Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! Well a new year is beginning for the Delmar Dustpan blog. I had thought of dropping the blog this year and concentrating on my life instead, after all five years for a blog is a good run as most only last a few months. As I get older I find a number of things are preempting blogging, but we will start the year and see where it goes and if I continue it this year.

The blog will continue as my personal blog giving my opinions on living in Delmar, the 23rd largest town in Delaware. I think the description given it in the blogging world is it is a blog with Hyperlocal content meaning it is predominately aimed at Delmar. However it is not an open forum blog, nor a newspaper, it is just for me, after all that is what a personal blog means. In 2011 I did away with the anonymous comments option. I also am selective on the signed comments that I receive and allow to be posted on my blog.

2011 has been an interesting year with a number of weather extremes, the usual tropical storm that our state government blew out of proportion, an earthquake, increased crime, local elections, increased government control, raising prices, the inability of the Federal Government to govern, another neighborhood fire, and Howard got another year older.

In the month of December I received notification that my social security income will increase this year. The increase pushes me up over a thousand a month which is nice until I go to the grocery store and see the increased prices there. Between increased retail prices and the State of Delaware forcing me to pay to dispose of leaves and yard debris plus paying for a recycling program and Delaware pocketing that plastic soda bottle deposit for themselves which I use to take advantage of, it points to a very fugal upcoming year for me. But I live within my means so I will find a way to do so this year, and I expect governments and other people to do the same and not have me bail their asses out.

The Delmar Town Government has taken care to manage our tax dollar prudently and sensibly. This prudence has enabled the town to preserve jobs in the public service and to avoid salary cuts or lay-offs. I am interested to see if they can pull it off once again in the upcoming 2012-2013 budget.

The Town in 2011 started a number of public infrastructure renewal and upgrade, with the “new” Town hall, street construction and the upgraded Waste water treatment Plant. They also took steps to allow an internet company to come to town to compete with the two existing companies of Comcast and Verizon. All of which will allow the town to better position itself in the future when this economy recovers and growth begins again.

The Maryland side of town had an election and several new people are on their council along with a new mayor so we look forward to seeing how that will work out. At least one elected official is using the internet to say what he is doing for the town each day.

I am disappointed that new ordinances have been voted into place without any of the old ordinances being removed. With the additional ordinances the concept of “your home is your castle” (your's not the town’s) becomes a little more remote in Delmar. I am also disappointed the old Lecates building continue to stand as a very visible reminder of blight in Delmar, which in spite of passing ordinances none are enforced on this building which besides being a blight also reminds us of the discriminatory fashion in which ordinances are enforced in Delmar. I am disappointed the Town does not have a disaster plan in place that the public is aware of. Natural disasters are one thing, but with the railroad and the trucking industry hauling a number of chemicals thru town there is more of a chance a disaster will occur from an accident in that area.

I am also disappointed with the inaction of our United States’ Congress and the people who we elected to be leaders. It was another year that proves out the saying “The rich get’s richer and the poor gets poorer.”

The Delmar Middle and High School continues to do well for it size. The school board also received a newly elected Board of Education member last year. School taxes continue to be high without any taxpayer control and Sussex Tech is the worst of the lot.

What’s coming up in the blog for 2012? Well more history items, I have made a commitment to a couple of different historical societies to write more about history and genealogy for them so that will flow over to the blogs. The research that will be required to write those history articles will mean less time for blogging. There will be more on trying to clean up Delmar buildings and infrastructure. There will be more pointing out that if the town passes ordinances they will enforce them fairly and they will obey the ordinance themselves.

So join me for my opinions on living in Delmar. You may not agree with me but perhaps you will continue to find something of interest. Remember by merely reading this blog daily you have begun a positive journey to attract abundance into your life and channel the cosmic energy of this blog, the positivity of Delmar and the wisdom of Howard directly to you via the internet. Happy New Year.


Ray Wisniewski said...

Happy New Year Howard.

that\'s Elbert said...

Happy New Year, Howard. Good to see you at Walmart last week. Good post. Nice overview and general update. Looking forward to the new year on here! :)

Carol said...

I'll look forward to your continued postings. Enjoy the history and current events. Wishing your family a prosperous year.

Marion Campbell said...

I look forward to you continue posting... I know this is your personal blog but you cover more items of local interest than the local media does for people out of town that want to know what is going on in town. though I grew up in Laurel, I completely enjoy your blog please keep it up!!