Saturday, October 22, 2011

Delmar Police Vehicle Auction

The Delmar Police Department vehicle, bikes and miscellaneous stuff auction is going on as I write this. Good opportunity to own one of these little babies cheap.

Scrap Tire Drop-Off Day - Today

I had a couple of old tires in the back yard so I took my box knife cut them off the rims and took them to Laurel for the DNREC Scrap Tire Drop off day. It actually went smoothly. There were signs marking where to go. You stayed in your vehicle and people took them out of your vehicle for you. Wow! A state run event that actually works. I would hate to think how it would be if DELDOT was running it.

Anyhow it is at DelDOT’s Laurel Maintenance Yard on Saltbox Road from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. today, limit of ten tires no rims.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lake Forest 20 Delmar 21

Lake Forest 20 Delmar 21, my wife said it was a very exciting game that went into overtime.

Harold Cane - 1932

From the Laurel State Register Oct 7, 1932


Delmar Man and Wife Are Overcome When Pipe Is Broken Off


A man and his wife were asphyxiated at Delmar Friday night by gas fumes after the husband, Harold Cane, is said to have broken a gas pipe while repairing a minor leak.

The bodies were found at about midnight under the Cane home by a group of neighbors who had started a searching party when one of them was attracted to the place by the crying of the Canes' child, Marie, aged 11.

Cane it is believed, had gone under the house to repair a minor leak, and while making the repairs had broken the pipe off a few inches above the ground causing an increased gas flow. His wife, in trying to rescue him is believed to have died shortly after going under the house as a result of the fumes.

The crying of the child, together with a strong odor of gas, had Glen Hastings, a neighbor, to investigate. Hastings, who had started to retire for the night, dressed and went to the Cane home. Making his way through the gas filled home he reached the child's bedroom and took her to the Hastings home. He was nearly overcome in rescuing the child.

In the meantime other neighbors had gathered and a search was made through the house for the child's parents. Several members of the rescue party were overcome during the search.

The Citizens Gas Company, Salisbury, was notified to shut off the flow of gas as no wrench could be found in the local office. After the flow had been stopped the search was resumed and the bodies were discovered under the house. Both were lying face down.

The child was said to have been sleeping at the time of the tragedy. She is believed to have been awakened by the strong odor of gas, and, being unable to find her parents, started to cry.

Cane operated a service station at the corner of Delaware Ave. and State Highway in Delmar.

The girl said it was shortly before midnight when the odor of escaping gas was noticed. Her father took an electric flashlight and climbed through a trap door to crawl to the leak four yards away.

When he failed to return, Mrs. Cane went through the door to investigate. She also failed to return.

Receiving no response to her calls, Marie summoned neighbors. At the same time, first aid crews from the Salisbury, Md. Fire Department were called and three physicians brought to the home.

William Culver, Jr. an employee of the gas company, was overcome when he turned off the gas to permit the rescue of the couple and was not resuscitated for more than an hour. L. D. Short, who with the others cut a hole in the floor to gain access to the bodies, also was temporarily overcome.

Cane was 42 years old.

Construction Going On

Lucky for me I am an early riser, between the Post office banging and clanking things around at 6 AM, the occasional early morning train going by and now with the construction on Delaware avenue going on the heavy equipment is rolling at 7 AM past the house - no way you are going to sleep late.

The Porta Potty Bus

I came up behind this yesterday while driving, a porta potty bus. Well not actually it is a bus they use to transport workers to the fields. The usual for "Farm Use" tag was on it. Back in the 1950's when I worked in various farmer's field, the fields were always bordered by a tree line that you used to do your business in. Now the fields are so big and you would wet on yourself before you made it behind any tree. No doubt there is now a Federal regulation that says facilities must be made available for the worker - one more cost to add to the price of food. Waaay too many government workers with college degrees and nothing to do but come up with rules and regulations to justify their job.

Interesting with those "Farm Use" tags there is no way you could give the police a tag number or Identification if they did a hit and run or something. Just a description of "it was a bus with a Farm Use Tag" - narrows it down to about 200 vehicles in this area.

Waterview Beach Hotel - 1961

Fire hydrant flushing Tonight

As far as i know it is still scheduled. Fire hydrant flushing - The Delmar Public Works department will conduct fire hydrant flushing on Friday, Oct. 21 at 9 p.m. Low water pressure and/or discoloration may occur. Residents should store water in advance for this period

Odd Fellows Cemetery House

Odd Fellows Cemetery House Dont let the agonizing screams deter you from entering the disturbing dungeons and maddening mazes of this seasons Cemetery House in Laurel. Sponsored by The Odd Fellows Charity Lodge #27, the Cemetery House is open Fridays and Saturdays, Oct. 14-15, 21-22, 28-29, and is located on the west side of town at Sharptown and Hastings roads, next to the Odd Fellows Cemetery. Parking is only available next to the Laurel Firehouse on 10th Street. Ride on the free farm wagon to start your journey. Then stroll through 10-foot high grassy fields with spooky characters around every bend, as you wind your way to the haunted Cemetery House. The century-old home will thrill those brave enough to enter with a half hour tour accompanied by spirits and phantoms in every room. Tickets are sold from 7 to 11 p.m. Admission is $8 and children under 6 are free. Receive $1 off admission with a non-perishable food item donation. Limit one discount per person. Proceeds benefit the Boy Scouts of America and other charities

Nightmare in Delmar

Open every Friday and Saturday in October including September 30th and going through October 30th and 31st. Doors open at 7:30 PM every night and cost is $13.00. However, if you bring a non-perishable food item, we take $2.00 off (limit 1 discount, per person, per can). Proceeds will again benefit the American Cancer Society, Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Sussex, and the Delmar Fire Department. Food items will help Cat Country's "Feed A Friend" Food Drive.

Halloween in Delmar 2011

At the joint council the following was decided for Halloween;

There will only be one night of "Trick or Treat" and that night will be Oct 31st Monday between 6PM and 8 PM. There will be an age limit of twelve years old or under. There will be no "Mischief Night."

At the school, separate from the town, it will be Trick or Treat Night - The Key Club will be presenting its annual Trick or Treat Night on Monday, October 31st from 6-8pm.

Memories Reunion

Memories Reunion will be held Sat. Oct. 22nd 6pm at The Delmar VFW Delmar, MD. If you were an employee or customer during 1991-2006, please come join Sylvia Bunk, Connie, Nancy Dog & girls for a night of fun, entertainment, food & door prizes. See all your old friends. Covered dish would be welcome. Any questions call Nancy Dog, VFW, 410-896-3722.

Delmar Police Confiscated Vehicle Auction This Saturday

Eastern Shore Auctions is selling for the Delmar Police Department at the impound lot a 1975 Corvette in very good condition,an E320 Mercedes, two Lexus, and numerous other vehicles (approximately 40) Also selling miscellaneous property to include a Dewalt drill (new in case), surround sound system, Craftsman push mower, and much more. See photos at website. I understand you can preview the vehicles, bikes, etc starting about 8 am and the auction is at 10 this Saturday October 22nd. Food is for sale.

For those who may not know; The Delmar Police Department is located at 400
S Pennsylvania Ave. Delmar, MD, @ the intersection of E Walnut St & S Pennsylvania Ave. facing the railroad

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The October Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting - 2011

If you arrived late to the meeting you would have missed it. It started at 7 PM and was over with by 7:09 PM. I never realized how long winded Houlihan was until Anderton took over being in charge of the P&Z meeting, Carl rarely goes over an hour. Tonight missing members were; Joe Dixon - DE Resident and Joe Dixon - DE Resident. The rest, as in; Carl Anderton, Jr. MD Commissioner, Ed Ferro - MD Resident, David Ring, Jr.- MD Resident, Thomas Luffman- MD Resident and future Delmar Maryland commissioner and Robert Thompson- DE Council Member were there.

The public was Mike Gibb (future Delmar Maryland Commissioner)and me.

The only item was Clayton homes request to put a modular home in Amber Ridge Subdivision. it is a nice looking unit. Since the zoning allows for modular homes and the neighbors didn't object the commission gave a favorable recommendation to the joint council.

This was my first time in the new town hall and it looks good. Same old hard ass chairs in the meeting room however.

G D Bull Produce - 1961 - Salisbury and Pocomoke

Hotel Pennsylvania - 1932

A Room and a bath for two and a half - good slogan

P & Z Commisssion Meeting Tonight

So I went to the town Website to see what was on the agenda for tonight's Planning and Zoning Commission meeting at 7 PM at the "New" Town Hall and found this; "There are no Meeting Agendas currently available" So all kinds of conspiracy theory's race thru my head from secret meeting, to big time developer doesn't want the public to know his/her plans being presented tonight, etc.

Fire Marshal Says Fire Was Electrical Malfunction

Picked Up From WGMD
UPDATED STORY 10.20.11: The Delaware State Fire Marshal’s Office now says an electrical malfunction caused a blaze just after noon Tuesday that destroyed a home under construction on Jewel Street in Delmar.

Firemen from Delmar,Laurel, Gumboro, Sharptown and Mardela Springs were called to the two-story home, which was fully involved about 12:30 p.m.

The home was not occupied and no one was injured. However damage has been estimated at $250,000.

Fire officials now say three adjacent homes were damaged by the flames

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Healing Henderson

When the going gets tough... that's where friends and community come in!
The Lions Club is holding an Entertaining Musical Show on Oct 22nd, 1000 tickets are being sold.
Tickets can be bought at the door of Washington High School in Princess Anne,
this Saturday night, October 22nd, doors open at 7pm.
Tickets are ONLY $7 or $5 a piece when you buy 4 for $20!

Delicious Baked goods, over 100 silent auction items, perfect for early christmas shopping;
Galaxy 66, Limo ride, Beach Plaza Hotel stay, Applebees, Kids stuff, About FacesGift Certificate, Pricess Flowers, Baileys Jewelers and so many more great things came from our generous community businesses to help this fabulous family.

All proceeds will go to "Healing Henderson" for James Hendersons' medical treatments.
James Henderson is only 35 years old and he has been diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of brain cancer.
Their family, including Jim's wife Alice Abbott and their five kids, need help paying for Jim's treatment.
This former marine, and active Delmar council man and his family need the community to attend and we are hoping for a full house ...

Should You Not Be Able To Attend But Still Want To help

An account has been established at the Bank of Delmarva, and anyone wishing to make a contribution, may send to:

Healing Henderson, C/O The Bank of Delmarva, 2727 North Salisbury Blvd, Salisbury, MD 21801 or contact The Bank of Delmarva, Stephanie Somers, Customer Service Representative at 410-742-9401 or

The other way to donate is to go to the website: There is a button marked DONATE on the site.

Tony's Place Delmar 1961

Dykes Brothers Market - 1965

Another Fire

As some of you may have heard we had another fire on our corner. The house that was being renovated caught fire and burnt yesterday.

This is what the house looked like the morning before the fire

When I got home 40 minutes later this was all that was left. It seems to be an electrical fire as they just turn on the power to the house today. The heat from the fire melted a lot on the houses that were around it.

My neighbor's house

My house melted from the heat.

Another Neighbor's house

knocking over the last standing wall

This about wraps it up

Verizon started about 5 pm running a new cable. All the cables in front of the house had melted insulation from the heat. My Comcast cable wasn't semi-repaired until about 2 pm today so no internet and no TV. More work on it next week.

Verizon worked all night under flood lights with generators running, on up until about 10 this morning on the phone cable

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This is one that I agree with the representatives - but where is Biff Lee On This?

From Delaware House of Representatives' E Newsletter

October 18, 2011 - In advance of today's Public Service Commission hearing on electricity rate hikes tied to the deal to bring Bloom Energy to Delaware, three state representatives authored a letter asking the PSC to take the time needed to carefully consider the fate of ratepayers should the company fail...

To Delaware Public Service Commission Chairperson Arnetta McRae:

Tomorrow (Tuesday, 10/18), the Public Service Commission will be reviewing an application by Delmarva Power & Light (PSC Docket No. 11-362). This application requests approval of tariffs on electricity and natural gas relating to an energy project Delmarva plans to enter into with fuel cell manufacturer Bloom Energy.
This proposed project was part of a complicated deal negotiated between Delmarva Power, the State of Delaware and Bloom Energy for the establishment of a new fuel cell manufacturing facility near Newark.

This deal required the enactment of a new law allowing Delmarva Power to use the electricity produced from Bloom Energy fuel cells to be counted towards meeting Delmarva's state-mandated renewable energy obligation. That mandate requires that that by 2025, 25-percent of the electricity delivered to Delmarva customers originate from renewable sources. To secure the Bloom Energy facility, state officials agreed to redefine 30 MW (megawatts) of electricity produced by Bloom's natural-gas powered fuel cells as "renewable."

This legislation was introduced and approved by the General Assembly in nine days at the close of the legislative session. All members of the legislature were briefed (quickly) on the multi-faceted arrangement.

During these whirlwind discussions we were told that using fuel cells to produce electricity would modestly increase electricity rates for Delmarva's residential customers, probably by about a dollar month. While we had trepidations about voting in favor of any arrangement that would lead to a rate hike, even a relatively small one, we ultimately felt the greater good was served by the law since it was a part of a deal to bring 1,500 quality jobs to Delaware (900 at the Bloom facility and 600 at supporting businesses).

However, the nature of the obligation that could be placed on ratepayers if Bloom Energy fails was not made clear at the time this legislation was considered.

Without going into all the contingencies associated with this obligation, it is sufficient to say that there are currently circumstances incorporated into this deal where ratepayers would continue to pay higher rates, even if Bloom Energy fails and the fuel cells stop producing electricity. Under one scenario, ratepayers could be on the hook for at least a dozen years to pay up to 70-percent of the cost of electricity they are not receiving.

While we are eager for our state to attract new, quality employers, Delmarva's customers should not be placed in the position of assuming the risk of these economic development efforts.

The Public Service Commission has the authority to modify this deal to protect ratepayers. Delmarva customers should not be liable for the costs associated with the potential default of Bloom Energy - a private sector company that is not regulated by your commission. Stated succinctly, ratepayers should not be required to pay for something that they are not receiving.

We urge the PSC to delay their ruling on this application by a week or two so that this issue can be more fully considered.

Please add this letter to the record of written testimony on this application.


State Rep. Greg Lavelle
State Rep. Lincoln Willis
& State Rep. Dan Short

A Message From Terri

On October 21st and November 11th, Delmar High’s student government association will be collecting canned goods at the gate of our home football games. For every canned good donated folks will get a raffle ticket for a chance to win a basket of “Delmar” goodies including a Delmar sweat suit and local restaurant gift certificates.

Last year we collected over 9,000 cans in the school alone. We hope to exceed that number with the home football game donation opportunity. With the 9,000 cans we sent home backpacks full of food to help meet the needs of at risk students over the winter break when they have no access to our school breakfast and lunch programs. We also managed to box up several days worth of meals for 100 deserving families and sent the remaining boxes of food to Harvest Ministries in Delmar.

We hope to do as well this year and thank everyone for their continued support.



Terri Addlesberger
Director of Foodservices
Culinary Club Advisor
Paw Power Coordinator
Delmar School District

Sussex County Department of Libraries To close Thursday

All public libraries in Sussex County will be closed Thursday, Oct. 20, 2011, for the annual Sussex County Staff Development Day.

Staff from all 14 public libraries throughout Sussex County will meet at Delaware Technical & Community College in Georgetown for the daylong session to learn about a variety of topics, including e-books, virtual collections, children’s programs and public space safety.

Sussex County libraries consistently strive to provide residents with first-rate service. To advance and sustain this mission, the Sussex County Department of Libraries provides regular continuing education and professional staff development for the three County-owned libraries and 11 independent libraries.

Concurrent learning sessions throughout the day are provided by area library and community leaders.

All libraries in Sussex County will reopen at their regular time on Friday, Oct. 21, 2011.

Tingle's Carry Out - 1972

Monday, October 17, 2011

Delmar Fire Dept Sportsmans Giveaway - Saturday, Nov. 5

Sportsmans Giveaway - The Fifth Annual Sportmans Giveaway is Saturday, Nov. 5, at the Delmar Fire Department. Drawings begin at 1 p.m. and will take place every 10 minutes until 7 p.m. You do not have to be present to win. Tickets can be purchased using Paypal or from any member of the Delmar Fire Department. Call the department at 846-2530 for more information.

Fire hydrant flushing Friday Night

Fire hydrant flushing - The Delmar Public Works department will conduct fire hydrant flushing on Friday, Oct. 21 at 9 p.m. Low water pressure and/or discoloration may occur. Residents should store water in advance for this period.

The Prison At Fort Delaware - Laurel library - Tomorrow

Costume Contest At Walgreen's

Stage Road LLC Sheriff Auction

At the Sussex County Sheriff's Office, West Complex, 22215 DuPont Boulevard, Georgetown, Delaware, on Tuesday October 18th the Sussex County Sheriff will auction off five parcels of land (Tax Parcel: 5-32-14.00-8.01; 5-32-14.00-8.02; 5-32-14.00-9.00; 5-32-14.00-9.02; 5-32-21.00-41.00) to satisfy a mortgage from WTC to Stage Road LLC for $2,796,708.49

At the Delmar Library Wednesday

Tombstones and Ghost Stories - Author and storyteller Ed Okonowitz offers chilling tales and legends in his ghost books, fascinating stories shared by residents of the region in the oral history volumes and suspenseful fiction in the popular Delmarva murder mystery series. Okonowitz will be at the library with his Tombstones and Ghost Stories program on Wednesday, Oct. 19, at 7 p.m. This program is for adults.