Friday, February 24, 2012

The February Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting - 2012

The Delmar Planning and Zoning Commission had their February meeting last night. With the exception of David Ring, all members were present including new member Eric Catieller. The meeting started at 7 PM and ended by 7:35 PM.

Phillips Signs requested a sign approval for a 24 hour fitness center called "Anytime Fitness" to go into the old Bistro 54 units at Delmar Commons. The fitness center should be open in a month. Approval was given.

Pastor Michael Rittenhouse requested a favorable recommendation to allow the Old Diamond Dream Building to be used as a Church. A favorable recommendation was given to the Board of zoning.

Brenda Givins came before the commission representing Bill Mahan. She requested favorable approval for a variance to allow 3 Delaware Avenue to be used as a church. She said it was small church of about 40 members so parking would only be for about 12 cars. The board gave a favorable recommendation to the Board of Adjustment for this, after telling her that the house would have to brought up to code including ADA accessible. As you may recall this property faces Pennsylvania Ave and was originally a hair dresser shop than later a mortgage company.

The final person to address the commission was Ron Tarlaian from Bridgewood estates.

He is with their HOA and would like to request permission to sell an open space area that is somewhat unusable in their housing development. The lot in question is an odd shape one that the HOA can not use for a playground etc. The problem is Bridgewood does not have the required 20% open space land in their development now and if this lot was sold would put them at 13%. The commission denied the request to sell the open space area.

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C21801 said...

Can never have too many churches in Delmar, especially those in abandoned strip malls and steel buildings... What's this #11 or so?