Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Laurel Star's Letters To The Editor

I was reading the Laurel Star this morning and in looking at the Letters To The Editor out of five letters, three were addressing what Frank Calio had written in one of his weekly articles. Wow! In light of the number of people phoning in and writing in to the Daily Times to complain about Rush Limbaugh then Frank Calio is the Rush Limbaugh of the Laurel Star, if you use as a comparison the number of people writing in to disagree with him.

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michael said...

I read the story about Mr. Frank Caloi & his father's illegal entrance into these United States & wondered if he ever did become legal.I guess that we will find out in the next Laurel Star.If he didn't become legal, then that probably means he lived as a felon. But I'm sure he probably did become legal. Nevertheless,as nice & friendly & hard working as we know our immigrant workers are they aren't a special class of people that should be overlooked. The fact is that this illegal group of people are helping our great free & open nation to becoming a bankrupt nation.Sure this group of people will come here & do what we don't want to do but more & more the legal people of this country, "humbling as it might be", are beginning to fill these minimum wage jobs.The politicians are vying for their potential votes & want to let them through a short cut of some kind but how about the voting block that this (sneaky Pete, slip you in for free) will effect.There are so many more(potential voters) waking up to the crooked, under the table deals that are that our politicians are making & without our permission.Thus the "Tea Party"we are being taxed but not being represented as a people w/ real needs.Those who we vote into office enter into some kind of vortex & forget how & who they are supposed to represent & so we as a nation are left with people like Nancy Pelosi, Rangle, Reed& our current president who when the microphone is supposed to be off is making back-room illegal deals w/ other nations.This makes Water Gate & Nixon look like Mr. Rogers in "Make Believe (bad)Land.To get back to Mr.Frank Calio.The Italian people have been wonderful citizens of this great country & no one would deny them this, but We The People have trusted our politicians to keep our constitutional rules & Not to make new rules to benefit themselves. What a selfish bunch of political whores who would change their votes & moral stands just so they could the snakes in the grass that they are.If we just let down our gates & welcome all in soon we will be looking for another place ourselves to live....Ice Land doesn't appeal to me.And I bet I can't just board a ship & slide into that little country.We should put a bounty on illegals(like a $1000 shopping spree or the money) believe me if we don't stop letting them all in them it will cost us 100 times that much.