Friday, June 15, 2012

The Delmar Speedway Continues Their Noise Pollution

Well it is cool evening for a change, one in which residents of Delmar could sleep with their windows open instead of having to run the air conditioners but no luck with that as the Delmar International speedway is running full blast and you can't even hear TV with the windows open. 

The residents of this town are entitled to a reasonable degree of tranquility and the speedway prevents the enjoyment of that right.

So how should we handle this degradation of our home life? 


easternshorenative said...

I understand that you have the right to your opinion Howard however, the speedway was here long before your decision to move to the area and will be here long afterwards I imagine. The speedway is a huge draw for the area. In all my years residing in this community you are absolutely the first I've ever heard of complaining about the business. I grew up in Delmar Manor which as you know is the closest of the subdivisions to the raceway. With the exception of 3 properties or so and the new homes on tenth street the residents of that community have been there since the formation of the subdivision. They should be the one's to complain the loudest but never have that I'm aware of. Get over yourself.

Howard said...

First off you must be deaf if you have never heard anyone other than myself complain about the noise from the racetrack. Why do you feel only people from Delmar Manor have the right to complain about racetrack noise pollution? I think anyone living in the area one day or all their life plus people just riding thru the area have the right to complain about noise pollution. The racetrack may in your mind be a huge draw for business but it also has it negatives impacts one of which is the sale of homes in Delmar and why people do not built new homes here. Besides I could care less about business in Delmar if it prevents me from enjoying my home. 50 years ago farmers could do what they wanted to with chicken manure now it has become a more closely regulated aspect of modern life. I don't care for government regulation but in this case I think it will help me in my battle against the noise pollution from the racetrack. Even our two faced Governor Markell who makes a big deal of wanting clean environmentally friendly business in Delaware currently turns one of his two faces away from the noise pollution the Dover racetrack generates and the Delmar Racetrack generates but I think I can get him to listen, afterall it is an election year.

easternshorenative said...

Like I said, it's your right to complain. I was just stating that people in Delmar Manor live the closest to the track and were there before the track was built so yes they should be screaming the loudest. I very loudly and strongly suggest you start a petition drive to have the Cathell's close the track or at least do something to dampen the "noise pollution" so loudly protest about. Become part of the solution instead of just instigating.