Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Dealing With Stupidity

Shortly after my youngest daughter arrived home from college for Christmas break I received a letter from Montgomery County Maryland and in the letter there was a speeding citation for going 12 miles over the speed limit in Montgomery County based on a speed camera. Wow. I certainly knew I was not in Montgomery County on that date but it turns out my daughter who drives our car to college was. So here was a citation for $40 in my name since I was the owner of the car. According to them all I had to do was to send them $40 and they would be happy and sign a statement that I was guilty. The other option was to tell them the guilty party's name if I was not driving the car.

In order to mail them Susan's name I had to pay $5.59 to send the letter certified to them. Nevertheless I did send the letter. All of this took place with-in the 30 days from the date of the citation. I received back the signed copy of the certified return receipt and I figured at some point in time Susan would receive the citation. So far Susan has not received a citation but I on the other hand received from Montgomery County an Over Due Notice tacking another $25 on to the $40.

I can see this entire matter will result in a bench warrant for me or the next time I go to renew my tags the State of Delaware will refuse to renew them due to an outstanding ticket.

Obviously I am pissed over this matter. If a policeman had stopped Susan for speeding the ticket would have been in her name. As it is my car is the one to blame so I am the one to blame. I am sure this same thing happens in Delmar with the speed camera set up by the elementary school. I can't help but think this a violation of the constitution. It is one thing for Montgomery to be dumb asses but I am embarrassed that Delmar would go the same route just to collect revenue.

I have read that the town of Trappe canceled the town's contract with RedSpeed USA, a speed camera vendor. It would be nice if they had done it for ethical reasons but instead it was because the state of Maryland would not let them set speed cameras on RT50 (cutting down on the revenue).

So if in another 30 days you read about an old, overweight, retired accountant being jailed for resisting arrest you will know why.


Randie said...

How long do these offenses stay on your record? I got my first camera ticket in College Park last month.

I went ahead and paid because pleading "not guilty" due to idiotically low speed limits probably isn't a valid defense.

This leads to my other question; Why does every town across the bridge think that 35mph is a reasonable speed limit for major highways? It's like a really lazy incarnation of entrapment aimed at Eastern shore folks, haha

John said...

And have you noticed that the big box trailer is gone now and replaced with an actual vehicle?

Alan said...

Give them someone name that lives on the west coast. I drives them crazy knowing they can't collect it.