Thursday, March 22, 2012

The March Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting

The Delmar Planing and Zoning Commission had their meeting tonight. I think all the members were present; Ed Ferro, Tom Luffman, Eric Cateller, David Ring, Robt Thompson, Joe Dixon, and Wm. Boyan.

As members of the commission leave and new members come in, the priorities and outlook of the commission changes. It was very obvious tonight that there will be a more lenient outlook toward zoning request in the future from this group.

First up to address the commission was Doug Marshall who wanted favorable approval from the Commission for a different size home and permission to being construction in Heron Pond. As an update he said he has two of the four existing homes sold in Heron Pond and has a contract to sell a third. The fourth one he wants to use as a model home and office. He is planting hay in most of the development to cover up the present landscaping. He would like to build five homes a year and his presentation tonight was asking to start building three of those homes. He has gone to a smaller home (under 1800 sq ft and in the $155,000 to $199,000 range) as that is what the market is asking for. He presented views and elevations of the homes to the commission.

Robert Thompson asked for a plat of the development as he feels the whole concept of Heron Pond has changed from the original Plat. He also stated he feels the development with the changes suggested will require 20% open space instead of the original 15% open space approved. Marshall seem to have a concept but no plan he could give the Commission but he still wants to build three houses right away anyway.

Tom Luffman spoke up and said he felt Marshall should be allow to build the houses and he could bring the new Plat and open space plan in at a later date.

For some reason the Commission felt this was okay and gave favorable recommendation to the Mayor and Commissioners to approve building of three houses and to bring in a plan in in three months.

Personally I think the commission made a mistake and is setting themselves up for problems with this development and other developers by not requiring Doug Marshall to have his paperwork in order before he starts anything.

Above the Commissions intensely mauls over the problem

Last on the agenda was Tammy Watts from Verizon Wireless of Delmar (31010 Thorton Blvd, Unit 3, Delmar Delaware 302-907-0360). She said the business had a downturn in sales because people riding by did not know they were there and in order to increase customer traffic she was requesting three signs to be put out front of her business. As you may recall this is the same shopping center in which Shayona Pharmacy requested a second sign on the back of the building in order to increase customer awareness of his business and his request was turned down based on the ordinance saying only one sign per business can be displayed. The signs Ms Watts is requesting are of the flag type (flutter signs.)

Again Tom Luffman and others felt that in order to get the business off the ground approval should be given for these flag signs. The commission in total voted to give favorable approval for three additional signs for Verizon Wireless to be put out during business hours and only for a period of three months.

Back in January 2011 Yorkshire Estates sent two women over to P&Z and got approval for their project (new Home styles.) I would have to say if you want a project approved in Delmar you stand a much better chance if you have women make the request to Planning and Zoning instead of men. Take Note Dilip Katrodiva of Shayona Pharmacy.

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