Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Apartment Move

Recently my oldest daughter received a promotion that called for her to move from Germantown, Maryland to Ellicott City, Maryland.  My wife and I went over Tuesday to help her move.  The new apartment is on the third floor so I found out very quickly I was of no help moving furniture and boxes up three flights of stairs.  I did the old man thing of keeping out of the way of those who could tote stuff and I supervised. 
Two things I noticed about the apartment complex.  First, the apartment complex is about 70% Indian and Pakistani.    Second, there is a high number of satellite dishes around the apartments. The Comcast installer was telling us it is because the Indians like to receive news and television from their home country and the satellite dish allows them to do that.

We had an excellent meal at the  Shanty Grill  in Ellicott City.  Going in to it we noticed the marquee outside of it said "Voted The Best Crab Cakes In Howard County"  sort of made us snicker, like Howard County is known for crab cakes.  Well it was the best food we have had in a while.  I had the Crab Cake Cordon Bleu  (Jumbo lump crab cake, ham and swiss cheese baked in a puff pastry shell. Served with sweet honey mustard glaze) it was excellent.  I am not a crab cake fan but with the addition of ham and cheese and the pasty shell it made the crab cake.  My wife had the Fried Oysters  and she said they were done correctly and not over cooked.  My daughter had the  Chesapeake Seafood Steamer  (Mussels, Jonah crab claws, clams, shrimp, spinach & potatoes in a lemon garlic broth) also done well.  They know how to cook seafood.  I enjoyed the food too much to do my usual thing of going back to the kitchen and asking if the seafood came from the United States or China.

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