Saturday, July 09, 2011

Nanticoke Riverfest - 2011

There was a lot going on in Delmar today particularly over at Gordy Park and Mason Dixon park but we went up to the Nanticoke Riverfest. Yes it was hot.

Lots of people and food vendors.

We watched some Indian dances until the band South 13 played.

They played about two hours in the direct sun.

we finally had to give up and go home - too hot for old people to be out.

I'm Number 2 and Proud Of It

Kathy Porter, that well known local area Avon Dealer, was in the Kayak race at Seaford Riverfest today and came in second in the "Group 5: Short Kayak – SENIOR Women Kayak race.

On a searing hot day she paddled the 7.5 miles course. It must have been grueling with the sun reflecting off the water to add to the heat.

Here she explains her winning paddling technique to David Smith.

Molded Concrete Block Construction In Delmar

Delmar has been destroyed by two catastrophic fires that destroyed the commercial district. The first was in 1892 and the second was in 1901. After the fire of 1901 the town tried to go to a code requiring new building to be made of masonry construction. One of the building materials that was becoming popular at that time was molded concrete blocks. It was considered ‘modern,” it was fire resistant, it eliminated the danger of termite & rodent infestation, it needed no paint, and it was quick, cheap, and easy to make.

Delmar has a number of examples of molded concrete block construction. What is today the barber Shop but what started out as First National Bank of Delmar is constructed of molded concrete block, also the building next to it. Of interest the Barber Shop still has the original Bank vault in the back wall of the shop.

This is a nice example of a home built of molded concrete block

The Frank Brown Garage on first street is built of molded concrete block.

Some buildings used brick on the front and molded concrete block on the other three sides.

It was also very popular for foundations, porches, columns, and porch pillars

The prime time for molded concrete block construction was between 1900 to 1930 after 1930 it’s popularity faded.

The buildings constructed of concrete blocks showed a creative use of common inexpensive materials made to look like the more expensive and traditional wood-framed stone masonry building. The Face designs of the block seen most often were rock face, cobblestone, panel face and ashlar, plus it had ornamental potential as any number of wreaths, scrolls could be reproduced. If you look at the front of the barber shop you will see scroll designs faced blocked, in addition to the rock face design.

Helping to create the popularity of these molded blocks was Sears roebuck and Company. In this time period their house kits from a mailorder catalog was popular and although they did not sell the blocks they did sell house designs for molded blocks and machines to make your own block.

To cover all the bases Sears Roebuck offered its version of the block machine in 1905, asserting that ease of production was such that anyone could start their own cottage industry or make blocks for their personal use. The ideal being a farmer, in the winter and on rainy days could manufactured block for their own use or to sell. Due to the weight of the machine and the raw material; molded block were mostly made near towns on a railroad line or waterway.

They sold forms for all kinds of shapes - corners, round for porch columns; even column bases and capitals.

Sears sold a cast-iron machine called the Wizard, which builders used to make their own hollow-core forms by pouring a liquid mixture into the mold, allowing it to dry, slipping them out, and making more. Interchangeable molds allowed the builders to create different finishes: rough-cut stone, cobblestone, brick, diamond, and faux brick. Home owners could tint cornices or glaze their blocks with a glittery granite patina, which was highlighted during dusk and dawn.

Moulded concrete blocks were known by several names. Sometimes called “Art-Blocks”, and other times “Artificial Stone”, the attempts to append a new descriptive name to the product at the time showed that even then there was some resistance to the concept of “Concrete Blocks”.

At the time the concrete-block house was built it often had a matching garage. These early buildings can be identified by their narrow garage doors, originally built for Model T autos and a small storage space. As cars increased in size these garages were usually the first to be knocked down and replaced.

A Competitor of molded concrete blocks was formstone, of which there a couple examples of in the area. More about them later.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Another assault case in Delmar Maryland

NEWS RELEASE: Incident: Assault
Date of Incident: 6 July 2011
Location: 8700 block of Mar Lynn Drive, Delmar, MD
Suspect: Kelly Rommel, 48, Delmar, MD

Narrative: On 6 July 2011 at 11:28 PM, a deputy from the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office responded to investigate a reported altercation inside a residence in the 8700 block of Mar Lynn Drive in Delmar.

Upon arrival, the deputy met with a male victim who advised that he was assaulted by his wife, Kelly Rommel, during an altercation. While on scene, the deputy observed signs of injury that corroborated that account.

The deputy placed Rommel under arrest and transported her to the Central Booking Unit where she was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. After an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Rommel in the Detention Center in lieu of $7,500.00 bond.

Charges: Assault 2nd Degree

Art In The Park - Delmar's Answer To Wolf Trap?

Okay so maybe Wolf Trap is an exaggeration, however the first night of Art In The Park happened last night and it was a success. Presented by the Delmar Historical and Arts Society and spearheaded by Faith Krebs, it was an hour and a half of great family orientated entertainment. The searing sun of the day had started to go down and with the shade of the trees and a light breeze it made it comfortable to sit outside. Art in The Park will be every Thursday In July from 6pm to 8pm. Its very community oriented, meaning whether you know the folks seated next to you on the grass you can become fast friends. Did I mention it is FREE.

Tonight the band was "13 South," a great local band with great sounds. They have been playing in the area for about a year.

Next week will be "Southern Sounds." The week of 7/21 will be "Allen Memorial Praise Band" and on July 28th the music of Frank Antion.

There were several vendors there and if you would like to be a vendor at next week's Art in the Park contact Faith Krebs at 302-846-2546 (tables $10). Also, for food and drink, you can buy from the vendors or you can bring any snacks or beverages you like and set up shop with your picnic goodies. Park only a short walk from the "venue" (after all this is Delmar), sprawl out on the green lawn in the shade with your friends, and listen to some great tunes.

13 South will play Saturday at the Nanticoke River Fest on the front porch of City Hall at 12:30. Come on out and hear them.

Follow the band on facebook

Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Parking Ordinance

I took a look at what is called the Parking Ordinance this morning.

Ordinance No. 161
An Ordinance of the Mayor and Council of Delmar, Delaware to regulate parking within the town of Delmar, to authorize the issuance of citations for parking violations, establishment of requirements for handicapped parking , setting of fines, provide for impound of vehicles, regulating the use of bicycles and skateboards on sidewalks and providing for snow emergencies.

This ordinance has had a first reading at the joint council. Let me say if the copy I received at town hall is the same as what the Joint Council read at the first reading I am very disappointed in them. The Ordinance is about 14 pages long so I won’t scan it and post it here. If you are interested in it and you probably are not, go to town hall and read it. There are a number of problems I have with it and if I raise questions over these items the council should have.

First there were a couple of sections in the ordinance that were highlighted and left open. I would hope the council does not think they can have open items in this ordinance and consider them as constituting a first reading. I am under the impression the first reading is too be of a completed document, not one that can be added on to after approval.

Some highlighted items were;
Section 5 Fines; (V) Tractor trailer parking is highlighted with the fine left open and
Section (W) Refrigerator unit highlighted with no amounts in the fines space.

Section 15 Snow emergence routes Bi-State Boulevard and State street is highlighted for some unknown reason. Is there more to add or is there a change?

The definition of Disabled, inoperable, or junk vehicle- Any motor vehicle, such as automobile, truck van, trailer, motor home, motorcycle or any type of yard, farm, or road equipment remaining in one place for 10 days or more having one or more of the Following conditions: No conditions are given on the copy I received so I assume as long as you push the vehicle a couple of feet ever 10 days you are safe. However out in Section 13 Violations and Penalties relating to disabled, inoperative or junk vehicles
A. It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to have possess store maintain park or let stand any disabled inoperable or junk vehicle upon any highway road street alley or any private property within the town of Delmar for more than 72 hours.
By definition Section 13 (a) should be void as the definition for a Disabled, inoperable, or junk vehicle call for 10 days not 3 days.

Some old people out there may recall the problem the Town of Delmar Maryland had when they attempted to use their ordinances unfairly on Ford Brewington by calling his historical cars he had in his yard Junk, and trying to have then hauled away. This is a problem Delmar has always had; it applies it’s ordinance to select people and let other people get away with violating them. One look at the LeCates building and you can see an example of a violation free dump of a building. It must be violation free as i haven't heard of any fines or penalties being apply to the building owner. Like I said selective application of the ordinances.

No definition of a skateboard is given although bicycle, Bus, Moped, Motorcycle Motor Home and Motor vehicle has a definition when you get to Section 14 Operation of bicycles, skateboards and similar devices on sidewalks
It shall be unlawful for any person to ride a bicycle, moped, skateboard, or similar devices and vehicles on any of the sidewalks in the Town of Delmar, Delaware

So what is a skateboard? Something that is left up to someone’s judgement? With no definition it is a judgement call.

In Section N. Handicapped Parking
(2) Each space reserved for handicapped parking shall:
(a) Be at least 12 feet wide

The fire department handicap space is 9'4"

(3) Signs
(C) the bottom edge of the sign shall be at least seven feet above the ground.

The Library bottom edge handicap sign is 4' 8"

The "New" town hall building has handicap signs only 3' 8" to the bottom edge

SECTION 12 Exceptions
(C)Disabled, inoperable or junk vehicles being store or repaired at a licensed motor vehicle repair or towing business as long as the vehicle is in an enclosed building or behind an opaque fence that completely conceals the vehicle from passersby and/or adjoin property owners.

So is the Town going to make their fence opaque at the impoundment lot? Or will they except themselves from the ordinance?

A taste of the fines to be collected; Section 5 Fines
Fire Hydrants $45
Parking at intersection $30
Parking more than 72 hours $40
Blocking Private Driveways $35
Parking on sidewalks $30
Parking on or blocking crosswalks $30
Left-side parking $35 (Will the fire department exempt themselves from this?)
Parking on bridges $35
Red-yellow lines $35
Fire Lanes $40
Streets less than 18 feet wide $35
Double parking $35
Parking on traveled portion of highway $40
Handicapped parking $95
Blocking Firehouse $45
Parking in town park $45
No parking signs $35
No parking between signs $35
Parking at railroads $45
Curb parking $30
Overdue Parking on Meters $35
(where do we have meters? is this a future town surprise?)
Section V Tractor trailer parking is highlighted with no amounts in the fines
Section W Refrigerator unit highlighted with no amounts in the fines

And Fines will be doubled if not paid in 30 days.

There should be an exception spelled out to all of these items that if you are loading or unloading none of these items apply, otherwise you will have selective enforcement of these ordinances. Actually you will anyway.

Anyway this ordinance should have never made it thru a first reading and if the copy I got from town hall is accurate I expect them to go back to the drawing board and start the ordinance process over again. Maybe they need a "Committee" to review these ordinances as they don't seem to be doing a very good job of it themselves.

DNREC Press Release

Free workshop on stormwater pond maintenance set for July 30

GEORGETOWN (July 7, 2011) – Sussex County property owners who want to learn more about how to maintain stormwater ponds are invited to attend a free workshop being offered on Saturday morning, July 30, by the Sussex Conservation District and the Center for the Inland Bays. The workshop will begin with registration at 8:30 a.m. and run until noon at the Lewes Senior Center.

Stormwater ponds act as temporary holding basins to prevent flooding, remove pollutants, and settle suspended sediments transported by stormwater. These ponds can add to the aesthetics of a community, and homeowners often pay a premium to be close to these man-made waterfront sites.

The task of maintaining stormwater ponds falls on the property owner. In many cases, the owner is a homeowners’ association or maintenance corporation, whose responsibilities also include open space management. Some associations seek professional support, while others, particularly those with dry ponds, choose to manage them on their own. Still, other property owners may not even be aware that the ponds require ongoing and sometimes extensive periodic maintenance.

The workshop will provide general information on why stormwater management is needed and how to ensure its proper function for years to come. Many homeowners do not reach out for technical assistance until there is a problem.

“Stormwater ponds are important for water quality and by being informed, a community will hopefully save money when they are responsive to early signs of erosion, invasive species, or blockages that could cause flooding,” said Eric Buehl, Habitat Coordinator with the Center for the Inland Bays.

“It is not our intent to turn property owners into pond-maintenance experts. However, we do want to provide them with the general knowledge of why the ponds are there, and where to go for technical assistance,” said Jessica Watson, program manager with the Sussex Conservation District.

Seating is limited and pre-registration is encouraged. To register for this free workshop or for more information, please contact the Sussex Conservation District at 302-856-7219.

St. Stephen's Vacation Bible School

The Phillip Screw

Today July 7th in 1936, Henry F. Phillips patented the Phillips-head screw and screwdriver.

Few of us remember the time when Phillips screws and screwdrivers did not exist. However what is know as the Phillip's Screw was really invented by An Oregon inventor named J.P. Thompson. He could not sell it and sold the design to Henry F. Phillips.

Why a Phillips Screw? Mass production. Up until that time the standard screw in American industry was the traditional slotted screws. They were a problem in mass production due to the alignment time of the driver within the slot. A small problem for home- do-it-your-selfers but in mass production this alignment time when multiplied by thousands of time a day became significant. Henry Ford said he could save two hours in time a car by using Phillip Screws.

The phillips became so popular, that unlicensed knock off's soon appeared. The Phillips Screw Company did not pursue the patent violators, so in 1949, Henry Phillips was stripped of his patent. He died in 1958 in relative obscurity. His name, however, lives on in nearly every factory and workshop in the U.S.

When You Don't Want To First - Mary Surratt Executed

Adjusting The Ropes

Today, July 7th,1865 - The trap doors of the scaffold in the yard of Washington's Old Penitentiary were sprung, and Mary Surratt, Lewis Paine, David Herold and George Atzerodt dropped to their deaths. The four had been convicted of "treasonable conspiracy" in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, and had learned that they were to be hanged only a day before their execution. Shortly after 1 p.m. the prisoners were led onto the scaffold and prepared for execution. The props supporting the platform were knocked away at about 2 p.m. Assassin John Wilkes Booth had allegedly been killed on April 26, 12 days after Lincoln's assassination. Other convicted conspirators--Edman Spangler, Dr. Samuel Mudd (of "Your Name Is Mud" fame), Samuel Arnold and Michael O'Laughlin--were imprisoned. Surratt was the first woman to be executed in the United States.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Knuckle Tattoos

Now I have a low opinion of people with tattoos, simple as that, I was however looking at this website called Knuckle Tattoos which some I found interesting. Given the difficulty in finding a job I think more people should get knuckle tattoos as it will allow the clean cut people to get offered a job easier.

The book worm tattoo I thought might be some badass librarian but it turned out to be someone who just likes to read books.


Yes some times I believe in Recycling.

Exploding Sales - The Here Today Gone Tomorrow Fireworks Vendors

It's a sign of the summer: firework stands popping up across Maryland. Yesterday this stand was here

Today It Is Gone

Yes It Starts Tomorrow

The Delmar School District Proposed Well

80' deep, 8 inch well, drawing 500 GPM. This should be on the Utility commission agenda this month

Rainbow Spa is Open

Picked This up off the internet

Asian massage for your body .mind & soul

★_________ ★ Low Price ★ ________ ★

$45/60Min Body massage
$85 4Hands Massage
☏ 302-354-7690☏

★____★ Table Shower ★____★

Swedish / Shiatsu / Deep Tissue Massage
OPEN 9am-11:00pm
609 N bi state blvd


• Location: DELMAR

• Post ID: 2472559 delaware

The Twelve-step program

Recycle Material To Be Picked Up Friday

Just as a reminder those brown recycle containers should be put out curbside on Friday, July 8, 2011 for the first official pickup. They will continue to be picked up every other Friday thereafter.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Decommissioned Missile Base Properties

My brother and I like to look at decommissioned missile base properties, matter of fact back a few years back we went out to Arizona to tour one. As you know back in the 1950's thru 1970's (Cold War) the USA built a number of missile silos and other missile firing sites. Mostly for the Atlas Ds, Atlas Es, Atlas Fs, and Titian's missiles. They have since been decommissioned and most of them destroyed however some were sold to private owners and a few still exist. One real estate company that brokers them is 20th Century Castles. They have several up for sale (some more reasonably priced then others) ranging from $260,000 to $4.6 Million. There may be some environmental issues and fixing up issues with the property.

Casey Anthony - Is it Finally Over?

It seems to be impossible not to have heard of Casey Anthony. There are Casey Anthony addicts who have followed the news of her for the last three years, my mother being one of them. After three long years the 'so called' trial of the century is over. Casey Anthony has become the Lizzy Borden and OJ Simpson of the new millennia and everyone has an opinion over how well justice was served. I think everyone agrees she will not be getting the Mother of The Year award. Lie after Lie we have heard from her, From a fictional nanny, spending thirty-one days looking for her daughter, apparently at night clubs, until reporting her missing, drowned in the swimming pool, molested by her father and later, by her brother, this story has all the great benchmarks for the news tabloids but the trial is over finally and I guess we will never know how Caylee Anthony died.

Stats on Manufactured American Flags

American flag imports

$3.2 million in 2010, the dollar value of U.S. imports of American flags. Most of this amount ($2.8 million) was for U.S. flags made in China. Source: Foreign Trade Statistics, and

American flag exports

$486,026 in 2010, the dollar value of U.S. flags exported. Mexico was the leading customer, purchasing $256,407 worth. Source: Foreign Trade Statistics, and


$190.7 million, the value of fireworks imported from China in 2010, representing the bulk of all U.S. fireworks imported ($197.3 million). $37.0 million in 2010, the value of fireworks the U.S. exported. Japan was the U.S.'s biggest customer, purchasing more than any other country ($6.3 million). Source: Foreign Trade Statistics, and

Laurel Fireworks

We went to Laurel tonight for their fireworks show. The whole events gets bigger each year. Lots of people there.

Bo Dickerson was playing

I was disappointed with the fireworks. They started late and altho they had as many firework displays as in previous years there didn't seem to be that excitement in the crowd while watching them until the Finale which was the best fireworks ending they have had in a while.

Monday, July 04, 2011

On-line Religion Discursus

A blog that the writer of only occasionally post to but I find interesting is On-line Religion Discursus by C. Wingate (An Episcopalian who has been talking religion on-line for far too long), the blog has been around since 2004 and he is from Maryland.

Tune: Kings Lynn is another blog he has and post to about every three weeks.

Both are part of a ringsurf ring called Blogging Episcopalians, so there are even more out there.

Again being Episcopalian it is not fire and brimstone stuff but opinions about the church and I think it is an interesting outlook and an interesting blog to read.

Independence Day, Presidents and Death

In 1826; John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, the second and third presidents of the United States, respectively, die on July 4th, the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. In 1831; James Monroe, 5th President of the United States, died in New York City at age 73, making him the third ex-President to die on Independence Day. Having a total of 44 presidents that would set the percentage of a President dieing on Independence day at 6.8%.

In 1850 our 12th President, Zachary Taylor participated in July 4th activities at the Washington monument. It was a blistery day and the president became quite ill. He died five days later on July 9th

A July 4th item related to Presidents; Malia Obama, the eldest of President Barack Obama's two daughters, turned 13 on this Fourth of July and has become a teenagers.

The only President to be born on July 4 was Calvin Coolidge, born in Plymouth, Vermont on July 4, 1872

Altho the mortality rate is base on more current times; Americans are more likely to die on Christmas Day, the day after Christmas, & on New Year's Day than on any other day of the year.

Delmar Bid Invitation


Sealed BIDS, in duplicate, will be received by the Town of Delmar, 100 South Pennsylvania Avenue, Delmar, Maryland 21875 for the Street Reconstruction & Utility Upgrades for Delaware Avenue & N. First Street, Contract No. 364A076A. Bids will be accepted by the Town of Delmar until 2:00 pm, on Wednesday, July 13, 2011, at which time they will be opened publicly and read aloud.

Work includes installation and replacement of gravity sewer, sewer laterals, water mains, water services, road replacement, asphalt overlay, sidewalks, curb and gutters, and appurtenances, as required by the Contract Documents.

The CONTRACT DOCUMENTS may be examined at the office of Davis, Bowen & Friedel, Inc., One Plaza East, Suite 200, P.O. Box 93, Salisbury, Maryland 21803; or at the Town Hall, Town of Delmar 100 South Pennsylvania Avenue, Delmar, Maryland 21875

Copies of the CONTRACT DOCUMENTS may be obtained at the office of Davis, Bowen & Friedel, Inc., One Plaza East, Suite 200, P.O. Box 93, Salisbury, Maryland 21803 (410) 543-9091 upon payment of $100.00 for each non-refundable set. Checks should be made payable to Davis, Bowen & Friedel, Inc.

The right is reserved as the interest of the Town of Delmar may appear, to reject any and all bids, to waive any informality or irregularity in bids received, and to accept or reject any items of any bid.

Interested bidders must attend the Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting to be held on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 at 10:00 am at the Town of Delmar, 100 South Pennsylvania Avenue, Delmar, Maryland 21875.

This project is in part funded by the State of Delaware Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF). Refer to the DWSRF attachment in the Specifications for program requirements, including prevailing wage regulations, MBE/WBE goals, and other requirements. Qualified DBE businesses are encouraged to review the CONTRACT DOCUMENTS.

Town of Delmar
By: Ms. Sara Bynum-King
Town Manager

Laurel Delaware 4th of July Parade - 2011

We went to the Laurel Delaware Fourth of July Parade this morning, as usually it was an excellent parade. Being an off year there was not as many politicians there so the parade was shorter this year

"Hats off! The flag is passing by."
Along the street there comes
A blare of bugles, a ruffle of drums,
A flash of color beneath the sky:
Hats off!
The colors before us fly....
But more than the flag is passing by....
Days of plenty and years of peace;
March of a strong land's swift increase;
Equal justice, right, and law,
Stately honor and reverend awe;
Sign of a nation, great and strong
To ward her people from foreign wrong:
Pride and glory and honor,-all
Live in the colors to stand or fall.
Hats off!
Along the street there comes
A blare of bugles, a ruffle of drums;
And loyal hearts are beating high:
Hats off!

(Henry Holcomb Bennett)

Never ceases to amaze me how many people do not remove their hat, stand and salute the flag at these parades. Many were as old as I am. Shows how poorly we actually give the Flag any respect. Some days you think our forefathers wasted their time signing that declaration.

Biff Lee was there. I saw him. He moves so fast you can't pin him down so the photo is blurred but it is not photoshopped in.

Some Delmar Tractors were in the parade

Is that Phyllis C., the second, driving that machine?