Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quiet Blogging Time

This is one of those periods where I have a number of things going on that take my interest away from blogging, so it will be a week or so before anything of interest start to show up again. Between the Miller-Hastings annual family reunion, Doctor appointments, and several history research projects that are taking up a lot of my time for probably a two paragraph post on the blog, the normal meetings I attend and write about had to go by the wayside.

Getting the youngest one ready to go back to collage always call for at least one trip to the outlets in Rehoboth.

Shoe shopping is mandatory and while they looked I browsed thru the men shoes. Now we know all the shoes are made in China for about Two dollars a piece but I was looking at these Perry Ellis Shoes called "America."

and sure enough they are made in China. There should be some law (that is actually enforced) to prohibit American patriotic name on foreign imports. So boycott Perry Ellis shoes.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Downtown Revitalization Committee

The Downtown Revitalization Committee will meet Wednesday August 17th at Town Hall at 7 PM. I understand they will discuss the Delmar Heritage Days event that will take place Saturday September 24th

Delmar Board of Education meeting Tuesday

The Delmar Board of Education meeting will be held Tuesday August 16th at 7 pm in the School District meeting room.

In the July Delmar Board of Education meeting the meeting dates for 2011-2012 were approved;
 July 19, 2011
 August 16, 2011
 September 13, 2011
 October 11, 2011
 November 15, 2011
 December 13, 2011
 January 17, 2012
 February 21, 2012
 March 20, 2012
 April 17, 2012
 May 15, 2012
 June 19, 2012

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The 2nd Street Orchard

This orchard on North 2nd Street is full of fruit. It seems to be made up of dwarf trees whose branches are bending from the weight of the fruit. It was started back a few years ago by some Asians who worked constantly in it. Than a couple years ago they were no longer there and I don't think anyone tends its anymore. I think the land is for sales.

Great Dismal Swamp Fire

Yesterday morning I came out of my house and the air was full of the smell of burnt material and that smoky smell of fire. I thought at first something had burnt outside of town and we were smelling the effects of it but now I am told it was the smell of the fire in the Great Dismal Swamp fire down in Virginia. Arriving here due to a wind shift. The fire, which was started by lightning on Aug. 4, has consumed nearly 6,000 acres and continued to burn

Two Years Before the Mast by Richard Henry Dana

The fourteenth of August was the day fixed upon for the sailing of the brig Pilgrim, on her voyage from Boston, round Cape Horn, to the Western coast of North America. As she was to get under way early in the afternoon, I made my appearance on board at twelve o'clock, in full sea-rig, with my chest, containing an outfit for a two or three years' voyage, which I had undertaken from a determination to cure, if possible, by an entire change of life, and by a long absence from books, with a plenty of hard work, plain food, and open air, a weakness of the eyes, which had obliged me to give up my studies, and which no medical aid seemed likely to remedy.

On this day in 1834, Richard Dana boarded the merchant brig, Pilgrim for the Boston-California return voyage that would become the book "Two Years Before the Mast." Dana had just turned nineteen when he took this for the high seas, in search of hides and tallow. The 1840 book was based on his letters, notes and recollections

This is a great book and I have read it a couple of times. It is one of the books on Project Gutenberg. If you are interested in history it is a valuable historical resource describing early California.