Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Amore Buonopane Chili Dinner

I went out to the Amore Buonopane  benefit Chili dinner tonight at All Saints Episcopal Church at 10th and Grove street Delmar.  It is still going (until 7Pm) should you want to run over.  a variety of chili's so you get to pick your own, nice selection of bread and desserts (the orange cake was exceptional) and it is all good .

I sit opposite Gary Horseman while eating chili and he be dazzled me with stories.  Gary is a National Treasure or at least a Delmar Treasure when it comes to stories - some or most of them you should take with a grain of salt.   The most recent one he told me about tonight was when the Delmar - Sharptown road was first paved it was as smooth as glass and people in town (adults not just kids) would roller skate on it out as far as Providence Church Road.  He said there was usually only one or two cars on it in the evening so it was safe to do.

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