Saturday, November 19, 2011

When Firearms Aren't Enough

Over at Tom McGuire's house a new security system has been installed. Several cameras, 24 hour taping, anyone who approaches the house is now recorded.

This is in addition to the "Beware of Dog" sign and the old sign that seems to have gone away "Protected by Smith and Wesson".

Snow Plow Driver Training

Snow Plow Driver Training was conducted recently for Deldot Snow Plow Drivers by way of a simulator from L-3 Communications. None of the articles mentioned if DelDot Drivers were really trained to take out mailboxes as they drive along. L-3 Communications is a large government contractor with 61,000 employees and $15.7 billion in sales and I have never heard of them. The second article however says it was L-3 DP Associates Inc in Jacksonville, NC,a private company that does Operator Training with Computers. It has an annual revenue of $5 to 10 million and employs a staff of approximately 50 to 99. So maybe it was combination of both.

From The Coastal point
Snowplow drivers learn in virtual reality
By Laura Walter
Staff Reporter
An outside observer might think DelDOT employees were playing video games last week in Dover, but snowplow operators were actually using technology to prepare for winter. For the first time, the Delaware Department of Transportation used snowplow simulators to train drivers.

Bill Graham, of L-3 Communications, instructs a snowplow operator during a simulation of a snowstorm in Dover in early November.
During the one-week trial in early November, 65 of DelDOT’s available 450 snowplow operators received training.

Training is typically done in “Truck Roadeo,” a large parking lot designed with hazards, such as traffic cones, mailboxes and cars. Simulation technology replicates much of that training ground without the fuel use and property damage.

“This is an excellent way for training somebody how to drive in a snowstorm without there actually being a snowstorm,” said Jim Westhoff of DelDOT.

The simulator comprises three large screens covering 90 degrees of vision, one centered as the windshield and two for side windows. The graphics are reminiscent of auto-racing arcade games and show the plow scooping snow as it maneuvers downtown in the virtual landscape.

Drivers sat in a real truck seat, strapped on a seatbelt and put the machine in gear. An array of buttons resembled everything from headlight controls to air conditioning. Drivers even got the realistic feel from haptic feedback as the machine chugged, jolted and resisted in the weather conditions.

The drivers undergo much training before ever operating the snowplows. The simulator’s specific purpose is to teach decision-making and proper reactions, not to teach employees how to drive the plows. The computer allows drivers to learn from mistakes they might make behind the steering wheel.

“We can show what happens when they make the wrong decisions, without hurting anybody or causing any damage,” said Bill Graham of L-3 Communications, which manages the simulators.

The simulation equipment can be adjusted to mimic school buses, motor coaches, fire trucks and more.

“Simulation training isn’t new,” said George Perez of L-3. “It’s the way we train our pilots and astronauts … over and over again, so they can react instinctively.”

Transportation offices in other states have used this technology, but because this was DelDOT’s first foray into simulated training, Westhoff said Delaware was “eager to hear what the operators think.”

Jack Springer is a seasoned driver, having operated a snowplow in Delaware for 15 years.

“It’s interesting,” Springer said. “It’s not really like the real thing, but it’s interesting. Kinda teaches you a little right from wrong.”

Drivers must pay attention to pedestrians, foggy windows, ice and many variables.

“It’s nothing I haven’t done before,” Springer said.

While this week was just a refresher course for veteran snowplow operators, DelDOT may expand its simulations next year.

“We’ll still do Truck Roadeo,” Westhoff said. “This is just one more tool. We can’t be too prepared. So far, we’re getting great feedback on this system.”

Delaware roadways run the gamut from rural streets to the I-95 expressway, so DelDOT will meet winter conditions with 450 pieces of equipment and approximately 65,000 tons of salt, as well as the trained drivers. Simulators can recreate the different types of roads with the click of a button.

“It’s a beautiful day, and the guys can drive in a blinding blizzard,” Westhoff pointed out.

From the cape Gazette

This week's balmy weather aside, the coming winter is predicted to be a wet one, and the Department of Transportation is preparing for it.

The recent cold spell that snapped power lines farther north and left a few flakes locally does not bode well for the region, said Jim Westhoff, spokesman for DelDOT.

In an effort to get ready for a potentially rough winter, DelDOT contracted with Alexandria, Va.-based L-3 DP Associates to provide training for about 65 snowplow operators.

"We don't have guys out using the equipment right now, and they can lose their driving skills during the warmer months," Westhoff said. "This will help them be prepared for what's coming."

The company parked a trailer at the DelDOT site in Dover, and shifts of snow plow operators received training via personal instruction, computer programs and a hands-on simulator.

Located at each end of the singlewide trailer, the simulators are modeled after a snowplow cabin. Drivers maneuver their plows along dark, snowy roadways while, without alerting the driver, instructors input variables such as black ice, wind velocity and visibility to imitate the worst possible driving conditions.

Facing driving hazards on the simulator helps drivers learn how to identify them and how to deal with them, said instruction George Perez.

Snowplow operator Daniel Marshall said he's been driving for about a year, and the simulator is close to the real thing.

"It'll definitely help us get ready for the winter," he said.

Westhoff said both experienced and inexperienced DelDOT drivers participated in the simulator instruction. From what he observed, Westoff said they all did well.

In addition to snowplow training, Westhoff said, DelDOT has stocked 65,000 tons of salt throughout the state and is preparing its snowplow force with inspections in all three counties. Statewide, there are about 450 vehicles available for snow operations, he said.

"The trucks are just about ready," he said.

School Websites and School events

Altho I do not have school children in the Delmar School district anymore I still like to keep up on some events at the school. In looking at their always confusing website I find the Middle School keeps their up-to-date with the information I am looking for. The High school part of the website however sucks. Something simple like when is the next band concert must be buried somewhere and I do not have a clue how to find. Why do they make these things so difficult?

For those who may be interested;
The band will be marching in a few parades next month:
Dec. 3rd is the Seaford parade. Step off is at 7pm
Dec 7 is Milton with step off at 730
Dec 10 is Delmar with step off at 2pm

The High School Band Winter concert will be Dec 15th at 7pm.
The Middle School Band Winter Concert is on Dec 6th at 7 pm

On Dec 1 The Middle School Chorus concert is at 7 pm
On Dec 8th is High School Chorus is at 7 pm

The Middle School Talent show is Nov 22nd at 7 pm
I have no idea if the High school is putting on a talent show

Also not connected to the school but being held at the school is the Delmar community Carol Sing at 4 pm on Dec 4th.

Civil War On The Eastern Shore

November 19, 1861 - New York Times reported that 4,000 troops arrived in Accomack, Virginia, from Newtown in Worcester County, Maryland to put down rebel insurgents

Friday, November 18, 2011

Middle School Talent Show

The Delmar middle school talent show will be held Tuesday, November 22nd @ 7pm

DHAS Annual Meeting - 2011

The Delmar Historical and Arts Society (DHAS) held it's annual meeting last night at the Delmar library. An update of various society matters and a review of the successes we had in 2011 was presented to the membership and guests. An election of officers and for the board of directors was held by the members. Our guest speaker Mr. Jay Hill gave a talk about the history of Bacon Switch and it was well received.

Mr. Hill had a number of artifacts from the general stores that existed in Bacon Switch and from his Grandfather's surveying business. Bacon Switch at one time rivaled Delmar in size and importance.

The Oil Change At Gateway Subaru

I have been a few hundred miles over on an oil change so today when I went past the Gateway Subaru dealership I saw they were advertising their oil change special. I swung in and had it done.

Now it wasn't an instant 15 minute oil change but frankly I haven't had one of them in a while. Jiffy lube, the Grease Monkey, and Valvoline Instant Oil Change is rarely 15 minutes anymore - frankly my confidence in the service varies each time I go back to one of those places - they have such a turnover in people. This oil change was an hour which gave me time to kill. On the plus side they have a nice clean customer waiting area complete with big, comfortable chairs and reading material. Matter of fact the whole place is very clean, both the inside and out. I guess that is the advantage of being in a car dealership. After previous oil changes and sitting in the waiting room at Jiffy Lube and the Grease Monkey it was a refreshing change.

Larry Tebo, the Service Advisor was very professional and unlike the instant oil change places did not try to sell me filters or windshield wiper blades.

I hate to say it but most buying decisions when it comes to service items are based on emotion. Did you like the way you were treated? Yes. Was the service, based on your outlook, done professionally and to some standard? Yes Overall I was very pleased with the service here and I'll come back next time I need my oil changed or a minor repair.

Since I had an hour to kill I found that Gateway Subaru really houses two separate businesses; one of course is the car dealership and service department, but part of the building is also for Chesapeake Cycles which sells Vespa's scooters. Now maybe due to my age,
is a very recognizable name to me. Back in the 1960's and 1970's they were about the only scooter being sold. Vespa had a delightful collection of ads featuring fresh-faced, sexy, Italian girls.

Steve Wergin, sales manager for Chesapeake Cycles, came out and talked to me about Vespas. If you are looking at scooters you should stop by and talk to him.

They certainly are nice looking scooters and if my youngest ever gets out of college I may even consider one.

The Vespas he has on the showroom floor run between $3,000 to $6,000 so they are not cheap compared to the Chinese made scooters on the market. These do seem to be quality made however.

National Farm-City Week

Presidential Proclamation -- National Farm-City Week, 2011

With tenacity, resilience, and humility, our farmers and ranchers have helped drive our Nation's growth for generations. Season after season, their careful stewardship and dedication brings an abundance of wholesome food, plentiful fiber, a stronger economy, and new opportunities to secure our clean energy future. During National Farm-City Week, we celebrate the essential contributions of farmers and ranchers to our country's well-being and recommit to a prosperous and sustainable future for American agriculture.

As our urban centers continue to grow, we look to our fields and ranches to supply our markets and families with fresh, healthy food. To help our farming communities meet the challenges of the 21st century, I established the White House Rural Council earlier this year. By partnering with leaders in rural America, we have worked to cultivate local and regional food systems, empower young and beginning farmers, and support rural businesses. Together, we stand with our rural communities and reaffirm our commitment to their continued success.

To make a lasting investment in our Nation's energy future, my Administration is taking action to promote renewable energy production across rural America. As part of a comprehensive strategy to build our clean energy economy, we are working to produce more renewable, domestic biofuels and to help bring solar panel arrays and wind turbines to rural businesses. By finding new ways to harness homegrown fuels in small towns and on family farms, we can create new jobs, improve our energy security, and unlock additional sources of income for farmers.

This week, we honor the individuals, families, and communities who provide us the staple foods that sustain our Nation. As we gather with family and friends this Thanksgiving, let us pay tribute to the men and women whose hard work brought the bounty we find before us from farm to fork.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim November 18 through November 24, 2011, as National Farm-City Week. I call upon all Americans to reflect on the vital contributions of those who dedicate their lives to promoting our Nation's agricultural abundance and environmental stewardship.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this eighteenth day of November, in the year of our Lord two thousand eleven, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-sixth.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Poor Thanksgiving - The Wait For It Holiday

While grocery shopping for my mother this morning I found myself at the Fruitland Wal-Mart. Now at one time the Fruitland Wal-Mart was the better of the two Wal-Marts in the Salisbury area, but it has gone downhill. The place just looks disorganized and the people there don’t seem to care. One cashier had a Santa stocking hat on and at my house the Thanksgiving turkey hasn't even thawed out yet. I was tempted to walk over and bitch slap some sense into him.

Somehow over the past years Thanksgiving has evolved into a holiday people wait for, not so much as a holiday by itself but because the day after Thanksgiving the unofficial Christmas season can begin. Let’s face it Thanksgiving gets the short end of the stick every year. Once Halloween is over, (and usually before) store aisles filled with Chinese Made Christmas cheer. On Thanksgiving day people are patiently waiting for Black Friday when the men will haul out ladders and strings of Christmas lights (disregarding of course those multi-holiday houses that have not only Halloween decorations, but also autumn/Thanksgiving decorations, Fourth of July, plus Christmas decorations always out year round). Woman will go Black Friday shopping and both, men and women will pull out the Christmas cards that weekend and start the process of addressing and writing those personal notes to go in them. And Thanksgiving will become that one day in which you ate too much, drank too much, and tried to find a TV channel without a Damn football game on.


Very briefly this morning the sun broke thru producing rainbows

Delmar Public Works Hard At It Today

Christmas Present For Your Family Historian

Christmas Present For Your family historian

The Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society (LDGS)has a number of publications for sale that would make great presents for your family Genealogist and Historian.

Some of those books are;
BURBAGE FUNERAL HOME - Cemetery Records (1914 - 1980) Birth and Death dates - transcribed by Dale M. Jones 127 pages - $30.00 plus $4 P&H.

WHAYLAND/INSLEY/KIBBLE Ledger from Allen, MD store 1700s-1900s - ships cargoes and more indexed; 100 pages $25 plus $4.50 P&h

FOOKS FAMILY BOOK By Herbert C. Fooks in 1953. Reprinted by LDGS 2001 with index, 589 pages. Many surnames, maps, land patents, more $45 plus $4.25 p&H


A SOMERSET SAMPLER: Families of Old Somerset County (MD) 1700- 1776, compiled and edited by Pauline Manning Batchelder. Supplementing Clayton Torrences 1935 "Old Somerset on the Eastern Shore of Maryland" 312 pages $35 plus $4 P&G.

GRAVEYARDS AND GRAVESTONES OF WICOMICO By John E. Jacob, jr. 132 pages, death dates up to Dec 31, 1900 $15 plus $3.25 p&h.

MORE FROM THE SHORE (6 books: each contain 10 back issues of LDGS' bi-annual Newsletter from 1982-2011), Vol. 1-5; Vol. 6-10; Vol. 11-15; Vol, 16-20; Vol. 21-25; Vol 26-30 Each of those six books $25 plus $4 P&G

These books may be ordered from Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society, PO Box 3602, Salisbury, MD 21802-3602


visit us at 116-1 North Division Street, Salisbury MD on Wednesdays from 1 to 4 pm

The rain yesterday

Well it certainly seemed like more rain yesterday than .62 inches but over at the National weather service they say;

0.62 inches In the 24 hours preceding Nov 17, 2011 - 06:54 AM EST / 2011.11.17 1154 UTC

From National Weather Service for SALISBURY-WICOMICO CTY REGIONAL

Needless to say with the leaves from the trees covering our streets, the streets in Delmar were flooded out yesterday due to the drains being covered with leaves.

deja vu

Delmarva Power was by bright and early this morning to turn on the power to my neighbors house. I am waiting in great expectation to see what will occur. After my original electrical fire back in February last year, and the neighbors electrical fire in October this year I tend to freak out when I see a Delmarva Power crew working in the neighborhood.

To add to it some of my neighbors use wood to heat with, so when I am outside and smell smoke from their wood stoves it sends me running around in circles trying to figure out where the smoke is coming from.

Safety or Freedom To Walk At Night?

Picked up from the Germantown patch

Montgomery County Debate: Target Teens or All Who 'Prowl' After Hours?
Some raised concerns about potential racial profiling and the vagueness of a proposed anti-loitering and prowling bill.

By Tahira Lindsay

The ACLU Tuesday night called a proposed anti-loitering law in Montgomery County problematic and vague but other community leaders said it is a better way to curb youth crime than a teen curfew.

The Montgomery County Council heard from stakeholders about the measure at a public hearing.

Council members George Leventhal (D-At Large) and Phil Andrews (D-Dist 3) proposed Bill 35-11 in October as an alternative to a controversial teen curfew introduced by County Executive Isiah Leggett in July.

The anti-loitering bill prohibits certain loitering and “prowling,” while the teen curfew makes it a civil offense for residents under the age of 18 to be in public after midnight on weekends and after 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. Youth can be issued fines of up to $100 if they ignore police warnings.

Andrews, a vocal opponent of the curfew, along with Leventhal, wrote a bill that prevents anyone from being in a public space “at a time or in a manner not usual for law-abiding persons under circumstances that warrant a justifiable and reasonable alarm or immediate concern for the safety of the persons or property in the vicinity.”

In a memorandum to the County Council dated Oct. 19, Andrews, who chairs the council’s public safety committee, wrote:

“Unlike a youth curfew, a loitering and prowling law wouldn't discriminate based on age, wouldn't be limited to late-night hours when a small percentage of youth crime and overall crime occurs, and would target criminally suspicious behavior by anyone, rather than making it illegal (with exceptions) for certain people (youth) to be in public after hours.”

Opponents of the loitering bill said the measure would criminalize innocent people and could result in racial profiling.

Montgomery County ACLU Co-Chair Mike Mage testified that the bill is too vague and doesn't let people know what is prohibited and what is permissible under the law. The result, he said, would be detaining people without probable cause.

Rebecca Samondrawski, executive board member of the Montgomery County Council of the PTA, said she supports the loitering bill.

“It is a measured and targeted approach to addressing suspicious or menacing behavior that is a threat to people or property and allows the authorities to use their discretion in addressing possible issues,” she said at Tuesday’s hearing.

Andrews says Bill 35-11 is written as a “reform effort” and modeled after laws in Florida, Georgia and Wisconsin.

The public safety committee will continue to discuss the anti-loitering bill at a meeting on Thursday, Nov. 17 at 9 a.m.

Normally I do not post Press releases for these type of commercial websites but given the economy it may help someone out there to know about it.

New Website Takes The Work Out of Searching For A Job

Princess Anne, MD- A new website was launched this week to help job seekers reduce the amount of time spent searching the web for job listings.

The new site, pulls listings from many popular websites including,,, and more to create one daily listing of jobs available. And instead of covering one small region, this website covers the whole Delmarva Peninsula with jobs for all three states and even work from home listings.

The site’s creator, Gretchen Parks, works from home and knows how discouraging the job search can be. “As a freelancer, I am always trolling the job boards and looking for my next client or opportunity. The competition is fierce and every edge that you can have can make all the difference.” Parks said.

Parks had the idea to create this blog site to fill a need. “I saw people online looking for work and asking others if they knew of any openings. Online groups have formed to help each other, but the job listings are not plentiful in these groups because only the person looking knows the extent of their experience and qualifications for any given job,” she said.

Job seekers are encouraged to subscribe to updates through the website so they can be notified of the daily additions of new jobs. Sometimes all the edge you need is to be one of the first to respond to a new opening. Site owner, Parks, said, “I once had a call back from a resume I sent within 15 minutes of sending it, so I know that timing can be everything in the job market.”

Employers wishing to list a job can do so for free by emailing Gretchen Parks at Anyone can also post comments on the site if they have heard of a new job opening or they want to post the good news of being hired.

“We can help each other to get hired. It all starts with where to look. is the place to start.”

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

LDGS Presents Kay Records

The Lower Delmarva Genealogy Society (LDGS) will hold it's monthly meeting on November 16th, Wednesday at 7 PM. The meeting is held at the society's library. The library is located at 116-1 North Division Street (across from the court house), Salisbury Maryland. This month Mrs Kay Records will speak on researching her family tree.

Michael Hait Will Speak At The SCGS

The Sussex County Genealogical Society (SCGS) will hold their November 19 meeting (Saturday) at the Rehoboth Beach Public Library at 10:30 a.m. Mr. Michael Hait will be their speaker. Mr. Hait will present a program entitled "What is a Reasonably Exhaustive Search." He is a Certified Genealogist, instructor, and well published author of genealogical publications. Mr. Hait currently serves as the Vice President of the National Capital Area Professional Genealogists.

Friends of Wicomico Public Library Fall Book Sale!

The Friends of Wicomico Public Library will have their Fall Book Sale on Friday & Saturday, Nov. 18 & 19 from 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m at the main library.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The People Have Spoken

Poke it with a fork as the Delmar Maryland 2011 elections are done.

Carl Anderton, Jr is now Mayor-Elect
Stephanie Ring is Commissioner - Elect
Mike Gibb is Commissioner - Elect

Congratulations people!

It was an arduous and ugly campaign for the candidates due to the sour grapes, hate posts by Blogger Tom Mcguire who lost the primary election when he only polled 20 votes. The Mayor-elect Carl Anderton, Jr. and his new fellow council members must put the negativity in the past, step into the present now, and move into the future. So the question is who will be picked to fill Carl Anderton Commissioner spot? Is there still hope for Bunky Luffmann?

We will see what the future holds for Delmar, Maryland and we will see if that old line of "Sooner or later you have to dance with the one that brung ya" plays out with the newly elected.

So remember candidates, Clean up your road signs and flyers and remember to donate a copy to the Delmar Historical Society for future exhibits.

Bella Voce And Brooke Faulkner

Members of Bella Voce posing at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire are teacher Sarah Rose, Brenna Gause, Harbeson; Shelby McBroom, Bridgeville; Samantha Campos, Bridgeville; Hannah Powers, Georgetown; Brooke Faulkner, Delmar; Taylor Daudt, Seaford; Summer Okoye, Millsboro; Keidy Loyola, Georgetown; Kelsey Magill, Ocean View; Brittany Sweigart, Milton; Sarah Vanaman, Georgetown; Brianna Wentworth, Georgetown; Amanda Liffers, Seaford; Erin Quillen, Lewes; Vanessa Monsalve, Laurel; Zoe Callaway, Seaford; Mackenzie Reed, Georgetown; Charlotte Whiteman, Lewes; Taylor Thornberg, Lewes; Samantha Christensen, Harbeson; Jessica Singer, Milford; Rebecca Wilson, Georgetown; Chiara Abruzzi-Davis, Ellendale; Kelsey Mulford, Laurel and Abigail Davis, Lewes.

Sussex Technical High School’s Bella Voce Chorus competed at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire in Manheim, Pa. on October 19. The 25 voices in the choir performed in the Madrigal competition singing an acapella piece called “Now is the Month of Maying.” Completing their Renaissance look were new outfits for the ladies sewn by Cathy Durham.

Bella Voce is a select female chamber ensemble whose members are chosen by an audition process open to the entire student body. Bella Voce performs music that is more challenging than the regular concert choir. Its intention is to promote the music program at Sussex Tech and enhance the understanding of choral music for both the performer and audience. Music teacher Sarah Rose leads the ensemble.

The Occupy Movement Is Being Crushed

I'm remembering the book 1984, as Winston Smith is being tortured, and the torturer says, 'The future is a boot stomping on your head forever.'"

See I told you the movement didn't use enough violence. Violence is the only thing that gets attention.

DHAS Annual Meeting

The Delmar Historical and Art Society will have their annual meeting on Thursday at 7:00PM, November 17th, 2011 at the Delmar Library. Nominations for four board positions will be voted on at this meeting. A review of projects completed in 2011 and a discussion of future projects will be presented. The meeting’s entertainment will be Mr. Jay Hill, local historian and collector .The meeting is open to members and non-members alike. Light refreshments will be provided.

Lawyer's Stuff - It's Definition

I found this post from the Germantown patch to be interesting as it discusses some of the legal differences in charges of raping a minor.

Prosecuting Sex Offenders Presents Challenges, Lawyers Say
Maryland law differentiates between child abuse and sex offenses.

By Lauren Sausser

The Penn State sex abuse scandal, which has continued to unfold over the past two weeks, has prompted a national conversation about protecting America’s children from predatory adults.

Lisae Jordan, an attorney for the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault, said she is hopeful that the dialogue will sustain itself, even after the case stops making headlines.

"People are absolutely talking about it," Jordan said. "Unfortunately there are too many child sex abuse cases. ... I do hope that it's something that stimulates conversation about that issue."

Former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky was charged on Nov. 4 with sexually abusing several boys since the mid-90s. Jordan said coaches like Sandusky can hold powerful sway over their victims and, when charged, should be prosecuted aggressively as possible.

The problem, she said, is that Maryland's current laws aren't strong enough.

"Maryland has inadequate laws to address child sex abuse when it's committed by people in authority," she said. "The law fails to recognize that coaches ... like Sandusky always have that authority over the adolescents and the children that they're working with 24/7. It's unfortunate that our law differentiates between when the child is in his care and when the child is not in his care."

Under current state law, an adult can be charged with felony child abuse if the alleged act took place during a time when the child was committed to that adult's permanent or temporary care. For example, a football coach who rapes a child on his football team during practice, could be charged with felony child abuse. If the rape happened outside of a practice or a team meeting, that charge would not apply.

Adults who abuse or rape minor victims unknown to them, or victims who have not been placed in their permanent or temporary care, cannot be charged with child abuse. In these cases, the predators commit a felony sexual offense, a different charge than felony child abuse.

But Paul Kemp, a Rockville-based defense attorney, explained the charges are not mutually exclusive.

"This is not an either/or situation," Kemp said, explaining an adult could be charged with felony child abuse and felony sexual offense.

In Maryland, the maximum sentence for first-degree child abuse is 25 years. The maximum sentence for a first-degree felony sex offense is life in prison.

Jordan conceded the law is complicated. "It shouldn't be that complicated to charge people in authority," she said.

But prosecuting child sex offenders is difficult no matter the jurisdiction, said Kathleen Dumais, a Rockville attorney and a delegate representing part of Montgomery County in the General Assembly.

"The primary reason is that witness is the child. ... It's a question of the reliability of the witness," Dumais said. "You have to handle it very carefully."

Stacie Rumenap, the president of a national organization called Stop Child Predators, agreed that questioning a child about sexual abuse is complicated.

"A lot times they don't understand what happened to them. They don't have the words to describe what happened to them. They feel very embarrassed and ashamed. They feel threatened. That's very very common," Rumenap said. "I'd like to see a system in place where kids could come forward more easily and be helped through the process."

Although testifying against their abuser is not always the easy or the right answer, Rumenap said she believes it can be a carthartic part of the healing process for children who have been sexually abused.

"They are never the same," she said, but "Prosecuting your victimizer can be very empowering for children."

Today Is The Day - VOTE

Today is it - in spite of the ugly mess that has been going on for the last two months today is your chance to rise above it and pick the candidates of your choice. If you live in Delmar, Maryland, your mayor and town commissioners have more direct impact on your day-to-day life than any other layer of government, so it's important to GO VOTE! Polls open from 7 am to 7 pm.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Planning and Zoning Meeting

The Planning and Zoning Meeting for Thursday night at town hall at 7 PM will have these items on the agenda;
Ted Hearn- Ivesco - sign Permit
David Davis - New House lot 60 Breckenridge
Alan Perry - Pond's edge apt - replacing tarsh can with dumpsters.

Two Chicks' Christmas Barn Sale

Your Most Important Choice: Show up and Vote on Tuesday

If you care about your community, then show it. The choices you make matter, and whoever you choose on Nov. 15, please GO VOTE. Turnout in past Delmar, Maryland and Delmar, Delaware elections has been abysmal, far under 15 percent most years. Polls are open from 7 a.m. until 7:00 a.m. or until the last person in line votes.

The following people are candidates for office and I believe all of them to be respectable and want the best for Delmar.

For Mayor:
C. Luther Hitchens
Carl Anderton, Jr

For Commissioner:
Stephanie Ring
Jim Henderson
Mike Gibb
Tom Luffman

Delmar will play at third-seeded Caravel - Football People

There was a three-way tie for the fourth seed in Division II between Archmere, Howard and Delmar. Archmere’s opponents had 44 victories, Howard’s opponents had 42 wins, and Delmar’s opponents had 41 wins. So Archmere was seeded fourth, with Howard fifth and Delmar sixth.

Delmar (9-1) will play at third-seeded Caravel (10-0) in a first-round game at 7:30 p.m. Friday. Howard (9-1) will play at Archmere (9-1) in a first-round game at 10:30 a.m. Saturday.

Delmar sex offender

From the daily times

DELMAR — Delaware State Police say they are looking for a Delmar sex offender after he failed to register his current address.

Investigators have obtained warrants on Donnie J. Bennett, 21, who is a high risk Tier 3 sex offender, after they learned that he no longer resided at his last registered address located in the 36000 block of Susan Beach Road in Delmar, and had not notified State Police Sex Offender Apprehension and Registration Unit of the change within three days as he is required to do by law, police said.
Donnie Bennett is described as a white male, 5’11” tall and 190 lbs. He has brown hair and brown eyes and may be operating a mauve colored Geo Tracker.

Police are asking anyone who may know Bennett's location to call Detective Donna Oliphant at 302-943-1560. Tips may also be provided by texting keyword “DSP” plus your message to 274637 (CRIMES) or by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 800-TIP-3333