Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Klej Grange in 1897

From the Salisbury Advertiser May 1, 1897

The Klej Grange property, located in Worcester county, has been purchased by the German capitalists who have for some time been negotiating for the estate. The price to be paid is $20,000 and a deed will be executed immediately. The Klej Grange property contains about 5,000 acres. The new owners will erect a beet sugar beet factory and establish a colony of German farmers who will raise the beets in large quantities. the importance of this enterprise to the county was indicated in a letter published in THE ADVERTISER last week from the pen of a prominent citizen of Salisbury.

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swampcritter2 said...

I go to church down that way Howard. During the same time period you refer to in your post, rumor has it that plans were also afoot to dig a canal between the Pocomoke River over to the coastal bays.
The K-L-E-J in Klej Grange is an acronym consisting of the first letters of the daughter's names of the first pastor of the church I now attend,this is circa 1890.
The K-Katherine
The L- ?
The E- Elizabeth
The J- Josephine
The soils found in the Klej Grange area were distinctive enough that other soil types found later were sometimes labelled as "Klej Grange type" soils. Another-words Klej Grange soils were used as a bench mark in agronomy studies until recently. USDA soil surveys have since changed titles for many soil profiles (at taxpayer expense of course) and I do not possess the current survey and can't say if Klej Grange types are still used as such.