Friday, October 07, 2011

Autos in Delaware in 1925

In Delaware, in 1925, 32,268 automobiles were registered. The two photos list those vehicles by make. I had always heard of the popularity of Ford autos but in this Delaware registration over half of the 32,268 autos are Fords

1918 Paving Rt13 Between Laurel and Delmar

Sheriff Sale of Stage Road LLC Properties Oct 18th

Can it be the
Sheriff Sale of Stage Road LLC Properties
is the flushing away of Chesapeake Bay Reserve and maybe any ideal of a casino?

On Tuesday October 18th the Sussex County Sheriff will auction off five parcels of land (Tax Parcel: 5-32-14.00-8.01; 5-32-14.00-8.02; 5-32-14.00-9.00; 5-32-14.00-9.02; 5-32-21.00-41.00) to satisfy a mortgage from WTC (I think that is Wilmington Trust Corporation) to Stage Road LLC for $2,796,708.49. Just think land in Delmar played a little part of the closing down of Wilmington Trust, a bank that had been around since 1903.

The main spokesperson for Stage Road LLC was Jamie Rostocki. His development, Chesapeake Bay Reserve, was to be 478 lots on 206 acres. Rostocki had volunteered to donate $180,000 to a regional park in Delmar Delaware. This was to be based on $376.57 being donated each time a building permit is issued. And then he was going to built a Casino. Now I will say this I think Jamie Rostocki was the better person to deal with - hard to say how who ever buys it will be. All those sweet deals promised people and organizations in Delmar may go away.

This property was a major part of Tidewater Utilities plan to service the east side of Delmar Delaware - no doubt they will be back again trying to make use of the Town's sewer system instead of building the one they said they would build.

Or it could all turn out to be roses, blue sky and blue water - lets hope it is.

There are large number of
sheriff sales that day
but there is a note "There will not be a Sheriff's Sale in December 2011, as a goodwill gesture during these difficult economic times"

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Sussex County Cousins

I went to the Sussex County Cousins event put on by the Sussex County Genealogical Society and the Laurel Public Library today. About 25 to 30 people were there. The format was the same as the previous five Sussex County Cousins events. You get to talk to other people with surnames you are looking up in the morning and in the afternoon there is a speaker. This year's speaker was C. Russell (Russ) McCabe previous Director of the Delaware Public Archives and also a native Sussex Countian. His topic was “Location! Location! Location!”

Mr. McCabe was of course very knowledge about the history of Delaware and related a number of Delaware history topics to other areas. He discussed the many ways in which geography shaped the history and development of Delaware and the Delmarva Peninsula. It helps that he has a degree in History and one in Geography. With particular emphasis on the colonial era, the early statehood period, and the long-running boundary dispute, his program focused on how external events of world and national history intersected with the physical environment to give us the First State as we know it today.

One item he is working and has worked on is giving more attention to the Mason Dixon Marker west of Delmar. As you know it just sits out there in that little pavilion with nothing that really marks the way to it or give any extensive information about it. He has gotten it on the 15 must see history things in Delaware. There is work afoot to post more information about it out by the site.

Delmar Maryland High School Band - about 1926

Picked up from the Daily Times 2004

Odd Fellows Cemetery House Starts Oct 14th

Odd Fellows Cemetery House Dont let the agonizing screams deter you from entering the disturbing dungeons and maddening mazes of this seasons Cemetery House in Laurel. Sponsored by The Odd Fellows Charity Lodge #27, the Cemetery House is open Fridays and Saturdays, Oct. 14-15, 21-22, 28-29, and is located on the west side of town at Sharptown and Hastings roads, next to the Odd Fellows Cemetery. Parking is only available next to the Laurel Firehouse on 10th Street. Ride on the free farm wagon to start your journey. Then stroll through 10-foot high grassy fields with spooky characters around every bend, as you wind your way to the haunted Cemetery House. The century-old home will thrill those brave enough to enter with a half hour tour accompanied by spirits and phantoms in every room. Tickets are sold from 7 to 11 p.m. Admission is $8 and children under 6 are free. Receive $1 off admission with a non-perishable food item donation. Limit one discount per person. Proceeds benefit the Boy Scouts of America and other charities

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Delmar Library Book Sale Oct 14 and 15th

The Friends of the Delmar Public Library will host its semi-annual book sale in the Hayman Meeting Room on Friday, Oct. 14th and Saturday, Oct. 15th. If you would like to support the Library as a Friend, meetings are held at the Library on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The Fall meetings are scheduled for Oct. 12th and Nov. 9th at 7:00 pm in the Library.

The Neighborhood Is Being Improved

This house on the corner of First and Jewell is a 2 apartment house. It has been empty for several years with the owner doing nothing to it. I understand it was recently sold and on a Sunday morning at 7 AM a crew arrived and started on the house.

By 3 pm the house was mostly bare bones.

By Sunday evening the house was encased in plywood and I assume they will be taking it off as they work on it installing windows and such.

Galen, the town's code enforcement person, is on the job.

Xfinity Is Crap

Since Comcast has gone to Xfinity I have a wide range of problems with accessing the internet. If something isn't broken why does Comcast continue to screw with it?

Sour Grapes Continues

Over at Tom McGuire's blog he is continuing his sour grape's attacks on Tom "Bunky" Luffman.

It's Coming

Yes the 20th Annual Apple Scrapple Festival is to be held on October 14 & 15, 2011 in Bridgeville, DE.

A Fundraiser For Jim Henderson

A Quick and Dirty Way To Convert 35 mm Slides To Digital Format

Okay so you have just stumbled across several hundred 35mm slides your Great Uncle took in the 1960's - so how to handle them. What follows is a simple method to convert them to digital format using your digital camera and a 35mm Slide Viewer. Converting them will allow you to organize them in some pattern and determine if you want to sent them to a professional service to have converted to a digital format. The professional service will charge between 30 cents to 50 cents a slide. Since most 35mm slides were of a family vacation and 35mm slide lent themselves well to scenery shots you may not want to send and spend money on all the slides of trees, mountains and the ocean to the professional service.

Your slides will degrade over time. Some types of film can become darker and take on a blue tint while other types will become faded and take on a red or pinkish tint. This quick and dirty method does not allow for color correction. Photos will fade out and have a "washed out" appearance as they get older, especially photos that are exposed to UV light. By digitizing 35mm slides you will preserve your images as the are. If you wait years from now before you digitize your slides they will have aged more and the image quality will be worse.

Here are some slides I purchased at an auction. These were a bit of a pain as I had to remove them from their metal holders - not a hard job as they slip out with just a little force - but it was time consuming. I should have been using lint free gloves to hold them but I didn't figure this was worth the effort for these slides.

Above the slide viewer I will be using. This one happen to be a Pana-Vue 2 Lighted 2X2 Slide Viewer. The cost is about $20. Some slide viewers are angled so you can look down in to the viewer. For this exercise one that sit flat on a table or book will work best.

They may have dust on them after sitting in a box for 50 years. Here I am using an artist brush to dust them off. I highly recommend some form of air bellows to clear dust off of your cleaning target. I use to have a Giottos Rocket Air Blower which is made from a silica gel, it is very powerful and refills quickly. It costs about $10. Now you can't 'completely' clean a slide while it's in the mount. You'll end up with dirt around the edges of the mount. Again see the title of this project "quick and dirty."

For slides with serious gunk (such as fingerprints) I recommend cleaning with a 100% alcohol. Rubbing alcohol has a lubricant in it so look for denatured alcohol or what I use is Grain alcohol - cut it with some distilled water and it should get most of what ever is on it off.

Also at this point pencil in a number on the slide so you know the sequence you took the photo in.

This is the setup - about as simple as you can get. Just put the digital camera up against the viewer lens. The camera should automatically go to a macro setting, press the slide button, test the focus and shoot. If it was not clear shoot it again.

Below are some results - not perfect but now you can select which ones you want to send to a professional to have copied or you can crop them and use photoshop for cleaning up. You can also dump them out on a CD or email them to other interested parties. Like I said quick and dirty. You should be able to do about a slide a minute once you get set up. As usual click on the photo to enlarge it.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Audit of Holly Center Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Maryland Office of Legislative Audits’ report dated September 26, 2011 covering the audit of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene – Holly Center. Holly Center provides services to people who are developmentally disabled. They have an average of 87 patients. The audit found the Resident's Fund had not been reconciled since 2006 and the physical inventories were not being made.

Brown Water

Should your drinking water be slightly brown it may be because of tests being conducted by the town engineers and Hungerford and Terry. Work is being done to resolve the irony discolored water problems we have with the filters and Well 2A. The water is safe to drink.

Sunday Parade

The Delmarva Volunteer Fireman’s Association will hold a Fire Prevention Parade on Sunday, October 9, 2011 starting at 1:00 p.m. There will be participants from Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. The Parade will start on Pennsylvania Avenue at the Little League Ball Field, continuing onto Bi-State Blvd., Lincoln Ave. and then down Grove Street to the Delmar High School.

Sussex County Cousin Meeting Oct 6th - Family Tree Research

On Thursday, October 6th the Sussex County Genealogical Society and the Laurel Public Library offer you the chance to meet and greet both "old" and "new" cousins
and share with each other family discoveries and research

The reunion format is basically the same as in past years. It will be held
at the Laurel Library, 101 E. Fourth St, Laurel, DE in the large,
ground-floor community room. The doors will open at 10AM for registration
and we will be off and running for a very exciting day at about 10:30AM.
There will be about 2 hours for networking and sharing, followed by a one
hour lunch break for brown bagging or a visit to a nearby restaurant. You
are also welcome to continue networking during this time. At 1:30PM we have
the great pleasure of having Russ McCabe sharing his in-depth knowledge of
Sussex County with us. Russ, well-known to many of you and an extremely
popular speaker, is the former Director of the Delaware Public Archives and
also a native Sussex Countian. His program "Location! Location! Location!"
addresses the many ways in which geography shaped the history and
development of Delaware and the Delmarva Peninsula. He will concentrate on
Sussex County just for our group. Afterwards there will be plenty of time to
speak with him personally.

You are then invited to either continue networking with each other or take
advantage of the large collection of genealogical and historical material
housed on the second floor of the library. Norma Jean Fowler, the library's
genealogy expert, will be there to assist you until 5PM. But all good things
must come to an end (at least for the day), although you are welcomed to
continue your researching until 8PM when the library closes

Wood Creek Golf Links Auction October 14th

Friday October 14th @ 1:30PM

Substitute Trustees' Sale: 44.15 +/- Acres of Land Improved as a Golf Course Known As Wood Creek Golf Links in "Delmar" (Wicomico County)

Auction to be held at: The Courthouse of the Circuit Court for Wicomico County, MD, 101 North Division Street, Salisbury

Picked Up From: Alex Cooper Auctioneers

PROPERTY DESCRIPTION (the "Property"): All those 44.15 acres more or less, located in Delmar, Wicomico County, Maryland and described as follows:

BEING KNOWN AND DESIGNATED as (i) Parcel A and Parcel B (the county assessments and tax records refer to Parcel B as Parcel "B-1"), as shown on Subdivision Plat entitled "WOOD CREEK GOLF COMMUNITY" recorded among the Land Records of Wicomico County, Maryland in Plat Cabinet 13, folio 82, and (ii)Parcel C-1 as shown on Subdivision Plat entitled, "LOT 1-18 AND 24-79, PARCELS D AND E, WOOD CREEK GOLF COMMUNITY" which Plat is recorded among the Land Records of Wicomico County, Maryland in Plat Cabinet 14, folio 33 (formerly known as Parcel C as shown on Subdivision Plat entitled "WOOD CREEK GOLF COMMUNITY" recorded among the Land Records of Wicomico County, Maryland in Plat Cabinet 13, folio 82). NOTE: Parcel C-1 is the result of a property line adjustment/removal between Parcel C and Parcel E to form Parcel C-1. Wood Creek, LLC was the record owner of Parcel C and Acorn Land, LLC was the owner of Parcel E at the time of the reconfiguration of lots.

CONDITIONS OF SALE: The Property will be sold in an "AS IS/WHERE IS" condition without any representations or express or implied warranties of any nature whatsoever. In particular, the Substitute Trustees make no representation or warranty with respect to: (1) the existence, nonexistence, or continued existence, validity, scope, nature or applicability of any zoning, land use, development, occupancy or other governmental permits or approvals with respect to the Property; (2) fitness for any particular purpose or use; (3) compliance of the Property with any and all zoning or building laws, regulations and ordinances; and (4) ingress, egress or access to the Property, whether vehicular, pedestrian or other -wise.

Neither the Substitute Trustees nor the Lender shall have any obligation to obtain possession of the Property. It shall be the purchaser's obligation, at the purchaser's sole cost, to obtain possession of the Property.

RISK OF LOSS, INSURABLE OR OTHERWISE, SHALL PASS TO THE PURCHASER IMMEDIATELY AND AUTOMATICALLY AT THE TIME OF SALE. Neither the Substitute Trustees nor the Lender shall have any obligation to obtain or maintain any insurance coverage with respect to the Property.

The Property shall be sold subject to: (1) any easements, restrictions, declarations, and restrictive covenants of record affecting the same, including, but not limited to, any and all condominium restrictions, declarations, bylaws and plats and amendments thereto; (2) any and all disclosures, easements and conditions on any plats of record affecting all or any portion of the Property; (3) any encroachments, overlaps, boundary line disputes and other matters which could be disclosed by an accurate survey of the Property; (4) any matters which would be disclosed by a physical inspection of the Property; (5) any and all environmental conditions, problems and/or violations, if any, that may exist on, affect or relate to the Property; and (6) any and all zoning laws, regulations and ordinances or governmental permits or approvals affecting the Property.

WAIVERS: The purchaser waives and releases the Substitute Trustees and the Lender and each of their respective agents, successors and assigns from any and all claims the purchaser and/or its successors and assigns may now have or may have in the future relating to: (1) any environmental condition, problem or violation affecting all or any portion of the Property; (2) any existing or future zoning code problems or violations, and (3) the accuracy or validity of any estimated information described herein.

PROPERTY: The Property is believed to be composed of 44.15 acres more or less, of land improved as a golf course, known as Wood Creek Golf Links, a portion of which winds through the Wood Creek residential community. The Property contains a portion of an 18-hole golf course. Improvements include: (a) fairways, greens and bunkers; and (b) a 5,170-square foot building comprising 4,000 square feet of masonry construction on a through the Wood Creek residential community. The Property contains a portion of an 18-hole golf course. Improvements include: (a) fairways, greens and bunkers; and (b) a 5,170-square foot building comprising 4,000 square feet of masonry construction on a slab and 1,170 square feet of metal-frame construction. The Substitute Trustees have been advised, but do not represent or warrant, that the Property is zoned R-2 (Residential District).

Summary terms of sale: This advertisement, as amended or supplemented by any oral announcements during the conduct of the sale, constitutes the Substitute Trustees' entire terms upon which the Property shall be offered for sale, sold or purchased. The Substitute Trustees reserve the unqualified right to withdraw the Property, in whole or in part, at any time before sale or to release the Property, in whole or in part, from the Deed of Trust lien at any time before the sale. If the Substitute Trustees determine that the opening bid is not commensurate with the value of the Property, they may reject the bid and withdraw the Property from sale. If any dispute arises among the bidders, the Substitute Trustees shall have the sole and final discretion either to determine the successful bidder or to reoffer and resell the Property. A cash deposit or certified check made payable to the Substitute Trustees in the amount of $50,000 will be required of the purchaser at the time and place of sale. The purchaser is required to increase its deposit to ten percent (10%) of the bid price within ten (10) business days of the sale by delivering to the Substitute Trustees at c/o Miles & Stockbridge P.C., 10 Light Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202, a certified check payable to the Substitute Trustees. All deposits shall be held by the Substitute Trustees in a non-interest bearing escrow account to be applied to the purchase price at the time of settlement. The Lender, or its nominee, if the successful bidder, shall not be required to post a deposit. The balance of such purchase price, together with interest at the rate of ten percent (10%) per annum on the unpaid purchase money from the date of sale to date of settlement (as hereinafter specified) must be paid in cash or by certified check at the date of settlement. The Substitute Trustees reserve the right, but have no obligation to waive or reduce the amount of interest payable on the unpaid balance of the purchase price.

All taxes (except outstanding real property taxes, which shall be the sole responsibility of the Purchaser) and assessments, including, but not limited to, agricultural transfer taxes, rents, ground rents, condominium fees and assessments, other public charges, sewer charges, water rents, regular and special assessments, utilities or similar items, if any, payable on an annual or any other basis shall be adjusted as of the date of the foreclosure sale and thereafter assumed and paid by the purchaser at settlement. The purchaser shall pay all expenses and costs required for or incident to its settlement, including, without limitation, all state and local transfer taxes, documentary taxes, recording taxes and fees, title examination costs, title insurance premiums, and attorneys' fees.

The purchaser shall settle and comply with the sale terms within ten (10) days after the Circuit Court for Wicomico County, Maryland, finally ratifies the sale, unless said periods extended by the Substitute Trustees, their successors or assigns, for good cause shown. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE.

If the purchaser defaults, in addition to any other legal or equitable remedies available to them, the Substitute Trustees may declare the entire deposit forfeited and resell the roperty at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. The purchaser shall not be entitled to any surplus proceeds or profit resulting from any resale of all or any portion of the Property.

Neither the Substitute Trustees nor the Lender are liable individually or otherwise for any matter relating to the sale or to the Property, except that if title to the Property cannot be transferred in accordance with the terms hereof for any reason, such liability is limited to the return of the purchaser's deposit. There shall be no other rights or remedies against the Substitute Trustees and/or the Lender, either in law or equity.

NOTE: The material contained herein describing the Property has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable; however, no express or implied warranty is made as to he accuracy of any description. All dimensions or areas referred to herein are approximate