Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Howard Dumps Another Medical Provider

Last week I was scheduled for a routine eye exam at Peninsula Eye Center over on Milford Street in Salisbury. I have been a patient/customer there for about fifteen years. As you know they have an array of doctors there and at various times I have seen Drs Doyle and Luppens. So a little before my appointment time of 9:20 AM I show up and am sent over to the waiting area - the place was packed - as usual. I sit there for a half hour and still was not called backed to be examined so I went up to the receptionist and told her I was leaving and would not be back. I followed up with a letter to Dr Doyle explaining why I was not coming back to him. I don't expect any change in their operation, as I have been telling them how poor their customer service was for 15 years. As I have said I have been going to those people for 15 years and each time it is the same story you wait in the waiting area for half an hour and when you are called back they start with various tests that last an hour and then you spend maybe 15 minutes with the doctor. Bullshit, I don't wait a half hour in the checkout line at Walmart I am sure not going to spend an hour and a half to see a doctor. As I have grown older I realize I have a limited amount of time above ground and sitting in a waiting room waiting isn't the way I plan to spend that time.

I am sure there are people who will give great praise to the service at Peninsula Eye Center and I have never had the slightest issue with the professionalism of the Doctors - once you get to see them. I believe that by over-booking appointment times, which they obvious are, is doing a disservice to their customers. However, I came to the obvious yet incredibly liberating conclusion that I don't actually have to pay good money to put up with -- and be treated like -- total garbage. So I am giving a Big "E" from the Vision Eye Chart to Peninsula Eye Center for their customer service. I am now looking for another eye doctor - will they provide any better service to me? I don't know but I do know I won't put up with it if they don't give good service.

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Dick Dykes said...

You tell'em Howard!
Same problems up here too!
But what really irks me is that you get there on time and no one says a thing to you until you ask if they have forgot you! Then they act all flustered that you would even ask! I happen to think my time is just as valuable to as the Doctor's is to him. Dick