Monday, February 06, 2012

Sucking At The Taxpayer's Teat

Judge Robert Scott Davis, District Court of Maryland, District 2, Wicomico County, retired last month and his retirement dinner was held this past Saturday. Now I don't know Judge Davis but a couple members of my family do know him and attended the retirement dinner. My best wishes to him on his retirement. I do not know Judge Davis' future plans but I am merely using Judge Davis as a lead-in to my main complaint of the day. Government employees who retire and than go back to work, frequently for the same organization, the next week. Drawing not only their retirement at 80% of what they previously made but now another government check. This is a notorious thing done by school supervisors, teachers, Judges, state troopers etc and mostly it is done by those who made the highest level of salary.

I strongly feel that anyone who takes retirement should exit themselves from the work force. Let someone else have a chance to get a job after all that was one reason for social security that it would get old people out of the job market, that in combination with increasing child labor laws so teenagers can't work (a future post is coming on that) would allow unemployed people to get a job. But as usual once someone sucks at the taxpayers teat they just can't stop.

My posterboy for this is Matt Creamer, current Wicomico County Administrator - previous Wicomico County Administrator, who retired and was hired back by the Wicomico County Council as their Administrator, a position that never existed before. Now I don't know if Matt came back as a dollar a year person or a $150,000 a year person but he is drawing a county retirement. I strongly feel the job should have never been created and if it was should have been given to someone promoted up. by promoting up it should create a position down below in the food chain that maybe someone who is unemployed could qualify for.

Ever since the Tax cap was put in place the Wicomico County Council and more so the employees of Wicomico County including the school district has been chomping at the bit to get this removed. In spite of their alleged financial problems they continue to create new positions adding salary and benefits to the county budget.

In June of 2000 the Wicomico county council in an outward display of being a government hog, driven by the school system, voted 5 to 2 to increase property taxes to $2.71 per hundred, a 46 cent increase from the previous year and place a one percent transfer tax of real estate sales. It was too much for taxpayers to take. VOICE ( Voters Opposing Increased County/City Expenditures) was organized with Don Coffin as Chairman to oppose the tax increase. This created the most voter participation I had seen in a long while. Between VOICE on one side and a number of front organizations for taxpayer supported employees such as Coalition For Wicomico’s Future and United Students for better schools on the other side supporting maximum taxes.

Since the driving force for the budget increase was the school system they predicated all kinds of dired happenings to the school system if VOICE had their way and repealed the one percent transfer tax and the property tax increase. Old political hacks like W. Paul Martin and Betty Gardner came out against VOICE.

VOICE got a referendum on the November ballet actually two questions one repealing the one percent real estate transfer and second to put a 2 percent revenue cap on Wicomico County.

In an 11th hour attempt of a bribe to the voters by the Wicomico county Council they said if the voters voted down the 2% revenue cap and the repeal of the 1% transfer tax the council would drop the tax rate 11 cents from $2.71 to $2.60 and even hinted at 21 cents drop.

67% of the voters went to the poll and voted in a 2 % revenue cap for Wicomico County (18,741 to 10,061) and repealed the 1% property transfer tax (15,685 to 12,848). In 2002 the Charter revision was passed in Wicomico County. The Revenue cap was put in place because of the hog like behavior of the school board and county council. A few more votes were included against them due to the heavy handed manner of the teachers and school system in trying to shove an approving vote for the tax increase down our throat.

So once again what do we heard - the school system has asked a budget that they know will not be enough for what they want to do. My answer get rid of that layer of Administrators that make over a $100,000 a year and never existed 15 years ago and maybe they could find the money to teach the students in Wicomico County.

and speaking of sucking at the taxpayer teat in a recent newspaper article is this bit; One item on the list that Board of Education member Carolyn Elmore is fighting to protect involves teacher mentors --retired, experienced teachers who return for a stipend to help younger or less-experienced teachers adjust and adapt to the rigors of the classroom to become committed and more effective in their classrooms.

If the young teachers aren't doing the job dump their asses I know of a large backlog of people with teacher degrees dieing to get a job in the school system.

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