Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TV Local News Coverage

I am of course a creature of habit, I was around before WBOC TV and started watching it in the 1950's when it was only on the air for a couple of hours a day. Today I tend to automatically turn to it for the 6 o'clock and 7 o'clock news. I expect to heard and see local news coverage when I watch it. For some reason WBOC has gone to doing less coverage of local news and more news from the western shore or those stupid ass voice overs where they show the footage from some place out of the area and the local newsperson does the voice describing it. I am guessing that WBOC is down to maybe five minutes of local news out of a half hour show and the rest is weather, sports, news pickups from other areas, and advertising. God forbid for WBOC to actually do any investigative reporting. Well habits are hard to break but I for one am going to try and turn to WMDT Chanel 47 at night and frankly they do just about a poor job as WBOC but at the moment they seem to do a better job than WBOC.

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