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Playing With Rainbows - an interview with Randie Hovatter

Local Graphic Design artist and Stained Glass Artist Randie Hovatter of Delmar Maryland talked to Delmar Historical and Arts Society about her work in glass;

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself - your education, interests, past work experiences?
I graduated with my BFA in Graphic Design from Salisbury University this past December. Currently I am employed as a graphic designer at K&L Microwave, but I still enjoy selling stained glass on the side. I also work at Macky's Bayside Bar and Grille in Ocean City during the summer, so come visit unless you are a sub-par tipper.

When did you first realize art was your calling?
I have always loved art. In an area like the Eastern Shore it can be difficult to turn art into a 9 to 5 profession, but I ended up being lucky. I only have to beg on the street three days a week now.

How was it that you started working with stained glass?
I have been working with stained glass since I was about 15 years old. My mom asked me if I wanted to take lessons at Glass by Grammy in Salisbury, and after seeing the projects there I was immediately interested.

How long have you been working in stained glass?
About 7 years.

What advice would you give to someone else wanting to learn?
Stained glass can be very challenging depending on the project. You will know pretty much instantly whether or not you are going to enjoy it as a hobby. But once you finish your first successful piece it is a proud moment.

Do you have a mentor, if so how important has this been to the development of your professional practice?
My mentor is Carolyn Adkins of the aforementioned Glass by Grammy. She can make anything out of glass. I was her first student, and she continues teaching glass from her studio on Snow Hill Road in Salisbury. She has been very important to me, both by being full of good advice and by always being willing to help me when I struggle with a tough project.

Are you self-taught or did you take professional courses in stained glass production?

I learned all of my stained glass skills at Glass by Grammy, but sometimes I like to try new types of projects on my own.

How do you find clients and receive commissions?

I have a website, , and I get a lot of clients simply through word-of-mouth. On my business cards it says Graphic Design and Stained Glass.

Is there an ‘ultimate’ commission you would like to undertake?

A glass Sistine Chapel... I'm just kidding, that would take forever.

If someone wants to give you a commission how can they contact you?

The best way to reach me is through my email,

“Fatal Attraction,” Déjà vu

This week in Greenwich Connecticut, Greenwich High School students nearly outdid town native Glenn Close this week, when they placed a dead rabbit in a urinal of a boys' bathroom at the high school.

A 17-year-old from Riverside was arrested for creating a public disturbance in what’s being described as a senior prank.

"The rabbit caused alarm to school staff. The rabbit was roadkill and offended students," the school resource officer wrote in the arrest summons.

Close, a Greenwich native, is a five-time Oscar nominee who famously played Alexandra Forrest in 1987’s “Fatal Attraction,” a spurned mistress who boils her lover’s family rabbit.

Drug Addiction and the Americans with Disabilities Act

There was an article in the News Journal about Steven A. White (Arrested and Incarcerated in June 1977 for stabbing to death a 76 year old man and his 81 year old wife). Steven has filed a lawsuit against the Delaware Board of Parole alleging it violated the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act because it held his drug addiction against him when they incarcerated him on a parole violation of failing a drug test. He had been sentenced to two consecutive life terms but was paroled after 23 years. Tell me why he was ever released? What board or judge made that decision? As Sheriff Bell from "No Country For Old Men" said "You cant make up such a thing as that I dare you to even try."

Either way this goes you can be sure - you, as a taxpayer, will be paying both for White's lawsuit and the State attorney to defend against it. Obviously it is the taxpayers who should be covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act as they have the disability of being a dumb-ass for putting up with this type of legal system.

Now it just happens that Thomas Leggs is serving two life sentences for the kidnapping and murder of 11-year-old Sarah Foxwell, can you see him being released after 20 years if the inmates don't kill him first?

The Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Deficiency Report 2009

While surfing the internet for Delmar Topics I came across this 2009 report (statement of Deficiencies and Plan of correction) on the Delmar Nursing and Rehabilitation Center by the Dept of Health and Human Services. It is about 22 pages and in my case I know nothing about these reports to say that is bad or reasonable in length. Since I am always interested in how money is handled I found it interesting in how they handled a person's money when they died. My wife and I had a discussion about a person's medication at a nursing home when they died. Is it part of the person's estate like anything else they own or because it is prescribed is it handled a different way?

Civil War Cannon Repair At Gettysburg

If you have been to a Civil War Battlefield you know the one thing that stands out are the cannons on display. There were 653 Union and Confederate cannon of various types fighting at Gettysburg. Today the Gettysburg National Military Park has about 400 or so cannons on display. For a place that had a battle that only lasted 3 days it is one of the most visited national parks. A great deal of it is falling into disrepair due to age, general vandalism, hit and run drivers, and the lack of money for upkeep.

One area I find interesting is the upkeep on the cannons at the park. Most came to the park toward the end of the 1800's, so they have been sitting outside in the elements for over a hundred years. The Cannon tubes are corroding from the inside out and this is why the park asks people not to climb on cannons - they can break into and you will find yourself on the ground possibly facing a $10,000 to $13,000 charge to replace the broken cannon.

At Gettysburg the National Park Service decided back in the late 1800's early 1900's to replicate the look of the old carriages made of oak with iron fittings that the cannon sit on, with a cast iron copy of the carriage. These cast-iron replica carriages were made to be immobile and anchored to mark significant locations on the field. There were several different sizes of carriages to accommodate each type of cannon. At Gettysburg mostly they were; 12-pounder bronze gun, Model of 1857, 2.9-inch (10-pounder) Parrott Rifle, 3-inch Wrought Iron Gun, and Model 1841 12-pounder Howitzers.

Calvin Hamilton, a Civil War veteran, of The Gilbert Foundry on N. Franklin Street cast the iron cannon carriages for mounting and displaying the Gettysburg National Military Park's collection of civil war artillery tubes between 1895 and 1910. After over a century of exposure they too are corroding away. The park service up until the 1980 or so did maintain these cannons but than the lead paint scare came along and they stopped doing maintenance on them. The park stopped on-field repairs because of warnings about the dangers of the lead paint used on the carriages. For some time the artillery pieces just sat there and rusted and deteriorated.

From an introduction written by Victor Gavin, the specialist in charge on monuments preservation: "The cast iron artillery carriages at Gettysburg National Military Park were purchased by the War Department beginning about the year 1895. Procurement of the carriages was completed about 1910. These carriages have thus been exposed to the elements, vandalism, and the ravages of time for a century. By the 1990s, virtually all of the carriages were in poor condition. Because of the many coats of lead paint, and the resulting health issues, no significant rehabilitation occurred from about 1980 until 1996. In 1996, a program to restore the carriages was initiated. This was the first complete restoration of the carriages in their 100 year history. The work began on a small scale; carriage restoration was essentially a part-time effort. Federal funding, and generous support by the Friends of the National Parks at Gettysburg made a full time restoration program a reality when the Artillery Restoration Facility opened in January 1999."

Today, the lead paint is sandblasted off by an outside company at a cost of $1,000 per carriage, and the carriages are returned to the park to be repaired and painted. Eventually the park's 410 cannon carriages will be repaired, at a cost of $4,850 each. The work is done at the the artillery shop at the park and they knock out repairs to about 30 cannons a year.

An Interview With Elaine Patterson of the Maryland Historical Press

In preparing the May edition of the Delmar Historical and Arts Society May Newsletter I did an interview with Elaine Patterson of Delmar, Maryland who has a book publishing business called Maryland History Press. For those who may be interested in local book publishing here is the interview;

Tell us a little about yourself and Maryland History Press.

I was born on a farm just outside of Stockton, Maryland, and completed my high school and secondary education in the region. In 1998, I retired from a job as Executive Administrative Assistant at Salisbury University. As a native of the Eastern Shore, I have long been interested in learning about our early colonists and how our culture, customs and history evolved. In 2000, I founded what is now Maryland History Press and began reprinting some of my favorite out-of-print titles. Soon, others asked me to help them publish their manuscripts.

What type of books are your specialty?
My focus is on the history of Maryland with an emphasis on Delmarva’s history, culture, and people. Memoirs and genealogy research are also important offerings at Maryland History Press.

What services do you provide to writers?
I offer services and guidance to help authors through the publication process, including consultation, ISBN, barcode, copyright and Library of Congress requirements, editing, proofreading, printing bids, marketing ideas, etc. My cost-effective author-subsidy program allows the author to be more efficient while maintaining control. I also offer editing and proofreading services for individuals, non-profits and businesses who may need marketing materials, website text and newsletters.

What advice do you have for aspiring writers?
Aspiring writers should be passionate about their subjects and do extensive research. For fiction, authors need to make their dialogue, plot and settings believable. For non-fiction, carefully documented resources give credibility to their works. Prior to contacting a publisher, writers should have credible people proofread and give honest feedback.

What is the single, biggest mistake new authors make?
I believe the biggest mistake made by new authors is foregoing critique and guidance. Bringing a manuscript to print is often a lengthy process involving mandatory requirements, attention to detail and timelines. Patience and being willing to make changes are key to developing a quality book.

How do you see the future for the smaller and self-publishers?
Over the years, small publishers have gained greater acceptance and acclaim. With existing and future new technologies, I envision even greater opportunities for small publishers. Self-publishing has challenges that many authors find discouraging and difficult to overcome. For that reason, small publishers, such as Maryland History Press, often offer author-subsidy services.

How do you scout for new authors?
I use several avenues to reach out to potential authors. One, of course, is through my website, Networking venues, such as book events, make people aware of my passion and services. I am especially gratified that potential clients are often referred to me by Salisbury University’s Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture, as well as by my local printer and previous customers.

How can people reach you to buy your books or to use your services as a publisher?
I can be reached by calling 410-742-2682, and by emailing Customers may order online via my website. To save on shipping and handling, locals may also call in orders that can be hand delivered.

Copyright Infringement and Historical societies

As many of you know I am involved in a couple of Historical societies. One type of fundraiser these societies frequently do is to compile some type of history book for their area. A case that is currently going on in Montgomery County Texas involves alleged Copyright Infringements between the Montgomery County Genealogical & Historical Society, Inc" and Melinda Cagle. Now I don't know anything about either party. It does look like the Montgomery County Genealogical & Historical Society (MCG&HS) has some problems/issues internally as they have a number of open slots on their Board of Directors etc.

Anyway from what I can see of the case; back in 2001 the Montgomery County Genealogical & Historical Society initiated the second Montgomery County history book project. The person who was in charge of the family history section anticipated moving to another city and asked Melinda Cagle to assume responsibility for that part of the book. since 2001 Melinda Cagle has worked on the Book until its completion in late 2010. She spent her time, effort, and money collecting and editing hundreds of stories and photographs for the Book. She seem to have greatly expanded the original idea of the book.

In 2009 MCG&HS wanted to see some results on the book, in late 2010, Cagle presented the Book to some of the MCG&HS Board members as a courtesy but refused to let them see details of it. The board discovered she had plans to copyright the book in her name. MCG&HS was going to have its name on the front cover of the Book since they had assumed it was their book. Cagle said she was allowing the Historical Society's name on the book as a favor to them to increase donations. Well you can imagine the ensuing discussion which has resulted in case 4:11-cv-01066 Montgomery County Genealogical & Historical Society, Inc. v. Cagle - UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS - Copyright Infringement

I do not have a court date on this trial, if it will ever go to trial, but I would be interested in knowing the end results. What the historical society did (trying to publish a book) and using one of it's member's to put the book together was typical of most societies. What went wrong was the effort Melinda Cagle put out (which was extensive) was assumed by the society to be volunteer work. Melinda Cagle didn't think it was. Perhaps there is a lesson here that a letter should be issued to the people doing volunteer work that the results of their efforts belong to the historical society and no one else.

Blogger Is Restored

As some of you may know Blogger (Google's blogging and online publishing service) which is the host website I use for the "Delmar Dustpan" blog has been down since Wednesday. Google put all blogs on read-only, meaning users can view blogs hosted with the service but owners of those respective blogs cannot login, update, or manipulate their sites in any way. Yesterday it stumbled back up and I am waiting to see if there are any aftershocks before I start posting again. So far the only thing I notice is a couple of comments received between Wednesday and yesterday are missing.

Blogger has published this notice
What a frustrating day. We’re very sorry that you’ve been unable to publish to Blogger for the past 20.5 hours. We’re nearly back to normal — you can publish again, and in the coming hours posts and comments that were temporarily removed should be restored. Thank you for your patience while we fix this situation. We use Blogger for our own blogs, so we’ve also felt your pain.

Here’s what happened: during scheduled maintenance work Wednesday night, we experienced some data corruption that impacted Blogger’s behavior. Since then, bloggers and readers may have experienced a variety of anomalies including intermittent outages, disappearing posts, and arriving at unintended blogs or error pages. A small subset of Blogger users (we estimate 0.16%) may have encountered additional problems specific to their accounts. Yesterday we returned Blogger to a pre-maintenance state and placed the service in read-only mode while we worked on restoring all content: that’s why you haven’t been able to publish. We rolled back to a version of Blogger as of Wednesday May 11th, so your posts since then were temporarily removed. Those are the posts that we’re in the progress of restoring.

Again, we are very sorry for the impact to our authors and readers. We try hard to ensure Blogger is always available for you to share your thoughts and opinions with the world, and we’ll do our best to prevent this from happening again

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wicomico County Tax Property Sale

Listed in the local paper is the Wicomico County Tax property sale list. After looking it over you have to wonder how can some of those tax amounts accumulate without the property being sold, particularly when the property is assessed at a tenth of the taxes? Some examples I noticed were;

05-002443 Frank Marshall, Jr property assessed at $6,750 taxes owed $49,735.29
03-010708 IOOF Hall property assessed at $1,500 taxes owed $10,172.75
09-060596 Constance Green property assessed at $9,250 taxes owed $32,393.80

I also see Wood Creek Golf Course is on the list at 11-001769 property assessed at $740,500 taxes owed $7,341.85.

In general most of Delmar Maryland is in District 11 so if you look at property in which the District/account number begins with 11 that property may well be in Delmar.

Compared To Sussex County Delaware, Tax properties can easily be looked up in Maryland. To look at any properties on the tax sale list or just any properties at all go to (A Digital Image Retrieval System for Land Records in Maryland). You will need a password but it is an easy process that seems to be computer generated so the password is given out in just a few minutes.

At MDLandRec “Click here to fill out the application for a password”
Once you have the password
Go to
Sign in
Under "Additional Electronic Resources"
Select "SDAT Real Property Search"
Select county : "Wicomico"
Select "Property Account Identifier"
We will use District - 11 Account Number - 001769
Enter 11 in District and 001769 in Account Identifier for the Wood Creek Golf Course.

Data for the Wood Creek Golf Course property will come up. The size of the property is given, any improvements, in the upper right corner is "view map" so you can look at the property on a tax map (the red square dot is the property under investigation in your search), the owners name (Wood Creek LLC) and address is also given.

As additional information if you want to know something about the corporation that owns the property you can go to
Search the Maryland corporation registry at the Maryland Secretary of State
Select ( 1) Search the Maryland corporation registry
Than click on "Maryland secretary of State"
Enter "Wood Creek" (all the various corporations using the name Wood Creek will come up. Select "Wood Creek LLC", "general information" and it will tell you the Resident agent is;

Going back to MDLandRec, each new search you start will automatically put "Allegany" County in your search field so you have to click on Wicomico County each time.

MDLandRec can be used just to check on ownership of property by entering the street name (don’t give address - just a street, like PINE, without the word "street" after it. All the property in Wicomico County with the street name PINE will come up. Since Delmar is usually in District 11 you can just look at those properties.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Civil War legacy preserved

Picked up from the Daily Times

ONANCOCK -- In observance of the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, the Virginia Sesquicentennial Civil War Commission and the Library of Virginia have asked The Eastern Shore Historical Society to join with them in a state-wide search of original manuscripts and documents that still remain in private hands.

On June 4 and June 5, the community is invited to share their Civil War era documents at two separate locations in Accomack and Northampton counties. This will be an exciting opportunity to preserve your private collections and make them available to the world without them leaving your possession.

This program, titled The Civil War 150 Legacy Project, was created specifically to locate, identify, scan and then digitalize precious artifacts and original source materials in the state of Virginia that relate to the Civil War and emancipation. The scanned documents will then be kept in the archives at the Library of Virginia and made available through their online database, which can be accessed globally for research for generations to come.

"This is a great chance for people to share their carefully guarded treasures that their families are reluctant to relinquish. Anyone can sign up, have their items scanned immediately in front of their eyes and then safely take them home to press into the pages of their family Bibles or file away in shoeboxes in the attic. It is designed to be seamless and easy for both amateur enthusiasts or big time collectors," Jenny Barker of the Historical Society said.

Materials may include letters, memoirs, pension materials, military passes, discharge papers, diaries, hand drawn maps, pictures, claims for damages and reminiscences during the years of 1859-1867. Of particular interest to the project are global and pacifist perspectives and the viewpoints of individual African Americans, foreign observers and women. The only stipulation is that items brought in for scanning must be owned by the individual presenting the materials for digitalization. Items do not have to specifically be about Virginia as long as they contain valuable anthropological content.

The Ker Place Museum, Headquarters for the Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society, in Onancock will be the location for the scanning and digitalization on Saturday, June 4 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. The Barrier Islands Center located in Machipongo will be the Northampton County location on Sunday, June 5, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Pre- registration is a must and all questions and scheduling can be made through the Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society. Please call 757-787-8012 or email Jenny Barker at jbarkerkerplace

Bonanza Is Finally Sold

I rode by Bonanza today and there is all kind of activity going on. I understand Atlantic Financial purchased it and is turning it into an office building. A couple of different insurance and financial businesses were mentioned to move into the building. So instead of going thru a buffet line with your dish to get food now you can go in and get money - even better.

Voter Turnout For School Election

Looking at the unofficial 2011 School Board Elections in Sussex County I must say once again the voter turnout was dismal.

Delmar - Gum 105, Morelli 125, Total 230 voted
Indian River - Hattier 670, Walters 411, Total 1,081 voted
Laurel - Musser 210, Vanderslice 1,071, Total 1,281 voted
Seaford - Cannon 259, Maccoy 48, Smith 425, Total 732 voted
Woodbridge - Barr 285, Dewey 148, Total 433 voted

Since school district voters do not have to register you can not accurately guess at how many are eligible to vote but I would certainly say there must be at least 2,000 possible voters in the Delmar district. Only 230 can out to vote and this is an area where everyone says they support the kids and only 230 came out to elect someone who will decide the future direction of the school system. Shame, Shame on you non-voters, I guess we will hear from you when the school tax bill goes out.

Patty Cannon 1829

Today May 11th, 1829 - The notorious slave trader Patty Cannon of Reliance near Seaford died from her own hand in Georgetown jail by taking poison.

Her skull was put on public display in various venues, and donated to the Dover Public Library in 1961.

Now one of the stories of Patty Cannon and her gang was she had an island (Shackle island) in the Nanticoke River where she would shackle these free slaves she had stolen to trees on the island until she could sell them or move them elsewhere. This island is supposely Prickly Pear Island (just a little ways from Phillip's Landing). It is the site of an annual Dickerson Family Reunion, the family at one time owned the island. It is no longer an island however as close to two hundred years of changing environments have reshaped the outline and path of the river, this Island is now connected to the land thru marsh. The times I have been on the Island there is no sign to connect it to the slave trade.

There is speculation that Prickly Pear Island was created as a result of dredging activities in the downstream portion of the Nanticoke River in the early 1900's, but the Shackle Island of Patty Cannon fame is a much more interesting story.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Farrah Morelli Wins School Board Election

Farrah Morelli received 125 votes and Joanne Gum received 105 votes. Congratulations Farrah Morelli and Good Luck.

High School Chorus on Thursday

The high school chorus will present the spring concert on Thursday, May 12th at 7pm in the school auditorium.

I Have Voted

I just returned from voting, it may be another light turnout. I see Farrah Morelli has her signs out and she is sitting out there waiting to answer your questions. She said she would be there until 8 P.M. and possibly will go over to Georgetown if the vote results aren't counted and released here. I didn't see Joanne Gum.

In the 2009 Delmar School Board Election about 579 people voted. Jason Coco (290 votes) beat out incumbent Charles Smith (285 votes) for the five year term. Greg Cathell with 269 votes beat out Wayne Moore (147 votes), Jeff Fleetwood Sr.(91 votes) and Phil Thompson (72 votes) in the three year office term. So we will see if this year has more of a turn out than 2009

Robert "Bob" S. Kenney

On May 4th Robert "Bob" S. Kenney died at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury. He was born March 14, 1926, in Delmar, a son of the late George W. Kenney and Ruth M. Dickerson Kenney. For 17 years he was the Delmar Animal Control Officer. He was also one of those many relatives of mine, perhaps one of those 32nd cousins once removed that populate this area. He was so much a product of his generation, always kept a job, went to war, stayed married and raised kids.

He is survived by his beloved wife of 64 years, Ruth Lloyd Kenney; a daughter, Darlene Fisher of Salisbury; a granddaughter, Danielle Harris and her husband, Jimmie, of Salisbury; great-grandchildren, Kelsi and Carter Harris; and a sister, Martha Robinson of Salisbury. He is also survived by several nieces and nephews. The family would like to express sincere thanks to Robert and Terri Brown of Salisbury.

In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by two sisters, Elizabeth Rayne and Florence Wilson; and three brothers, Charles, Walter and Richard Kenney.

A visitation for family and friends will be held Tuesday from 1-2 p.m. at Short Funeral Home at 13 E. Grove St. in Delmar. A funeral service will be held Tuesday at 2 p.m. The Rev. Tom Bunting will officiate. Interment with military honors will be held in Springhill Memory Gardens near Hebron.

It Is Your Choice - Vote Today

The School Board election is Today May 10th, Polls open 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM at Delmar High School - 200 N. Eighth Street, Delmar, DE

It Is Your Choice Joanne Gum or Farrah Morelli

Who do you think will be best for our children?

Monday, May 09, 2011

Missing Cat

Missing cat near Adkins and Waller Rds in Delmar

8 year old Tabby with no tail (aka: domestic bobcat)

Name: Snubby (house cat with no collar)

Went missing Sunday May 8th.

Heavy set cat that never misses a meal.

Contact: 443-614-3968

Wood Creek In The News

The Daily Times had an article on Wood Creek development. Nice article, it gives details like how close the property owners were in taking control of the Home Owner Association. Their agreement called for a 75 percent build-out, or the sale of 300 homes, before control of the association can transfer from the builder to homeowners. They were 48 homes shy of takeover, before things went down hill.

The home owners are in the process of suing for takeover with a 50 percent build out. They have hired Salisbury lawyer Jim Sarbanes to represent them.

Happily Delmar elected officials are reminding Woodcreek that they don't care who owns what the land owner of record is still responsible for the golf course, ponds and any vacant property until the property has been transferred.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Capital Projects Funds Audit Report For Delmar School District

The State Auditor released a report on the Capital Projects Funds for Delmar School District. In the report Delmar had corrected the findings and recommendations from the previous year. For the most part there is very little other than some procedures that Delmar did wrong. The auditor's report is here.


Fishing offenses draw cautionary comment – and fines – from Fish & Wildlife Enforcement

DOVER (May 6, 2011) – After collecting fines from a string of diverse violations, Division of Fish & Wildlife Enforcement cautions anglers to know the state’s fishing regulations “chapter and verse” when dropping a line – or hook, or net – in Delaware waters. Recent offenses ranged from illegal netting in a spillway, possession of undersized striped bass, over the limit for river herring, over the limit for recreational crab pot tending, and the perennial reminder that fishing licenses are required (and have been since Jan. 1, 2008) in all Delaware waters.

Among the violations written up were:

· Evan M. Absher, age 18, of Seaford, charged with illegally netting fish in the spillway of Records Pond. Enforcement officers saw Mr. Absher crawl into the spillway carrying a dipnet, then emerge a short time later with the net full of river herring. He was charged with using a prohibited fishing method – netting within 100 yards of a spillway – and fined $91.

· Two Maryland men – Thomas M. Lagana, 24, of Crapo, and Daniel W. Malone, 30, of Princess Anne, were charged with shooting carp with bow and arrow in Broad Creek without having fishing licenses. Each was fined $61.50. (Fishing licenses are required in all Delaware waters, and for any kind of fishing in them.)

· Eric J. Farmer, 55, of Millsboro was charged with tending over the recreational limit of crab pots and operating a motor vessel without wearing a life jacket. He was fined $61.50 for each offense. Nearly a bushel of illegally-taken crabs were documented as evidence, then released back into the water.

· Dean W. Miller, 49, of Middletown, and Lucious B. Culbreth, 54, of Wilmington, were charged with possession of undersized striped bass at the Augustine Boat Ramp. Both men had fish shy of the 28-inch legal length for Delaware, Miller with a 24-inch striper in his boat, and Culbreth a 15-inch fish in a plastic bag hidden near where he fished from shore. Both were charged with one count of undersized striped bass or rockfish and fined $150.

When fishing for striped bass, anglers in Delaware are also required to use circle hooks in spawning areas, and reminded by Fish & Wildlife Enforcement that those areas are limited to catch-and-release fishing from April 1 to May 31. Striper spawning areas include the Nanticoke River and its tributaries, the Delaware River and its tributaries to the north of a line extending due east beginning at and including the south jetty at the mouth of the C&D Canal, and the C&D Canal and its tributaries.

The Tuesday School Board Election.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
Mahatma Gandhi

On May 10th there will be an election in Delmar for a member of the Delmar Board of Education. Each election Delmar demonstrates it's incongruent behavior of talking about how "Delmar is for the kids and we do everything we can to support them" but then no one goes to vote for a key position that will determine the direction of the school board, which in turn influences what your child will learn.

School Board elections have some of the poorest voter turnouts in Delmar.

This year we have two very competent candidates; Joanne Gum has been on the Board for ten years and has demonstrated her abilities - which are exceptional, Farrah Morelli is new but full of enthusiasm and has children in the school system giving her direct feedback on how the school influences the children.

The election is Tuesday May 10th, Polls open 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM at Delmar High School - 200 N. Eighth Street, Delmar, DE.

Our children are not fools they easily recognised the concept that your actions speak louder than your words. If you want to convince people to listen to you, you need to do what you say. If you want to support your child Get out and Vote Delmar Delaware School District residents.

You may vote in this election if you:
•Are a U.S. and Delaware citizen;
•Are 18 years old; and
•Live in the Delmar Delaware School District
Proof of identity will be required - no preregistration is required

May 9, 2011 - 12 Noon - Deadline to vote an absentee ballot in person in the Office of the Department of Elections 119 NORTH RACE STREET - GEORGETOWN DE 19947
PHONE: 302-856-5367

Today Is National Coconut Creme Pie Day

Yes today is National Coconut Creme Pie day - umh Goooooooood stuff - let's hear it for creme pie!!!

Another Edinboro Trip

Well this weekend we had another trip out to Edinboro, Pa. to pick up my daughters college stuff and bring them back to Delmar. Boring long trip.

It started out between Rt50 and the beltway with a car on fire. If we had been 6 cars ahead we would have passed it instead of stopped on the interstate for more than a half hour.

otherwise it was another boring ride out to Edinboro

Naturally she had everything organized and packed - right- that's what parents are for.

loading vehicles - you can almost guess that those with trailers are parents who have daughters. Daughters are good for having six times more "stuff" than boys.

returning back - boring ride back

We arrived home about 2:30 pm to find our cat who has a sock fetish took a number of my socks from the bedroom and decoratively put them on the living room floor.