Monday, May 14, 2012


We have been away for a few days to attend my youngest daughter's graduation at Edinboro University in Edinboro, Pennsylvania (south of Erie).  With the exception of some highlights - like seeing her graduate - it was a miserable ass trip with delays, wrong directions, construction, packing up her dorm room, loading the van etc.  Edinboro is one of fourteen Universities in the Pennsylvania University System.   With my daughter were about 700 other undergraduates at Edinboro receiving degrees, however she was the only one from Delaware.  She received a Bachelor Of Arts in Humanities and Foreign Languages.

Edinboro has a large number of new buildings but for some reason known only to God and the trustees they decided to have the commencement exercise in a  gym - it was like some high school graduation. - Hot - crowded - packed to the rafters - had to arrive an hour and half before to get a seat on a narrow bleacher that you could not position your legs in front of you without hitting the person in front of you in the back - several old people lost their balance trying to climb the bleachers and fell several rows down before landing in an embarrassing pile - the ceremony was two and half hours long  so with the hour and a half prior arrival for a seat you felt like you were paralysed from the waist down when it was finally over 

As you know at graduation time finding your kid is like doing a "Where's Waldo" picture only this time all the figures are dressed the same.
So there she is posing with her sister.  Afterwards we did the packing her stuff into the van routine  and moving her back home.

Did I mention how proud her mother and I are of her - we are.

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Ray Wisniewski said...

Congrats to you, wife and daughter. Another person from Delmar making the grade.