Sunday, July 01, 2012

The Freeny Hearne - Cemetery Grave Orientation

As you know the Delmar Historical and Arts Society have been doing some work at the Freeney-Hearne cemetery west of Delmar.  The orientation of the cemetery follows the traditional Christian cemetery East-West orientation.  It is a common practice to bury the dead in an East/West direction so that on judgement day the dead would rise  facing the East and the righteous would be judged in the morning of that last day.  The Freeney Hearne cemtery follows that pattern with Headstones at the west of the grave and at the east of grave is a footstone.  The writing on the Tombstone faces West, away from the grave. 


Chuck Freeny said...

Has the Delmar Historical society, or another group, made a listing of the gravestone information available, online?
Chuck Freeny

Howard said...

We may include that in a future post.

Chuck Freeny said...

Ok, that would be of interest and helpful to those of us who are far from Delmar!

Mikayla Hearne said...

Hi Chuck!
Where abouts are you from? We are at the cemetery right now and cleaning it up! Thank you Delmar historical society!
Kayla Hearne