Saturday, May 19, 2012

Close Down The Delmar Racetrack

I swear even in a new house with insulation and double pane windows all I can hear tonight is the Delmar US 13 Dragway and international speedway.  There must be away to have them reduce the sound.  Between the fire Department Alarm, the trains and the racetrack I can't imagine anyone moving to this town.


C21801 said...

My problem is the fact the Delaware State Police completely shuts down Rt 13 for 30 minutes to let race traffic out. (not alternating between race traffic and highway traffic, completely shutting down highway traffic to let race traffic out).

What gives them the right to close a Federal highway so that some private event can get home quicker? How about doing a sobriety checkpoint and checking everyone exiting the place instead if you're going to pay officers to be stationed there.

Why can't race traffic be forced to turn right out of track, and later u-turn or loop back on Stage Rd or Bi-State Blvd to go north? Why should the highway be shut down for them?

Aren't you required to post notices for a road closure? Shouldn't there be arrow boards and a detour?

When I asked, I was told it was because the race track donates to Camp Barnes (a DSP event) and I should be ashamed for asking. Really all it takes is a cash bribe for the DSP to put personal interest ahead of taxpayers.

Ray Wisniewski said...

I'm a resident of the Delmar area (40+ years) and I like those noises mentioned, that's what makes our town.
As far as closing Rt-13 for a few minutes is not a biggy, people just need to be more patient.
Chill a little and live longer.

Dixie said...

People knew there was a racetrack in Delmar when they moved to Delmar but then they want to complain about the track. Do you all realize how much the Cathells give back to Delmar? Obviously you don't, or you don't care.
How much do the complainers give back?
As far as stopping traffic on Rt. 13 when the races are letting out, this is a SAFETY issue. I don't believe it has anything to do with their donations to Camp Barnes.
I'd rather then stop the traffic and let all these people out rather than have them darting out in front of traffic trying to get out and someone possibly getting killed.
You can bet that the other drivers on Rt. 13 also have some intoxicated drivers, not just the ones leaving the track.
If the noise from the track bothers you, then move but I'll bet even if you moved, there would be some other source of noise or some annoyance that would bother you too.
As they say, the grass isn't always greener.

C21801 said...

Dixie - Why can't southbound 13 be shut down to one-lane (left/fast lane) - and cones put down the center line. Traffic before forced to right turn out of the track. (driving in right lane/shoulder)

This would be SAFEST, no crossing over, no completely shutting down both south and north 13 as currently is done now.

See now? It's not about SAFETY - it's about convienence of race fans and good ole boy network works once again.

Now race traffic doesn't have to be delayed 4 extra minutes to make a u-turn, but an entire highway system has to sit for 20 to 30 minutes instead. Those of us who can't afford to build cars or attend a race, but instead have to work 80 hours a week are deprived of a few enjoyable moments at home before crashing to sleep and starting all over again on Saturday - when all these 40-hr a week people are sleeping in.

cs21801 said...

One other thing to re-iterate: It's not the closing of the road that bothers me. It's the UNLAWFUL road closure that bothers me. Where's the public notices? Where's the arrow boards and/or detour signs warning people of a road closure, so that they have time to turn onto Allen's Mill Rd to Bi-State, or Line Rd onto Old Stage Rd to avoid the road closure?

Instead it's not done officially - it's done as a favor. You're driving along and screech, traffic comes to a halt and you're already stuck, too late to turn off or make a legal u-turn. You just have to sit.

If it were for 5 min for race traffic, then 5 min for highway traffic it would be more fair. But my earlier solution makes the most sense. Right turn only out of race track. Or do it legally and have Del-DOT setup arrow boards so people can detour.

And I was told by the family that they get the police officers for free because of their donations to Camp Barnes (so your wrong there) and I was told I should know it's Friday or Saturday night (see - I've forgotten which night it even is, and plus I rarely/barely know what month it is - happens when you work 7 days a week)

Dixie said...

They built special lanes up in Harrington for the State Fair traffic but they STILL stop traffic on Rt. 13, while using MANY State Police officers.
I don't see people complaining about that though.
It all boils down to many people in Delmar want to do nothing but complain. That's all they know apparently.
Show me where it's ILLEGAL to do what they do. Back up your argument! Otherwise, give it a rest.