Thursday, May 03, 2012

Survivor One World - Voting Kat Off

Those who read my blog know my wife and I are fans of Survivor.  Normally we don't have that strong of an opinion about those who are voted off as your impression of the people on Survivor are formed by the way they edit the video.  However tonight when they voted Kat off I was happy.  The woman acted like a child thru out the shows.  I like to say at 22 she is typical of the adults our society in the United States keep as children until they are in their 30's.  Grow Up   Anyway it was a good blindside for this little whinny ass.  I think the entire Tikiano tribe voted to remove her. The tearful unintelligible comments at the end of the show by her were laughable as she seem to be asking Jeff to allow her back on the show.

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