Friday, August 12, 2011

Delmar Band Camp Finale

This afternoon was the final day of band camp at Delmar High School!!! For the last two weeks they have been practicing and at four this afternoon the band did half of their half time performance for the parents and spectators. The finale lasted about a half hour. To see parts of it look at WBOC tonight as they were filming it. The color guard did a super job as they maneuvered the brightly colored flags in rhythm with the music.

above some interested parties looking on, I don't think I saw any Board of Education members or principals there once again, but it was out on that far north field that I think has a Laurel zip code so maybe it was too far for them to walk.

The new High School Band Director is Joshua Palmer, a 2002 graduate of Dover High School and a 2010 Graduate of Delaware State University. Mr. Palmer holds his Bachelor of Arts in Comprehensive Music Education. During the football season of 2010 Mr. Palmer served as the Marching Band Director for Lake Forest High School “The Biggest Little Band in the Land” and has most recently taken over as Director of Bands for Delmar High School “In Line With Pride” in Delmar, DE

The band played a couple of old numbers but most of the numbers are new with some not to be found elsewhere.

I think the band is a little smaller than last year but they sound spectacular. They showed the evidence of the hard work that they had put in over the previous two weeks. Two weeks of sweat rolling off their foreheads, saturating their clothes giving them sort of a funky smell and with a high humidity that would make the toughest clarinet reed buckle. But it’s marching band and by definition you’re going to be outside.

I for one am looking forward to hearing them at their upcoming events.

The school board did not approve funds for the band to travel to away football games again this year. Band Boosters will be raising the money themselves. They are collecting donations from the community, businesses, and families. If anyone wants to make a donation, Band Boosters are tax exempt and they will gladly give you their number so it would be tax deductible! Send a check to the band room. Please write them to Delmar Band Boosters.

Wildcat Pride Day will be Aug 24th. Stop by the Delmar Band Boosters table and introduce yourself!

Delmar Band Boosters will have 2 BIG fund raisers coming up in September. The annual Fall Flower Fund raiser will be coming out soon. Delivery date on flowers will be Sept 17th 12-3pm

Applebees all you can eat breakfast fund raiser is also Sept. 17th!

Storage Wars

I was taking a break from "working" in the yard and my daughter was looking at "Storage Wars" on A&E TV. What a bunch crap. These guys buy the contents of Rental Storage Units at auctions. They go thru this crap and say oh yea that worth $200 that's worth $100, that worth $50, etc and they paid $400 for the entire storage unit. Looking at what they got out of the storage unit I estimate it at about $75 total that they could sell from what they got out of the unit. They also come across stuff we never see in storage units round here; boats, guns, coins, cars etc and the reason we don't see that stuff around here is because the storage unit company has already picked thru and grabbed the "good" stuff before it is auctioned off. Generally speaking buying storage units are losers unless you have your own auction house or thrift store to move the stuff even then it might take you a year or two to sell it. Most of them I have bought around here belonged to people on welfare and were mainly filled with old clothes or what appeared to be great looking tools and turned out to be broken tools.

William Hitch Jr.

From The Associated Press

DOVER, Del. (AP) - A Delaware judge has sided with the Laurel School District in a lawsuit against a former finance director who stole more than $150,000.

In a ruling posted Thursday, the judge granted summary judgment to the district on its $151,000 fraud claim against William Hitch Jr.

Hitch was sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to criminal charges and ordered to repay the money.

But the judge noted that Hitch, who claimed he was entitled to a setoff of $36,000 for unpaid salary and unused sick and vacation time, has paid back less than $5,000.

The judge rejected those setoff claims, saying Hitch raised them too late. He also ordered Hitch to pay the district's attorney fees because of what the district said was his bad faith and egregious conduct.

Technical Sergeant Arthur Paulette Crisp

Arthur Paulette Crisp Technical Sergeant, United States Army
Service # 13001441 175th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division
Entered the Service from Salisbury, Maryland

In March 1944, Crisp was in England and wrote home, “I am having the fun of my life. A lovely bed, breakfast in bed, consisting of 2 sunny side eggs, toast, bacon and tea. Now who could ask for anything more.” Later that year T/Sgt Crisp was part of the invasion, and was killed in action in Europe on 12 August 1944. He is buried at Brittany American Cemetery, St. James, France.

Awards: Bronze Star, Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Ex-Navy destroyer Radford sunk off Indian River Inlet as longest vessel ever reefed in the Atlantic

DATELINE: Atlantic Ocean 38* 30.750’N … 074* 30.700’W (Aug. 10, 2011) — Culminating the country’s first multi-state artificial reefing effort, the U.S. Navy destroyer ex-USS Arthur W. Radford was sunk today in 135 feet of water off the Indian River Inlet. The decommissioned warship’s carefully-staged sinking was witnessed by former crew members and state and federal officials aboard the Cape May-Lewes ferry M/V Delaware, chartered for observing the Radford as she descended at approximately 3:30 p.m. to her final resting place as an artificial reef.

The Radford, her hull spanning 563 feet and the longest vessel ever reefed in the Atlantic, was sunk at the Del-Jersey-Land Inshore Reef site located 26 miles southeast of the Indian River Inlet. The Del-Jersey-Land reef is a collaborative effort of the three states cited in its name - Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland – and lies equidistant from fishing ports in Indian River (Del.), Cape May (N.J.), and Ocean City (Md.).

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell sent a message of thanks to the ex-Radford’s crew members for their service: “This ship and its crew have been all over the world protecting our country. Now, the Radford’s new mission will bring people from across the nation and other parts of the world to our region.

“Our artificial reefs bring in thousands of fishing and dive trips annually – and that brings in something else we like to see in our region – jobs,” Markell continued. “We’re excited and thankful for the successful collaboration between Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland. I’d also like to thank the Navy for their assistance. Through this partnership, this ship represents a step forward in protecting our environment, promoting incredible biodiversity, and providing special recreation opportunities for families and explorers.”

“The reefing of the Radford provides an immediate economic boost to offshore sport fishing and scuba diving in Ocean City,” said Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley. “The reef project is a shining example of collaboration between the Navy and multiple states to protect our valuable natural resources and to create green sustainable jobs. I want to thank the nearly 70 private and non-profit partners that collaborated on our contribution.”

"We are pleased to participate in the deployment of the Radford on its last mission," said Amy Cradic, Assistant Commissioner for Natural and Historic Resources for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. "In this new role as an artificial reef, the Radford will become a major destination for divers and anglers from all over, providing a boost to the economies of all three partner states."

“Beyond benefiting marine life, the sinking of the Radford at the Del-Jersey-Land site is a tremendous boost to Delaware’s
coastal economies through recreational fishing and diving,” said Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control Secretary Collin O’Mara. “This extraordinary reefing of the Radford strengthens our marine resources and enhances Delaware’s internationally-recognized network of 14 artificial reefs.”

“The sinking of the ex-Navy destroyer, USS Arthur W. Radford, will allow it to continue to serve our country far after it was decommissioned,” said Senator Thomas Carper (D-Del.), a former Naval flight captain. “By adding the former warship to the artificial reef off the coast of Delaware, the Radford will help bolster the region’s coastal economies and make a great example of taking something old and turning it into something new.”

“Delaware has always been a state of firsts, and I’m pleased that we can be part of America’s first multi-state artificial reefing effort,” Senator Chris Coons (D-Del) said. “I applaud the collaborative undertaking of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and the U.S. Navy to sink the Radford off our states’ shores in a way that is not only safe for the environment, but beneficial to it. The Radford will provide a habitat for marine wildlife to flourish, helping to attract tourism and enhance revenue to Delaware’s coastal region.”

“I’d like to congratulate all of the officials and workers in Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland who helped make today possible,” said U.S. Representative John Carney (D-Del). “The establishment of this artificial reef is a tremendous example of how all of our states can work together in the best interests of our region. The Radford is an exciting addition to Delaware’s artificial reef program, and I’m sure it will benefit those who enjoy fishing and diving, as well as the marine life off of our coastline, for many years to come.”

After the Navy’s announcement of the Radford’s availability for reefing in January 2008 and a 2½ -year application process, the ship underwent 14 months of preparation by American Marine Group, a Virginia-based marine towing, salvage and reefing contractor. The company, which has extensive experience reefing ships in the Atlantic, cleaned and prepared the Radford to EPA specifications. Much of her armored hull and other nautical equipment were recycled for reuse. Funding for the ship’s transportation, cleanup, preparation, sinking and monitoring was shared among the three states and the Navy. Delaware’s portion came from the Sportfish Restoration Program that includes federal excise taxes on fishing and boating equipment in state.

“We’ve got every reason to salute the Radford as the centerpiece of our reefing efforts,” said Jeff Tinsman, manager of Delaware’s artificial reef program. “We’ve got more than 1,300 New York City subway cars, assorted Navy service craft of smaller sizes along with old fishing and tugboats on our permitted reef sites. But the Radford is in a league all her own. We were excited from the minute we took title to the ship, because the Radford was always an exceptionally good reefing candidate. We’re also delighted to add this great ex-warship to a mid-Atlantic reef site that’s accessible from ports in three states.”

The destroyer, named for Navy admiral Arthur W. Radford who served as the commander in chief of the U.S. Pacific Command and chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was commissioned in 1977 and decommissioned in 2003.

Today's Thought

Under an Obama administration you can never own enough firearms

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Lucille Desiree Ball Gravesite

There seems to be alot going on right now about a 100 years of Lucy. She was born August 6, 1911 in Jamestown, New York. She died April 26, 1989. Now last year we were out on a trip to Jamestown and stopped to to see her grave site - you know me and graveyards. Lucy was originally interred in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Hollywood Hills in the Court of Remembrance.

but she was uninterred and transferred to Lucy's hometown of Jamestown to Lakeview Cemetery, 907 Lakeview ave, Jamestown New York 14701, She is in Section "Highland".

It took a little riding around to find the grave as it is a large cemetery and her gravesite does not have any large monument at it. The give away is the flowers and people around it.

She shares a stone with the rest of her family.

I have written before about how graves of writers will have stones and pennies etc placed on the monument. Beyond flowers there was not any other objects placed there the day we were there. It could be the cemetery crew picks up everything everyday. Jamestown has several places celebrating Lucille Ball.

Power Outage and Helicopter Search

Well everyone in Delmar was awaken this morning (1 AM)to a Helicopter shining it's lights down on us. From what we can gather is there was an accident out at Racetrack Road and Second Street and the driver was missing. Police cars all over the Old apartments behind me, so there must be a reason for that. My daughter called 911 to ask what was going on and they only said "We can't say." It would be nice to know if there was an armed fugitive hiding out in our backyard and they were looking him/her. At least we could make sure the security lights were on and the doors were locked and I was armed. This is the way our police/emergency people are anymore. Unless you are in the secret club they could care less if a major calamity is about to occur to you. Fire all their fucking asses and buy a gun to replace them.

From Channel 47

DELMAR, Del. - Residents in Delmar were shaken up early Tuesday morning after a crash led to a power outage.

Officials from the Delmar Fire Department say a driver crashed a vehicle into a home on Old Racetrack road near Bi State Boulevard a little after 1:00 a.m. Officials say when they arrived on scene no one was in the vehicle, which led to a search for the driver.

Delmar Police Department says they have turned the investigation over to Delaware State Police Troop 5.

State Police say the accident caused minor property damage. They also say they are still searching for the driver and the investigation continues.

Tuesday August 9th 2011, 1:03 a.m.

Location: Old Race Track Road and 2nd Street Delmar Delaware

Oper-1 Unknown Male NFD

Veh-1 1996 Tan Mercury Grand Marquis Maryland Registration

Parked Vehicle: Red Mazda Pickup truck

Residence: Located on Old Race Track Road N/O 2nd Street Delmar

Resume: Delaware State Police are investigating a crash which occurred early Tuesday morning on Old Race Track N/O 2nd Street Delmar Delaware. The investigation revealed a 1996 Tan Mercury Grand Marquis was northbound on 2nd Street. The Mercury for an unknown reason continued through the intersection of 2nd Street and across Old Race Track Road, 1st striking a Mazda pickup truck and then a house. The house was located just N/O the end of 2nd Street. The Mercury struck the west side of the residence leaving hole approximately 30 ft in diameter. The operator of the Mercury could only be described as a male fled the scene and was last seen running through Holly Oak Mobile Home Park. The residence is unoccupied and is currently being refurbished. The Delaware State Police helicopter as well as a Laurel Police Department K9 unsuccessfully searched the area for the suspect.

Delaware State Police are continuing their investigation and ask the public to call Delaware State Police Troop 5 Bridgeville at 302-337-1090 with information pertaining to the Tuesday morning crash.

Wildcat Pride Day

The school is celebrating their first annual Wildcat Pride Day from 6-8:00 PM on Wednesday, August 24. Meet and greet their staff, students, parents, and community members as they celebrate our programs, successes, and Wildcat traditions.

National Health Center Week - Presidential Proclamation

Presidential Proclamation - National Health Center Week
Across our Nation, over 19 million Americans look to community health centers for medical checkups, education, advice, and critical services that keep them healthy. Throughout National Health Center Week, we recommit to supporting this vital resource for underserved communities, and we recognize the critical role community health centers play in our health-care system.

Every day, men, women, and children find help at community health centers. These centers lead the way in providing high-quality services at an affordable cost, while lifting up the quality of life for their patients. We see the results among Medicaid beneficiaries -- those receiving care from a health center are less likely to be unnecessarily hospitalized or visit an emergency room. We also see the effects in rural areas with community health centers, where hospitals see fewer uninsured emergency room visits. These health centers are easy to access -- Americans can find a health center near them by using the "Find a Health Center" tool at

My Administration continues to support these centers. Between the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the Affordable Care Act, new funding has been committed to support technology and infrastructure updates to existing centers, as well as the construction of new ones. These laws also provided for important new initiatives that will benefit all Americans. The Affordable Care Act provided for the Health Centers Advanced Primary Care Practice demonstration project, which will use community health centers to test the impact of team-based treatment approaches on the care of elderly patients.

Across our vast and diverse land, Americans have always made it their duty to serve their neighbors in need. It is the common interest and purpose of building a stronger, healthier Nation that drives the work of community health centers and fuels our efforts to improve our health-care system. During National Health Center Week, we celebrate the contributions of community health centers, and we rededicate ourselves to advancing the well-being of all our people.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim the week of August 7 through August 13, 2011, as National Health Center Week. I encourage all Americans to celebrate this week by visiting their local community health center, meeting local health center providers, and exploring the programs they offer to help keep their families healthy.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this fifth day of August, in the year of our Lord two thousand eleven, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-sixth.


Monday, August 08, 2011

Weeds and More Weeds

Pulling weeds and picking stones

It's hot and pulling weeds in the carcinogenic noon sun just doesn't get it, but it has to be done so with sweat rolling off my face over my eye glasses I continue and it is mindless meditative repetition which is good for the mind.

After all when I get tired of it I can do a WWJD, as there is always something in the bible to justify your actions in this case; Matthew 13:29-30, Jesus says: “Let the weeds stay, because while you are pulling the weeds, you may uproot the wheat with them.” Sounds like a good reason to take a break and have a beer.

The Garden Song

Chorus: Inch by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow
All you need is a rake and a how and a piece of fertile ground
Inch by inch, row by row, someone bless these seed I sow
Someone warm them from below til the rains come tumbling down

Verse 1: Pulling weeds, picking stones, we are made of dreams and bones
Need a place to call my own for the time is near at hand
Grain for grain, sun and rain, find my way thru nature's chain
Tune my body and my brain to the music of the land


Verse 2: Plant your rows straight and long, temper them with prayer and song
Mother earth will make you strong if you give her love and care
As old crow watching hungrily from his perch in yonder tree
In my garden I'm as free as that feathered thief up there!

Chorus: (Repeat Chorus as needed)

The Final Count Down

Rode by Wilmington Trust Tonight and the sign people were out front working on the sign. I guess they are getting ready for the switch over to Mike and Tom's bank, one of the worst banks around. Wilmington Trust had been around since 1903 and the dipshit managers ran it into the ground, lined their pockets and let M & T Bank come in and pick it up for a song with Gov. Markell blessings. Wonder how much he is paying them for the remaining jobs. This is worst than when Sussex Trust went out of business. But lets try and be bright and cheerful after all the bank is backed by our government, the same one that has done so well in finance it has been downgraded in their credit rating. So let's give a big Hip Hip Hor...

Nope the above is the best I can do for M & T.

Up Date Note: This morning I tried to sign in to Wilmington Trust On Line and could not instead I got this message "We apologize, but there was an error in our systems while processing your request. Please try again" It hasn't happened before and I figure it is but one more sign of M&T Bank who always screws something up as they don't pay attention to details.

The Roof is Down - This time on Purpose

This morning bright and early the "Big" crane was at the old Bonanza building removing the collapsed roof.

It had only been a few weeks since it was put up.

And than the roof collapsed.

Now there is just trash in the dumpster and they are back to square one.

The New Sign At Delmar Diner

I noticed the new sign at Delmar Diner - it looks good - the whole place looks good after the renovation.

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