Monday, January 16, 2012

Bed Bath and Beyond Sells Radioactive Tissue Boxes

Radioactive material was discovered on Jan. 5 at a California Truck inspection station. It would appear besides truck weight California also checks for radiation. The truck was bound for the Bed Bath and Beyond retailer's stores in Santa Clara and San Jose. I can only imagine the excitement that must have been created when the radiation alarms went off. My guess is a homeland security Grant gave them the equipment.

Bed Bath and Beyond are accepting returns of the product called "Dual Ridge Metal Boutique tissue boxes" with the model number DR9M. They contain radioactive cobalt-60.

Cobalt-60 is a man-made product that is typically used to sterilize medical products or for cancer radiation therapy.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said that scrap metal containing the cobalt-60 could have strayed into a metal load smelted in India and been incorporated into the tissue boxes.

Next time Buy American.

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