Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The News Journal Offer Ended In a Cancellation

I guess everyone who receives the Wilmington News Journal received a letter telling them all of the new on-line features they would be receiving. The letter also said the cost would be $23 a month. At first I thought I would receive a phone call or something asking me if I wanted this service but the more I thought about it I decided I should call their customer service and ask. Sure enough, the new service is automatic and you are charged $23 a month. Well due to the cost of everything going up I had already cut back to only receiving the News Journal at home four days a week for under $9, there certainly was no way my budget was going to spring for $23. So I have cancelled my entire subscription to the News Journal today. The Customer service people offered me some options but I told them I thought the way the News Journal was going about this was crooked and I had no interest in continuing to deal with them. Now I don't know who I hurt more as I think the News Journal is a better paper than the Daily Times but you can't let people run over you and just lay there and take it.

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