Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The June P&Z Meeting Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night (June 14th) at 7 pm the Delmar Planning and Zoning commission will have their monthly meeting.  This meeting will be for new items in June and the carry over from last month P&Z meeting that did not occur because they couldn't get enough members to attend.

Some of items on the agenda;
Tiana McCrea of Verizon Wireless in Delmar will ask for approval for roof top balloons.
Brain Adkins wants to build a house on lot 15 Yorkshire estate
3rd wave Brewing wants sign approval
Doug Marshall of Heron pond will discuss his open space plan.
and the Nat'l Bank of Cambridge wants an extension on Stillwater - for those who may not remember Stillwater as it was lasted discussed about 2008 - it is a proposed development on RT54 (Delaware Side) that was originally approved for 130 single family homes and then they wanted to change it to 370 units and then I think they went into bankrupt and the Bank took it over.   The Jeffery Fowler Group  has it listed at 2.2Million but they say it is approved for 172 lots.

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