Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Mockingjay - The Last Book Of The Hunger Game Series

I finished reading "The MockingJay" by Suzanne Collins.  It is the last book of the Hunger Game Series.  Again it is a book aimed at 13 year old girls so it has the type of things they are interested in; a couple of boys desiring her, she wants none of them, she does boys stuff (hunting fighting) and outshines them, she is a leader people look up to, she becomes a Joan of Arc figure both as a leader and being burnt, she is known as "the girl on fire", she always protects her family.  In this third book of the series Katniss becomes the Joan of Arc of Panem.  The Districts are rebelling against the capital, District 13 is leading the battle and Kat is the figurehead of the rebellion.  In an attempt to kill President Snow she only suceeds in killing off a number of her friends, family and allies.  In the end boy gets girl and they more or less live  happily ever after.

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