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May 1, 2012

Motorists urged to watch out for slow-moving farm equipment

DOVER – With planting season getting under way, Delaware agriculture officials are urging drivers to be on the lookout for slow-moving farm equipment along the state’s roads.

Tractors, combines and planters often travel along the state’s highways this time of the year, moving from field to field or barn to field.

“This is a busy and active time of the year for Delaware farmers,” Secretary of Agriculture Ed Kee said. “Farmers are extremely cautious and careful on the roads, and I urge motorists to do the same by driving carefully and being on alert.”

Farmers are strongly encouraged to display a slow-moving vehicle emblem, and are required to turn off the road when it is safe when five or more vehicles are behind their equipment. They are advised to use escort vehicles when using oversized equipment or when vision is blocked and turns are frequent. Most tractors travel at speeds under 25 mph.

Motorists can take safety steps that include paying attention to the road, passing with caution, allowing extra room when following slow-moving equipment, and being patient if a farmer can’t immediately pull over.

“Motorists should also be aware that if you can’t see a farmer, the farmer can’t see you,” Kee said. “Large equipment can sometimes shield their view, so please slow down and give them space.”

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