Friday, January 20, 2012

Taxpayers Cost of Prison For Robert Gattis

So in Delaware you can not only have your daughter shot and killed by some useless piece of shit, watch the a jury sentence him to die, watch a wimp of a governor running for re-election ignore the findings of the jury by giving him life, and then as an additional insult you can pay to support this person for the rest of his life.

So how much will it cost the taxpayers to keep a 49 year old Robert Gattis behind bars for the rest of his life?

From the Department of Corrections FY2011 annual report their average cost for an inmate is $34,920.18 annually. This would be $95.67 per day. Since this is average cost, I would think a Level V high security incarceration would be higher than this. At least I hope he is still in high security. Again using general average figures the $95.67 per day would break down to cost of; personnel to run the prison $59.31, Inmate medical $17.22, Food $5.74, Energy $3.83, Transportation $1.91, and Other $ 7.66 per day.

If we say Robert Gattis stays in prison and doesn’t escape or is killed before he reaches age 70 at which times he dies a natural and peaceful death, unlike his girlfriend, whom he shot between the eyes, it will cost the taxpayers at least $733,320, not allowing for any inflation which so ever. Figure he has been in jail since 1990 throws another $733,320 into the mix that has already been spent. So Robert Gattis has and will cost the Delaware taxpayers at least a million and a half.

Interestingly compare this to a previous post I had made about how irate people were in 1933 when they were only paying 25 cents a day for food to keep prisoners.
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