Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Delmar Delaware Board Of Adjustments Meeting March 13, 2011

I went to the Delmar Delaware Board of Adjustment Meeting last night to hear William L. Mahan make his case for a variance to operate a church in a Community Business zone. The Board Of Adjustments is made up of Jerome Reid (Public Works), Mayor Michael Houlihan and James Wachler (Town Attorney). Mr. Mahan plead economic hardship for his reason for requesting a variance as the building at 3 Delaware Avenue has not been rented out for two years and he has the chance to rent it to a small church. As at the Planning and Zoning meeting he stated the congregation was a small one of about 30 people and they would meet twice a week (Sunday and Wednesday), they had a favorable opinion for a church on this property from three of the six property owners in the area. Part of the other three remaining property owners were in attendance last night night to voice opposition to having a church on the property. The main reason given was parking. They stated Delaware Avenue and First Street was already overflowing with parking issues from visitors to the Nursing home on Sunday and a Church would just add to the problems of parking on the street. They felt the grounds on the property would turn in to mud if many people tried to park on the property. It was also felt that the church was only 30 people now but what would it be in the future.

In the end the Board Of Adjustments gave approval for the variance to allow a Church to operate in a Community Business zone. Restrictions was put on the approval as to the size of the church (no more than 40 people), meeting ADA guidelines on the building, Fire Marshal approval and Town Code Officer approval.

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