Friday, March 09, 2012

Reverse Discrimination?

A new president has been chosen for The University of Maryland Eastern Shore in Princess Anne. Once again a black person was selected. Juliette Bell, who is currently serving as Provost and Vice President at Central State University in Ohio. She will start her new job in Maryland July 1.

Since I attended UMES, I am familiar with the Presidents of the University over the last 30 years. To my Knowledge they have never had anyone other than a black person as President.

How long will the University of Maryland let this continue, after all the University of Maryland does receive Federal Funds? Since affirmative action is required and those policies are designed to promote and protect groups previously and currently denied equal standing — originated with Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Broadly speaking, it outlaws bias toward race, creed, color or national origin in school admissions, voting rights, employment and government contracting.

In recent years Historically Black Colleges and UMES is considered such, have been sued for denied jobs because of race. I have always thought UMES was considered a God sent to the University Of Maryland System because it filled the "quotas" for having black employees and students. Nevertheless it is time for the University Of Maryland System to step up to the plate and investigate reverse discrimination, if such a thing is happening at UMES.

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