Sunday, June 03, 2012

Day In The Park 2012

I was to Day In The Park yesterday - it was great day for it.  First person I came across was Gary Horseman who gave me a big horse laugh about my gripes with the Delmar speedway.  he said he told me to build my new house somewhere other than Delmar and now it is proving true.

It is an election year and the candidates trying to take over Biff Lee position as 40th district State Representative were there.  All seem to be orientated to Laurel and I heard nothing to indicate they had plans to do anything for Delmar.  All are small business owners (good thing) or in Tim Duke's case a pastor for 25 years (same as a CEO).  None has been elected to anything before.  I would prefer to see some one who had held "some" elected position before trying out for one of the top elected positions in the state - reminds you of the way the Libertarian party works.
The Delmar Police Department was there.  At the last Joint Council Meeting I asked if the Red Speed Photo enforcement camera would continue for the summer since school would shortly be out.  Mayor Carl Anderton said he would check and get back to me but I never heard from him, so I asked Lt Remo who said the camera would continue year round.  So what do you think School kid safety or revenue generator?
Mark Cathell had a booth there to show off the Christmas light festival event being planned at the Delmar speedway.  I stopped by and introduced myself and told him I was not happy with the noise his racetrack was causing.  This past Thursday we listened to the noise again on past 11 PM.  He said they run noise level tests and the speedway meet all the state requirements.  I told him his speedway was  destroying a reasonable quality of life in my home and I am forced to move inside on summer evenings due to the excessive noise pollution the speedway creates.  At the joint council meeting I had asked the Delmar Delaware Mayor and council not to support the Cathell's Christmas Light Festival as they and there Speedway were destroying the quality of life in Delmar.   I am sure I made as much impression on the Mayor and Council as my many complaints about the LeCates building which still looks the same as it has over the last twenty years.


cs21801 said...

I'm sure an earth berm or 15ft concrete "fence" could be constructed along the west side of the track to block a good bit of the noise from the town. Looks like they own plenty of land to do it.

Dixie said...

I would say this seems to be to be one of the best Day in the Parks of recent memory. The band this year was pretty good too. Nice change. I hope the Chamber of Commerce had a successful fundraising day.
Now, speaking of the racetrack, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the speedway here before you moved to Delmar?
I don't get people who constantly complain about the racetrack but they had to have known there was a racetrack in Delmar before moving to Delmar.
If people keep squelching the ones who try to do good things for the town, we'll end up with nobody doing anything.
I applaud the ones who try to make Delmar a better place and to bring in people to support Delmar.