Saturday, December 10, 2011

Delmar Christmas Parade - 2011

The Delmar Christmas Parade, put on by the Delmar Chamber of Commerce, was this afternoon. Many, many units were in the parade and the parade lasted about 45 minutes which with that slight breeze that was blowing was long enough. If it had actually been cold it would have been quite uncomfortable watching the parade.

and still few salutes the American Flag In Delmar.

The Delmar Chamber of Commerce's 2011 Citizen of the year - Marion Handy

Yes It is that noted duo of Delmar Mayors - Doug Niblett and Mike Houlihan

Followed by the rest of the crew

and these two found Delmar once again.

Dr Lori Dewald using pedal power to chauffeur her two dogs

Followed by the Delmar Middle School Band

Pack 827

St Francis de sales Band

Over the years I have watched this band grow from about 6 students riding in the back of a pickup truck to what it is today. Still small but growing

Yes it is the Delmar High School Band lead by the flag and color guard

Okay there were multiple fire trucks and equipment but I prefer photos of people.

Town Hall Ribbon Cutting

I went to the ribbon cutting ceremony for the "new" town hall this morning.

so why are they standing in the middle of State street?

and this is it - it is official - Town Hall is Open

a small crowd gathered to watch, a number of past Mayors, past Town Managers, etc

The Town hall looks good inside

Doug Niblett showed me some of points of interests including a number of safes in the building.

no money was displayed

I know many people think the price paid for the building, and for it renovation, was high but I believe in the long run it was the right decision for the town. There is ample space in this building to expand and there is space outside the building to expand. It should last us for a long time to come.

Long Ago Memories

As you know odd memories stay stuck in your brain. They are not necessarily significant events in your life they are just flashes that come to you when you see a place or an object. This small house on Washington street in Salisbury is one such place. This neighborhood was where my family lived in the 1940's. The house which appears to be brick is not. I can remember sitting on the sidewalk with a gang of other six year olds watching them place a material like formstone or some stucco material on the house and than laying out a brick design on it. I think even at six we all wondered why you would do that. The material has stood the test of time as that was sixty some years ago. The house as I recall was originally a single family dwelling and over the years seemed to have been made in two or three apartments, as many of the other houses in the neighborhood have. By today standards for houses it appear small but for that generation after World War II it was big enough to raise a family of six in so maybe we are spoiled today with houses over 2,000 sq ft. that we can't afford to heat or make mortgage payments on.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Holiday House Tours

This time of year frequently historical societies and/or community organizations will feature house tours as a fundraiser. Usually the ticket range from free by donation to maybe $30 per person. I was reading about this one put on by The Greenwich Historical Society
Tickets are $100 per person, Country Club buffet lunch is $45; Grab Go Box Lunch (new) is $20. Premier Parking Passes: Limited number available at $400 above the price of the house tour ticket

Osage Oranges

I spotted this Osage Orange Tree up west of Laurel today. It is called by a wide range of names; monkey balls, horse apples, mock orange, hedge apples etc. It is not a native plant for this area. I think Texas and Oklahoma is it's native area but it has been planted a number of places on older farms to be used as a hedge row - big thorns on it - or for a decoration. This one just had small fruit on it - about 2 to 3 inches. Usually it has fruit the size of grapefruit or larger and the fruit is quite heavy. As far as I know it is not eatable. It is used sometimes for Christmas decorations.

The main use of the fruit is for a natural insect repellent, but homesteaders also use the fruit to dye clothing and wool. The fruit is known to repel all types of insects including spiders, ants, and crickets. You can place them in your crawl space, in your basement; anywhere you have a bug or insect issue. If placed indoors, place them on a saucer or paper plate as they have a milky sap that can seep out over time. They can also be used for decoration. Place them in a basket for a nice green center piece. Cut them in half and hollow them out to be used as a candle holder.

Budd, Phillips and Ellis Makes All-Region Field Hockey Squad

Picked up from delmarva Now

DELMAR -- The National Field Hockey Coaches Association recently released their selections for there All-Region teams, and the Mid-Atlantic Region squad has a decidely Delmar feel to it. Out of the nine players selected to the squad, made up of the best players from both Maryland and Delaware, three played for the Wildcats in 2011 as seniors Carlee Budd and Caroline Phillips were selected along with sophomore teammate Sara 'Booter' Ellis.

"It feels really nice to be honored," said Budd, who tallied eight goals and eight assists while playing defense for the Wildcats this year. "It's really cool that all three of us got recognized in one year. Before Mallory (Elliott, who was selected to the All-Region team in 2009) got it I hadn't even heard of it before. But it feels really nice for all three of us to get recognized like that after working so hard during the season."

Delmar certainly had a great season, as the Wildcats finished with a record of 17-2 and lost by a single goal to Cape Henlopen in the state championship game. While falling short of capturing a state title was tough, the trio said the season coming to an end has been even harder to deal with.

"Three days after the state championship game we were all still crying because we missed each other so much," said Phillips, who led the team in scoring amassing 31 goals and eight assists as a forward. "We wanted to win the championship, but that's not why we were upset. It was just that we wouldn't see each other at practice anymore, we were so sad, but at the same time it was awesome to have a team like that. Not just a team, but a team of sisters."

Delmar head coach Jodi Hollamon said that having Phillips, Budd and Ellis on her squad made things easy on her because the trio wanted to play field hockey everyday.

"It makes it easy" when you have players like them, said Hollamon. "Because what you can do as a coach is bring things to the field that you can't with players that aren't as skilled. We work on skills everyday, but we can work on things that a lot of coaches can't work on with their teams because there are people who can't hit the ball or there are people that don't know what a flat pass is or a through pass is. I can just go out and say this is what we are going to do, and they can do it. So that makes it easy to coach players that already have a sense of the game, you can challenge them and work on things that you woulnd't be able to work on with other players."

Ellis, who played in the midfield for the Wildcats and tallied 11 goals and six assists, said that being named to the All-Region squad as a sophomore was an honor, but that it also puts a spotlight on her play.

"It does put a little pressure on me, but it also helps," said Ellis, who was also named to the junior olympic team last year. "I feel like it helps out the other people in my grade because they can say 'If Booter can do it, so can I,' and everybody can reach that level. So it does put some pressure on me but I feel like it helps ou a lot of other people to."

By being named to the Mid-Atlantic All-Region team, the three Delmar players are eligible to be selected to the All-American squad which will be announced by the NFHCA on Monday.

Two Teens are arrested For setting Fire

Picked up from WMDT Channel 47

DELMAR, Md. - Two teens are facing some very adult charges after a blaze ripped through a Delmar, Maryland home last month.

The 15-year-olds have been charged with arson for reportedly setting fire to a vacant house on Chestnut street. 39 firefighters were called to the scene back on November 6th - it took them 40 minutes to control the blaze. The fire caused nearly $30,000 in damages.

Henrietta's Attic

I stopped by Henrietta's Attic yesterday - always an adventure. Henrietta's Attic has been around for what seems like forever. It has been the subject of a number of newspaper articles and it is an adventure to walk thru. It is a well known source for new and used books plus a lot of other stuff. Opposite the South Wawa stop in and browse.

Fixing Up The Chimney For Santa's Visit