Thursday, April 19, 2012

Barbely's In Newark Maryland

On our way to the Snow Hill auction today we swung by Barbely's restaurant in Newark, Maryland. Many of you no doubt have already eaten there but it was our first time. The place is a converted store, has about 12 tables for four and about 6 tables for 6 and above, it has a lot of dustcatchers sitting around and hanging on the walls but it looks clean. Because of the wood floors and wood walls there is an echo and being hard of hearing I had my usual difficulty hearing my wife - which in some respect is good and in others not so good. The crowd that was there tonight at about 6:15 was mostly middle age to ancient so we fit in. We had no wait for a table but the place was very close to full. The tables are spaced far enough apart that you aren't cramped and the space around the table is wide enough to be walker friendly and there were a number of people there tonight with walkers. The menu is fairly basic with the entrees ranging between $10 to $20. One draw back is iced tea is $2.25 a glass. The desserts looked great.

I ordered Chicken and dumplings and my wife ordered the liver and onions - pretty basic stuff. We were not served until 7:15, between 45 minutes to an hour wait for basic food. The food, when it finally arrived, was excellent, home cooked and well seasoned. Part of the opinion on the good taste of the food may have been because we were near starvation from waiting so long. On my way out I asked the cashier why it took so long for the food, she offered up the excuse of new help in the back and everyone had not jelled into a team yet. Nevertheless chicken and dumplings are usually cooked ahead and the liver was cooked when ordered but was cold when it arrived at our table so what gives on the slow service? When we left about 7:30 there were only about six tables with people still eating.

So would I go back? The food was good but that wait was a killer for returning to Barbely's. As I have said before I am of an age where I have limited time above ground and I don't intend to spend it waiting for food to be served.

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