Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Free Diner In ellicott City

The Forest Diner closed on May 28. Backhoes and dump trucks have been working at the site of the nearly 70-year-old-restaurant, clearing it out for a new, mixed-use development.
But the diner car that housed the restaurant still stands.
“The bottom line is, we’re looking for a home for it in Howard County,” Donald Reuwer of Waverly Real estate said Monday morning. Waverly Development is redeveloping the land on which the diner stands. “It’s tough, because on the Internet you can find a fully restored one for $20,000. This one’s a bit of a wreck.”
Essentially, he said, buying a new diner car would likely be cheaper.
The Forest Diner served its last cup of coffee on May 28. Former owner Will Reieh sold the property to the current owners, Michael and Seve Weal four years ago, according to the Baltimore Sun but had the option to lease it back for up to five years.
Reuwer said there has been some interest in purchasing the diner car, but a lot of work goes into relocating a building. “You can’t just take a building and stick it on a piece of land.”
But for the person or business willing to work with the county, “It’s free to a good home.”
Construction is rolling along all around the diner car on the Forest Green residential and commercial development on Route 40. Reuwer said construction on the buildings should start in the next 60 days.
The project will be  LED Certified Reuwer said, meaning it will adhere to certain efficiency standards. His goal is a Silver certification, (50-59 out of 100 points on the LEED scale), though, he said “We’ll see where it goes.”

Picked up from the Ellicott City Patch

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