Monday, April 09, 2012

The Delmar Police Commission Meeting - April 2012

The Quarterly Delmar Police Commission was held tonight at 6:30. It lasted about 15 minutes before going into executive session. One member, Councilman Woody Payne, was missing. The other two members of the Police Commission; Mayor's Michael Houlihan and Carl Anderton were present. There were several people in the "public" present, including Commissioner Mike Gibb, who was there to familarize himself with the Police Commission.

Besides the usual stats on citations Chief Saylor mentioned four juvenile were arrested for vandalizing a manufactured home on Emory Circle in Holly Oaks.

A Thank You letter to the Delmar Police Department from Pond's Edge Apartments was read thanking them for clearing up a drug problem they had there.

Last night PFC Cahill and Sgt Bond stopped a vehicle and smelled marijuana coming from it. The female driver refused to exit the vehicle and created a ruckus before being removed.

A camera for the area around the basketball courts is out for bids ($8,000). Once the new bathrooms are installed and are open thru the day the camera will help ID people who may vandalize them.

Two young ladies from the "public" told Chief Saylor about the problem they had trying to contact the Delmar Police Department at night on the weekends. The calls are suppose to kick over to the Wicomico County Sheriff Department dispatcher but for some reason did not. The area in question was Lincoln Street. They said they had to wait 20 minutes before the police arrived. They showed Chief Saylor their cell phone with the phone number called which was the 410-896-3131. They had issues with people coming to their door and banging on it or trying to yank it open. Chief Saylor said it was probably the four juveniles they arrested Saturday.

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