Monday, February 06, 2012

Two Year Anniversary

Well today marks the two year anniversary of our House Fire. Horrible time back then, between the fire and the Governor's of both Maryland and Delaware shutting their states down due to the blizzards we were having, but today things are going well and I like our new house. If I were to layout the design again there would only be some minor changes made to the layout.

The house is new and and of course all the appliances are new. They were all purchased about December 2010 and they are not holding up as well as the house. Being an old person I foolishly like to think appliances should last twenty years before you have to replace them, this group may not make it out of warranty. It would seem one of the best buys made on our appliances was the extended warranties, which I always thought was foolish, but for once my wife was right. We are on first name terms with the appliance repairman.

To give you a list of what we have and some of their problems;

KitchenAid Dishwasher - currently broke - a small plastic wheel on the upper dish rack fell off and appears to have lodged in the motor - waiting on part.

Whirlpool Microwave - works fine but has way to many selections for an old person who just wants to heat up a hotdog

Whirlpool Gas range - works great

Whirlpool side by side refrigerator - in the first six months the compressor went up, we have had constant problems with the ice maker which is located in the door of the freezer. I guess two people don't use the ice maker that much and it freezes up. The first two times I thawed it out and had it working again, the third time we said we have a warranty let them fix it now Jason, the appliance repairman, comes by about every two months and fixes it.

Magtag Washer - a pulley broke about 10 months after it was purchased - again it didn't cost us anything other than time and inconvenience and it was under manufacturer warranty, but what does the future hold? And what if you were not retired and can sit home all day waiting for the repairman?

Magtag Dryer - so far no problems.

So there you have it, I can't say buying appliances made by a different manufacturer would have been any better as I think all of them are crap. I am sure if I check into it I can blame it on the Chinese, President Obama and Gov Markell.

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Randie said...

I enjoyed your assessment of the microwave. We should design a microwave to meet the old people demographic! What buttons should be on there aside from the hot-dog specific?