Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Laurel Strawberry festival

I stopped by the Laurel Strawberry festival this morning, got one of those great scrapple sandwiches they sell.  They have lowered the price this year to $3.50 each so with a cup of 50 cent coffee (eat your heart out Starbucks) my tab came to an even $4.00.

It seems even bigger than usual this year.  The amazing thing is they have not had bad weather for any of the days they have been having it. 

I talked awhile with Brenda of Brenda's Baskets , she told me all about basket making and altho her prices are not Chinese prices with the cost of material and the time (average about 8 hours a basket) she put into making a basket they are fair trade items. Do many of you remember when basket companies were all over the shore?  I can remember walking thru the yard of a basket company smelling fresh cut wood and looking at thousands of strips of wood that had been dyed and were drying in the yard.  

I tried to stop by the Cooks House to tour it but couldn't find a parking space so gave up and stopped off by the train station.  The station was not open but they have done a great job of restoring it.  Peeking thru the windows show great craftsmanship on walls and woodwork etc. 

Now lets not hear from the Delmar crowd that bemoans the fact the town wouldn't buy the Delmar train station when it was offered to the town for a dollar.  The truth is if the town did buy it the station  would just sit there as another slum building with nothing being done to it.  Delmar has a volunteer problem.  Those that do volunteer are into every organization in town and they are old and worn out.  It is time for some younger people to step up to the bat.
I also purchased some local strawberries and they are sweet.

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