Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1949 Dynamite Test

From The State Register


A sudden explosion in Delmar about 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon, heard throughout the town, resulted from a prank by three teen-age boys.  The ringleader said he wanted to hear what exploding dynamite sounds like.

The blast, set off by a detonator hooked by wire to a flashlight battery, occurred just behind the Maryland High school.

Millard Johnson, Jr., Route 1, Delmar, set the charge, said Maryland State Police.  The other boys were: John Mezick Lowe, 15 and Larry Sinagra, 16, both of Delmar.  All were seen by people living near the high school just after the blast.  Further action on the case is pending.

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david said...

This is my uncle and he will get a kick from seeing this. thanks