Sunday, April 15, 2012

Canadian Money

I always had a sightly down view of Canadians (Nice Country except for the people), however this country (USA)is so screwed up at present that even Canada outshines us. For twenty or thirty years as our currency has developed less and less value there has been talk of; one, going to a one dollar coin, and second, doing away with the penny. Our Government is so screwed up they can not even do that (no wonder they can't balance a budget) and today we still have those one dollar coins no one will take and pennies. In Canada they not only have general acceptance thru out their country a one dollar and two dollar coin (loonie, and toonie) but will stop producing pennies this year, while we sit around with our thumbs up our ass listening to every excuse going as to why dollar coins won't work and why we can't get rid of pennies. Yet Delmar is spending about a million dollars (Ok that may be an exaggeration) to put ADA handicap accessible sidewalk ramps and drive ways in because it is mandated we must have them. If the Federal government can mandate that why can't the government simply say tomorrow there are no more one dollar bills being printed and all pennies are recalled. Plus Canada has started making their currency out of polymer instead of paper. Currently you will pay about $1.02 (USD) for a Canadian dollar. I can remember when we paid 90 cents for a Canadian dollar.

The Canadian mint even has special edition Canadian quarter that glows in the dark. How cool is that?

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