Friday, May 25, 2012

A Look At Yorkshire Estates

I was driving thru Yorkshire Estates (behind Delmar Commons - Old Stage Road) last week and I must say it is an odd development in the mix of housing that it has.  Yorkshire Estates was originally 66 acres on which was planned 250 homes and as far as I know it is still planned that way.  It started out with two story houses, than it did those town houses that back on Stage Road, now it has gone to single story homes and the two story and single story are together on the same road so the single story stands out as not being up to par with it's neighbor.  From the front it looks like the garage is bigger than the house on the single story.

and they are only about 10 or 20 feet apart.  Surprising to me anyway is the Townhouses, now since they are occupied, actually look better than the homes - except they are right backed against Stage Road.

This house use to be the sales office and maybe still is.  But look at the outside light

One is fallen over - does that make you wonder about the quality of the homes?

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bob pinto said...

I DON'T wonder about the quality. Hideous architecture, will they suddenly sell when ll other ghost towns have failed?