a thrift store, a good pizza joint/ coffee shop, lots of gossip, a liquor store, a bar, a couple of barbers, a hair dresser, all within walking distance from each other.
They are not all of the businesses in Delmar, of course, there are many in the strip shopping center on RT 13, but the charm of this small town and the ability to know as many of the residents as you want to is one of the reasons for moving to Delmar in the first place.

Certainly the reason for remaining in Delmar after the fire, as opposed to moving elsewhere, is our neighbors. They are incredibly friendly and since moving back in the house there has been a constant stream of them stopping by.

So a new year is beginning for the Delmar Dustpan, you may not agree with everything I post but, I think I post a wide enough variety that you will find something of interest thru out the week. I usually have no plan as to what type of subjects I will post on any given day and I will continue with that format this year. At the moment I am trying to have Comcast hook up a line to the house so posting will be limited until that happens. This morning I am operating from the McDonalds.

Welcome aboard for another year of the Delmar Dustpan!!!