Sunday, March 04, 2012

A Visit To The Air Mobility Command Museum

After the Amelia Earhart talk I ran some errands in Dover and ended up at the Air Mobility Command Museum. This is one of the great museums in Delaware - if you like aircraft. The day had cleared up so you could walk around outside. The State of Delaware has a poor museum system and this museum is not part of it. It has 25 or so aircraft you can look at and many you can go on board. It is by donation. I have written about it before.

Inside the hanger they have an assortment of WWII aircraft and exhibits.

A C133 Cargomaster

The C124 Globemaster is not the largest, but surely it is the fattest and tallest at the museum. I have a personal interest in the Globemaster. In 1959 my uncle was aboard one, with eight other men, in a flight from McChord Air Force Base in Washington State to Elmendorf in Alaska. While over the Gulf Of Alaska they lost two of their four engines and while trying to clear a 5,200 foot mountain range hit the Petrof Glacier and all on board were killed. His body was recovered and buried at Arlington.

The wings were thick enough to have a tunnel in them that lead to the engines where you could stand up and work on them. The front part where the 0258 is was the loading ramp and dropped down.

Inside a Globemaster

KC97 Strofreighter tanker

Inside with the fuel tanks and a cargo area

C130 Hercules sporting a new paint job

In the cabin

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