Friday, February 10, 2012

Random Thoughts On Friday

Well it is that time of year when Gardeners in this area are planning their gardens and maybe even starting a few seeds. I have a few bulb plants up and in bloom but the yard and flowers are still recovering from the fire and will continue to do so for the next few years. Besides looking over seed packets I have looked at some of the gardening blogs out there. A few blogs that I found interesting at this time of year (most gardening blogs will start up again in a couple of months) are;

The Real Dirt On Gardening - just a great source of helpful hints, from an opinionated person.

My Rustic Bajan Garden - Gardening in Barbados - lucky stiffs they can do year round.

Your Small Kitchen Garden - General garden subjects

Garden rant a little bit of everything

Garden History Girl combines my love of history and gardening at this British blog

The State Of Delaware is finding opposition for the minimum wage increase. Delaware wants to increase minimum wage from $7.25 to $7.75 and after that 50 cents a year until 2014 when it would be $8.25. The whole thing is a laugh; minimum wage should be $10 an hour. I don't see how you can live off anything less than that and not be on welfare. By keeping the wages unrealistic the business owners merely pass the buck back to the taxpayers to pay by increased use of welfare programs. A wage of less than $10 an hour is corporate welfare.

I read recently in a George Will column that the US defense budget is about 43 percent of the world's total military spending - more than the combined defense spending of the next 17 nations on the list. I have not tried to check the figures but if true, and I think they are true, how will our economy ever recover if we just continue to make war? Think of how many social programs this funding would improve or think out by cutting back we might not have a deficit. Our congress is made up of fools.

I often forget that Delaware has a poet Laureate. JoAnn Balingit is Delaware's 16th Poet Laureate, appointed by Governor Ruth Ann Minner in May 2008. A few of her poems are Here

If I understand it right, homeowners who have had their homes incorrectly foreclosed on will receive a $2,000 check. What the hell good is that? I am sure they would rather have their homes back. $2,000 is what? maybe a couple of months rent for where they are living now.

Eastman Kodak has filed for bankruptcy protection! They are one of the companies I never thought such a thing would happen to. They had hoped to make it in the digital camera world but could not, in spite of a number of patents, the quality of digital cameras in cellphones are making the demand for a stand-alone digital camera almost non existent. Kodak was delisted from the S&P 500 in December 2010, and was dropped from the Dow Jones industrial average in 2004. Amid its financial demise, Kodak's stock has also suffered considerably. Shares tumbled almost 90% last year to penny stock status, today it was selling for 41 cents a share.


Greg Draiss said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! I will add yours to my blog roll...
Greg Draiss
The Real Dirt on GArdening

Uncle Paul said...

As you do occasionally, you hit one of my hot buttons.. "Minimum Wage".. one of the great causes of this culture's demise. If we're going to have Minimum Wage (MW), why not just make it $100 per hour.

All this does is keep entry level employees down. If an employer can't afford MW, they're not goint to hire anyone. And that's he situation with many small businesses.

Seriously, just sit back and think about stupid it is.. What is a fair wage?

As my closest friend said "if you want fair, go to heaven".

Randie said...

I'm doing a spice garden of basil, parsley and chives this year. If anything survives you will be the first one granted press coverage.