Saturday, October 15, 2011

Delmar Home Coming Parade - 2011

Tradition reigned on a windy but bright Saturday today, when The Delmar High School’s marching band lead the way followed by town, school, and organization officials, floats, homecoming court attendant and Homecoming Queen candidates. Both Town Police cars were in the parade leading and ending the parade and of course Public Works once again cleaned up any mess.

The echo of the snare drums, the wind snapping the flags of the color guard (Visual Ensemble,) the sea of blue and orange repeating its color thru out the parade made for another long-standing traditional Delmar High School homecoming celebration.

The streets were strewn with candy, but only for seconds before being picked up by clusters of eager boys and girls. For 20 minutes it was early Halloween on high speed

Friday, October 14, 2011

Woodcreek Block Party Oct 29 1 PM

The Woodcreek Golf Course Auction

The Woodcreek Golf Course was sold back to the bank for $300,000

Some Effects Of TheGreat Depression In The Delmar Area

When you think about the Great depression of the 1930's one thought that comes to mind is people on Wall Street jumping from office buildings to commit suicide. It didn't just happen on Wall Street. While researching a topic that occurred in 1932 I came across three men (two in Delmar) that committed suicide due to financial problems related to the great depression and that was just in one year. Below are the newspaper articles announcing their death.

Laurel “State Register” August 19th 1932

Two Delaware farmers, one of Delmar and one of Fairmount, committed suicide within 24 hours, of each other due, friends said in each case, to despondency over inability to make their farms pay.

The body of William E. Elliott, 57 years old, who was found Monday night in a gas-filled room at the home of his nephew, Harold L. Smith with whom he had been living there. Mr. Smith had been spending the day with his family at Oak orchard. When they returned at 6 o’clock they found the kitchen closed up and the cracks under the doors stopped . Gas was flowing from several jets and the body was lying on the floor. Near it was this note:

“Goodbye to all. I hope you will forgive me for the act. After my debts are paid, I want Marvin Smith to have what there is left of my property, if there is any.”

Marvin Smith is the young son of Harold L. Smith. Mr. Elliott had no relatives except his nephew. He had never married. Born in this section, the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Elliott, he had spent his entire life farming in this vicinity. Although he had been living with his nephew for several years, he had operated his own farm near Delmar.

He was last seen alive about 5 p.m. Monday by William O’Neil, of this town who said he did not notice anything unusual in the man’s demeanor.

Worry over farming conditions also led to the suicide of Alfred W. McIlvaine, farmer of near Fairmount Sunday. He ended his life by shooting himself in the head, after he had carefully removed his false teeth and left them in the house. He went to a small building used as a workshop and sat down before firing the bullet into his brain.

The State Register February 1932

One of the saddiest happenings in this community for a long time, was the suicide of Alvin A. Elliott, 44 years old, Pennsylvania Railroad engineer which occurred in a chicken house in the rear of his home, his wife was aroused from her slumber, by the firing of a shot gun. Searching for the cause of the explosion she descended to the kitchen, where she found a note bidding them good by naming the depression as the cause, and indicating where he might be found. He had pressed the muzzle of a shot gun, against his head and touched the trigger with a stick. The character and reputation of the deceased were of the highest, and the community at large looked upon him as an esteemed and useful citizen, a conscientious Christian and a loving and affectionate husband and father. His act is one of the things which can never be understood. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Anna Elliott a son and a daughter, Alvin and Doris Lee, his mother, Mrs. Kate Elliott, two sisters, Mrs. Lulu parker and Mrs. Lillie Tingle, and two brothers, Frank and Michael. Funeral services were held from his late home on State street 2 p.m. Tuesday, Rev. G. W. Bounds of the M. E. Church officiating, assisted by Rev. J. T. Bailey and Rev. C. T. Hope.

The Minnesota Valkyrie Team

The Minnesota Valkyrie; Kelli Gillispie, Whitney Meieretto, Cydney Froelich, Jana Skrtic and Kendra Ruff.Credit Jay Corn Photos

An article that recently caught my eye was one about the Minnesota Valkyrie team, a member of the Lingerie Football League. It seems one of their members, Kelli Gillispie, who owns a business on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota and lives in Mound is a member of the city council there. Now that would bring some publicity to Delmar if one of our female councilpeople or commissioner were to join a team on the Lingerie Football League.

Kelli Gillispie, Mound, Minnesota Councilperson

Book Sale Starts This Evening

The Friends of the Delmar Public Library will host its semi-annual book sale in the Hayman Meeting Room on Friday, Oct. 14th (4pm to 8 Pm) and Saturday, (8 pm to noon) Oct. 15th

New Thrift Store - L & A Super Thrift

I stopped by L & A Super thrift in the Stateline Plaza Shopping center. It is a nice place, stop by and have a look.

Mary Weber Got Married

Mary Weber, Delmar Class of 2002, was married October 2nd to Carl Louton in Boston, Mass. They will live in the Boston Area. Congratulation Mary and Carl!

Fall is Slowly Arriving

The Trees are slowly changing

It's Just Around The Corner

Yes if you have wondering when Daylight Savings Times End it is Sunday November 6th. Time will fall back to standard time again and no doubt the politically correct people will tack a number of "To-Do" items on for Sunday, November 6, 2011, so we will remember to change batteries etc as we change the time on the clock.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nanticoke River Lines - 1932

Under the Skirt at the Laurel library

The Under the Skirt Tour
Presented by Karen Jessee & Roxanna Hurst. We begin with Aunt Effie wearing only her unmentionables. As Miss Josephine dresses Aunt Effie, she discusses, makeup, grooming, and hair for the Victorian gentlewoman. Miss Josephine then proceeds, as she dresses Aunt Effie, to take the audience through the maze of clothing that was worn under the skirt of the lady of fashion in 1864.

My daughter Megan and I went to the Laurel library last night for this presentation. We and the 20 to 30 other people there found it very entertaining.

Unlike a striptease she starts at this point and puts clothes on

Going for the 18 inch waist by tightening the corset

Putting the hoop on

well I won't explain this one

The almost finished product merely missing a shaw and bonnet

They had an array of photos etc placed on the back tables to look at.

At one time I had written that I do not usually write about the Civil War because Civil War Followers are such fanatics that they know every detail about everything and there is no way to compete against them. The times I have spoken to Civil War Reenactors has prove this point. In listening to theses two women discuss clothing it shows the female version of Civil War Reenactors are just as much a fanatic on the subject.

Their next reenactor thing is "Remembrance Day Weekend 11/19/2011" - Wreath Laying and Memorial Service Evergreen Cemetery Gettysburg, PA, Saturday morning. Parade Saturday afternoon Balls Friday & Saturday night. Luminary at the cemetery on Saturday night much, much more.

Nightmares Haunted House - Delmar

Open every Friday and Saturday in October including September 30th and going through October 30th and 31st. Doors open at 7:30 PM every night and cost is $13.00. However, if you bring a non-perishable food item, we take $2.00 off (limit 1 discount, per person, per can). Proceeds will again benefit the American Cancer Society, Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Sussex, and the Delmar Fire Department. Food items will help Cat Country's "Feed A Friend" Food Drive.

Odd Fellows Cemetery House Opens tomorrow night

Odd Fellows Cemetery House Dont let the agonizing screams deter you from entering the disturbing dungeons and maddening mazes of this seasons Cemetery House in Laurel. Sponsored by The Odd Fellows Charity Lodge #27, the Cemetery House is open Fridays and Saturdays, Oct. 14-15, 21-22, 28-29, and is located on the west side of town at Sharptown and Hastings roads, next to the Odd Fellows Cemetery. Parking is only available next to the Laurel Firehouse on 10th Street. Ride on the free farm wagon to start your journey. Then stroll through 10-foot high grassy fields with spooky characters around every bend, as you wind your way to the haunted Cemetery House. The century-old home will thrill those brave enough to enter with a half hour tour accompanied by spirits and phantoms in every room. Tickets are sold from 7 to 11 p.m. Admission is $8 and children under 6 are free. Receive $1 off admission with a non-perishable food item donation. Limit one discount per person. Proceeds benefit the Boy Scouts of America and other charities

Delmar Library Book Sale Oct 14 and 15th

The Friends of the Delmar Public Library will host its semi-annual book sale in the Hayman Meeting Room on Friday, Oct. 14th and Saturday, Oct. 15th.

Wildlife Conservatory or Golf Course

Unless something has changed this property will go up for auction tomorrow.

Drunk Teenagers In Park

Tom over at The Delmar Daily has a good post on the teenage drinking Party at the the park

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The October 2011 Delmar Police Commission Meeting

Last Night The October 2011 Delmar Police Commission Meeting was held. This was the last town meeting in the "old" town hall. Future ones will be in the "New" town hall. So in this somewhat historical police Commission meeting naturally Delaware Councilman Woody Payne was missing once again. These elected jobs are great, you don't have to show up to meetings nor do anything to earn the money just convince some fools you would be a good one to elect and you have an automatic paycheck - not a big paycheck - but at least a beer money paycheck. Also Police Chief Saylor didn't show so Lt Remo did the presentation.

Some items talked about;

The Delmar Pd is providing traffic control at the High school.

As with the Fireman parade the Delmar Police will lead the Homecoming parade this weekend.

A discussion of the latest death on RT13 (the homeless man that was struck and killed) maybe more lighting in that area would help.

The Red Speed traffic speed monitor/camera proposal has been sent to the State highway commission and Delmar is waiting to hear back from them. Currently two fixed and one mobile speed monitored are being looked at.

About an hour long discussion of the Parking ordinance followed, for a police commission that usually is over with in a half hour this was a long one - it went to about 7:45 and than into executive session. I will wait until the first reading before I comment on the Parking ordinance. I am trying to tell myself this is for the good of Delmar but I only see more infringements on the rights of individuals. Every time you turn around the Federal state or local government is telling you what you can or can not do and hiring more government employees to vote the way they are told to vote. It has to stop.

Public that attended the meeting, besides myself, that decided to get off their asses and see what the town was up to were Carl Anderton and Mike Gibb.